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Thread: Device Connected on Channel 1 Msg

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    Device Connected on Channel 1 Msg

    I keep recieving an annoying popup message box that says "Device Connected on Channel 1" which seems to be triggered by no specific user action. I am curious about what causes this popup and how to stop it from happening.

    It is my hunch that one of my cordless devices (logitech itouch cordless keyboard & logitech cordless mouseman optical mouse) are somehow losing connection and then reconnecting on the fly but I am unsure of how to verify that this is what is happening or how to stop this popup from showing.

    My machine runs windows 2000 workstation.

    I have changed to fresh batteries in both cordless devices to rule out the possibility of near death batteries, still no luck.

    Any help, advice, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Try using a wired keyboard and mouse.That should stop the msg. I have a wireless trackball from logitech, and I get the same message after I make very wild and rough movements ( whenever windows is stuck or whatever).
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