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    Question Font dimensions using GetOutlineTextMetrics or GetGlyphOutline

    Does anyone know how to call GetOutlineTextMetrics or GetGlyphOutline and look at all of the different Font Dimensions for a specific Font (for example: Times New Roman) from VB? I am working on a cad application (TCadV7VBA) that will not give me the proper text heights (it posts by bondingbox height not Ascent, i need the "em Ascent") so I am trying to figure away to do it via code. The VBA has no functions I could find for the parameters, so I need to use API calls.

    I tried GetTextMetrics but it apparently rounds off certain numbers thus I could not get the right answer. I thought I would look into the other recoverable parameters regarding fonts that are available through GetoutLineTextMetrics (for example otmrcFontBox , otmAscent, otmDescent etc. ) and GetGlyphOutline (for example gmBlackBoxY)

    Can anyone help?
    Thank You

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    There were darn few examples of these APIs that I could find, but take a look at the sample code from this link and see if it does anything for you.

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    The link is to an extensive reference for declares, types and constants.

    I need more help with setting up and calling the two functions, getting the values, and then releasing everthing after the values have beeen obtained.

    Thank You for Your response

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