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Thread: Boolean to Byte Command

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    Boolean to Byte Command

    Is there a built in VB command that converts a Boolean value into a Byte value? I've made my own function ...
    VB Code:
    1. Private Function bool(ByVal var As Boolean) As Byte
    2.     If var = True Then
    3.         bool = 1
    4.     Else
    5.         bool = 0
    6.     End If
    7. End Function
    ... but I'd prefer to use a built in command. Any? Thanks.
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    CByte(True) = 255

    ABS(True) = 1

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    false is held as a zero and true is held as a minus one, so as brucevde has shown, there are numerous ways to use standard VB functions to obtain flavors of the numeric values.

    you could also do

    ival = iif(bval, 1, 0)

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