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Thread: Phyisics, laws of refraction PLEASE HELP

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    Phyisics, laws of refraction PLEASE HELP

    (SEE ATTACHED PROJECT) Ok, I have some light (the blue line on the right) coming through a substance, hitting another substance, and refracted at a certain angle (the blue line on the left). You enter the density of the second material in the text box, and choose the angle the light is hitting the second material (with the scroll-bar). Now the blue line on the left is suppose to move with the blue line on the right. Which is working... but not the right way! Proof: if you put the second material's density to 1, the light should NOT be refracted, but if you look at the blue line, when you come to an angle of 60 or so, it does start being refracted! And at an angle of like 65 the app gives me an error. PLEASE help me find what the problem is, I am getting desperate, this school project is for tomorrow.

    Thx in advance
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