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Thread: How to detect remote OS

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    Red face How to detect remote OS

    hi all,

    can anybody tell me how to detect the sperating system (OS) of a remote pc? i have the ip address, mac address & name of the remote pc. and they r not in my domain i can only ping them.

    Pradip Adhikari

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    You can call the netserverenum api and pass it the constant

    Private Declare Function NetServerEnum Lib "netapi32" _
    (ByVal servername As Long, _
    ByVal level As Long, _
    buf As Any, _
    ByVal prefmaxlen As Long, _
    entriesRead As Long, _
    totalentries As Long, _
    ByVal servertype As Long, _
    ByVal domain As Long, _
    resume_handle As Long) As Long

    Private Const SV_TYPE_ALL As Long = &HFFFFFFFF

    doing so will show all hosts maintained by the master browser and fill the following type

    Private Type SERVER_INFO_101
    sv101_platform_id As Long
    sv101_name As Long
    sv101_version_major As Long
    sv101_version_minor As Long
    sv101_type As Long
    sv101_comment As Long
    End Type

    the platform id will give you the os name and the version major and minor will give you the specific version.

    You will need to have a trust relationship with the domain you are querying though(only a theory).

    I haven't tried using this for external addresses but it may work

    Give it a try anyway
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    netserverenum can only be used in your domain (maybe it works with a trusted domain as well), but not with just an IP address.
    I don't think it is possible without running some kind of app on the remote pc. There might be some security holes in software running on the remote pc that can be exploited, but I can not help you with this.

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    Red face remote os detection

    hi Frans

    yes u r right i thing we can detect remote os by detecting tcp/ip fingerprint, but i don't know how to do that. if u have any idea me.

    Pradip Adhikari

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