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    I am interested in making a 3D RPG similar to Final Fantasy etc. I am thinking of using either OpenGL or DirectX. I'll need programmers, writers, artists.
    Programmers will have to be well versed in OpenGl or DirectX.
    Writers will be writing the story line obviously.
    Artists will have to be wellversed in 3dsmax, Photoshop, etc.
    If you are interested e-mail me at getaclue@iname.com or just reply to this.

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    Smile 3d RPG

    well, to be frank I don't know about coding in OpenGL or DirectX, but I sure like to play!

    friend, when you finish with that new game, maybe you can appoint me as a reviewer, and maybe give me a complimentary copy of the game!!!
    I am not a complete idiot. Some parts are still missing.
    Check out the rtf-help tutorial
    General VB Faq Thread
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