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Thread: VB - Enhanced StrConv(Whatever, vbProperCase)

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    VB - Enhanced StrConv(Whatever, vbProperCase)

    Try this and see what you get.
    MsgBox StrConv("a!a@a#a$a%a^a&a(a{a[a;a.a_a-a+a=a'a*a|a\a/a:a?a>a<a~a""a", vbProperCase)

    Then, try this
    MsgBox fProperCase("a!a@a#a$a%a^a&a(a{a[a;a.a_a-a+a=a'a*a|a\a/a:a?a>a<a~a""a")
    Private Function fProperCase(strData As String) As String
        strData = StrConv(strData, vbProperCase)    'Will only take care of space
        Dim strDelim As String
        'strDelim = "~!@#$%^&({[;_-+='""*|\/:?<>." 'Delete chars or Add additional chars
        strDelim = strDelim & fGrabChar(33, 47)
        strDelim = strDelim & fGrabChar(58, 64)
        strDelim = strDelim & fGrabChar(91, 96)
        strDelim = strDelim & fGrabChar(123, 126)
        strDelim = Replace(strDelim, ".", "", 1, , vbTextCompare) 'Get rid of period or it will interfere with file extention
        'MsgBox strDelim
        Dim strChar As String
        Dim intPos As Integer
        Dim strZ As String
        Dim intX As Integer
        For intX = 1 To Len(strDelim)
            strZ = Mid(strDelim, intX, 1)  'Go through each of char in strDelim
            intPos = 0
                'Get position of current delimiter
                intPos = InStr(intPos + 1, strData, strZ, vbTextCompare)
                strChar = Mid(strData, intPos + 1, 1)
                If intPos = 0 Then Exit Do  'Check if anymore exist
                'Update with a Ucase
                strData = Replace(strData, strZ & strChar, strZ & UCase(strChar), 1, , vbTextCompare)
        fProperCase = strData
    End Function
    Private Function fGrabChar(intStart As Integer, intEnd As Integer) As String
        Dim intX As Integer
        For intX = intStart To intEnd
            fGrabChar = fGrabChar & Chr(intX)
    End Function
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