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Thread: Run Time Error 326 "resource with identifier version not found"

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    Run Time Error 326 "resource with identifier version not found"

    A program I made is run from a Novell Network drive (installed locally, but with install directory a mapped network drive).

    It works fine

    Untill a key user copied the exe to a subdirectory.


    works fine, but when copied to


    it returns a Run Time Error 326 with description "resource with identifier version not found"

    I have narrowed it down to the use of App.Major and App.Minor (the program checks it's version with the version of a database it is using).

    I suspect that it has to do with network rights (this user is not an admin), but which Novell network rights can prevent a program to read it's own version number? And if the use of App.Major and app.Minor needs specific rights, it sure needs updated documentation.

    Another strange thing is, that if you view the properties of the exe (in explorer), the version tab has disappeared, while the original program does display it's version tab.

    Any information is welcome.

    PS, I know I can hard code the version number, but if it can be solved by changing some rights, I don't have to deploy another version.

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    See if you can find anything on this specific error message either in MSDN, or in some of the Help files that come with Novell.
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    Hi Frans
    Did you ever resolve this problem?
    I am having a similar problem with an program that I am developing.
    Runs OK on non networked systems but comes up with error 326 when I try to install on a networked PC.
    I would appreciate any advice.
    Simon Caiger

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    After the program had been installed by an administrator, and the proper privileges where applied, the problem was gone.

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