I'm having trouble doing what should be something very basic, I'm trying to load an XML file into memory so that it can be parsed w/o disk access (quicker). I need the file loaded by the global.asa, and the file accessed from my dll.
I'm using code that showed up on MS's site, but it's still not working. He're the code.

VB Code:
  1. '    Dim objContext As COMSVCSLib.ObjectContext
  2.     Dim objContext As ObjectContext
  3. '    Dim objApplication As ASPTypeLibrary.Application
  4.     Dim objApplication As Application
  6.     Dim strXMLFile As String
  8. '    On Error GoTo ExitWhile
  10.     Set mobjRobo = objRobo
  11.     mstrAppID = strAppID
  13. '* * * this isn't working * * *
  14.     Set objContext = GetObjectContext() 'on next line; objContext = nothing
  15.     'Set objApplication = objContext.Item("Application")   'error here
  16.     Set objApplication = objContext("Application")   'error here
  17.     strXMLFile = objApplication.Contents("DP69XMLPath")
  18.     Debug.Print strXMLFile
  19. '* * *

the above code keeps getting the error
Object variable or With block variable not set

here's the global.asa code

Sub Application_OnStart
' Sub Application_OnStart is the procedure that fires everytime your server starts up.
   ' The .Lock method locks the Application variable so that you can work on it.  

   ' Set eMail constants
	Application("DP69XMLPath") = "C:\Inetpub\Apps.xml"

	' Parser eMailInfo file and set contents variable
	'Dim xmlFile as String
	'xmlFile = (Server.MapPath("eMailInfo.xml"))

	' When complete the toEMailInfo item in the application content collection will be initialized
	Dim objXMLParser
	Set objXMLParser = Server.CreateObject("XMLParser.clsXMLParser")
	Set parser = Nothing

   ' You now need to unlock the application

End Sub