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    VB .NET Edit control Replacement (TextBox)

    Here is some code to create a replacement of the standard Edit control in VB .NET. I've added some properties, that could be useful. Besides that, it could be a good way to show you how to create a user control on your own in VB .NET.

    Added properties:
    -MinLength: Minimum length that the textbox must contain.
    -AcceptedType: Any, Rounded numbers or Broken numbers.
    -AcceptNumbersOnly: Only accept numbers from 0 to 9
    -ErrorControl: If an error occurs, for example when you set AcceptedType to Rounded number, and you enter a broken number, the error message will be shown in this control.
    -ErrorControlForeColor: The forecolor of the error message in the error control.
    -ErrorKeyPress: Check for error in control on KeyPress event, or (internally) on the OnValidating event.
    -ErrorMessageShow: If set to true, the error message will be shown in a messagebox when the ErrorControl property is not set.
    -ErrorShowTooltip: Show the error message in the tooltip
    -ErrorTBBackColor: BackColor of the Edit control when an error occurs.
    ErrorTBForeColor: ForeColor of the Edit control when an error occurs.
    -BackColorNormal and ForeColorNormal: replacements of the standard BackColor and ForeColor properties.
    -IsRequired: Is this Edit control required to fill
    -BackColorRequired: The backcolor of a required control.
    -CanBeEmpty: Sometimes when a value is required, you want to allow an empty string. That is possible when this property is set to true (Maybe I should remove this property...)

    New event:
    -ErrorValidate: Here you can edit the ErrorMessage, and set the Validated variable to true or false.

    Pick the code, and enjoy. Please report some bugs in here.
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