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    Re: run java with your project?

    You can always put a pause command as the last line of the batch file. The CMD window will then remain open until you press a key. This will give you time to see the result of the previous command.
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    Re: subscript out of range error.

    It would be helpful to have the client code to see how you are handling data from the server.
  3. Re: Is it possible to send an array through a socket?

    Have you considered using ObjectInputStream & ObjectOutputStream?
  4. Thread: winsock

    by ccoder

    Re: winsock

    You could use the SMTP protocol. Here is a wiki on SMTP.

    I posted an example here some time back. FWIW, the last time that I pointed someone to this link there were several reports of problems...
  5. Re: Most incredibly frustrating winsock problem ever :'( (finding start/end of data)

    Regarding the problem of knowing where one data group ends and the next one begins, prefix each data group with a header that contains, at the very least, an Integer or Long that contains the size of...
  6. Re: Retrieving a Postcode from a string

    That will turn RM00 0AA into RM000AA or Some Town into SomeTown.

    If that is a problem, try the Trim function instead:

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim strPostCode As String
  7. Thread: winsock ...

    by ccoder

    Re: winsock ...

    After a quick look at the code that you posted, I don't see anything obvious.

    Do you know where in your code the error is occurring? Another thing you can do that might help determine the...
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    Re: [VB6] Math Problem or For Problem?

    Another simple odd or even test is to And the value with 1, so:

    Dinum = Array("Zero", "One")

    For x = 0 To 16
    Text1.Text = Text1.Text & Dinum(x And 1) & vbCrLf
    Next x

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    Re: VB6- How to call a Unix script?

    I can think of 2 possible solutions. I haven't tried either myself so I don't know how difficult they will be to implement.

    One option would be to programmatically create a telnet session, log in...
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    Re: [RESOLVED]Winsock question - Won't connect

    There is still a problem with your MSG Sender code (lines 4 & 5). You must wait for the connection to complete before sending data. That is why you briefly saw a State 6 after removing line 5 and...
  11. Re: CONTEST! - The right way to declare CopyMemory

    Actually the length of the UDT will always be "fixed" in that it will contain either the contents of fixed length strings or the BSTRs of variable length strings which are simply Longs that contain...
  12. Re: CONTEST! - The right way to declare CopyMemory

    You should be able to copy a UDT with CopyMemory with no problems. I do it in many of my apps. How are you coding the statement? And the structure(s) involved?

    What are iLabelID and lpData? ...
  13. Re: Conversion of C Function to VB Function

    There are several problems with your converted code.

    Dim arrNames(20) as String actually creates an array of 21 (0 to 20) BSTRs, not strings. A BSTR is a 4-byte 'pointer' to a string that is...
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    Re: How can I send automatic e-mails with VB6?

    I can't help you until I get some more information.

    Did you make any changes other than filling in the 3 pieces of information that the program needs? These would be in the lines:

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    Re: How can I send automatic e-mails with VB6?

    That is due to some security changes that Microsoft implemented several years ago.

    You may want to consider using SMTP. Take a look at the code that I posted here.
  16. Re: Poor man's web server with Winsock?

    Well, for one thing, you are closing the connection after doing the send and the data most likely (in fact I would bet on it) has not finished being sent.

    Move the Winsock1.Close & Winsock1.Listen...
  17. Re: SMTP & Winsock - Mailing failure on second time around...

    I posted an example SMTP app in this thread.

    I just noticed that it is missing a comment in the DataArrival event handler that helps to explain the flow. That missing comment is:
    ' the mail...
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    Re: Help! on vbArray Winsock DataArrival

    For starters, you aren't redimming Buffer and SubBuffer before you put data into them.

    Have you looked at the value of lenPacket the first time you put a value in it (you are doing this on every...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] winsock - dataArrival & SendData

    I noticed that you are running VB5 a couple of days ago but forgot about that little detail when I created the demo app. I would convert it to VB5, but my only system with VB5 installed at home is...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] winsock - dataArrival & SendData

    Well, a restaurant can't control when/how many customers arrive. They just need a system for controlling how they seat (process) them.

    Actually, I was talking about sending a real array of...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] winsock - dataArrival & SendData

    FWIW = For What It's Worth

    The buffer is working just the way it supposed to work. It has no idea what bytes are part of what data item. It's up to the application to sort things out. Think of...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] winsock - dataArrival & SendData

    FWIW, the messages are not sent together, they get 'joined' in the buffer on the receiving end.

    Can I ask the maximum length of your strings? It seems it would make more sense to send/receive an...
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    Re: Qs: Split info. from received packet

    Take a look at this thread. It deals with RGB values, but could just as easily be used to get the 4 byte values of the IP address.
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    Re: need help on winsock control

    Ah, so you are seeing the error message on the receiving side. I guess that wasn't clear to me.

    See if this MSDN link helps. Check out the info on setsockopt.
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    Re: need help on winsock control

    Based on the error message that you are getting, it sounds like you are having a Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) issue. Here is a description of the MTU and how it relates to packets, datagrams, etc....
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    Re: winsock - client AND server

    Try setting LocalPort to zero before attempting to connect. The port you were listening on is most likely in an unavailable state. You can check this out by running netstat from a CMD prompt after...
  27. Re: [RESOLVED] How to use between keyword in VB

    "between" is not limited to t-sql. I haven't come across a flavor of sql that didn't include it.

    "between", when used in a query, includes the end values. So, in Mariyana's case, test1 could...
  28. Thread: InStr

    by ccoder

    Re: InStr

    String str = "VB Forums";
    int i = str.indexOf("F"); // 3
    int i = str.indexOf("rum"); // 5
  29. Re: Winsock DataArrival and string concatenation

    There is an example of what CVMichael described in this thread.

    In spite of the fact that a UDT is being passed (via a byte array), you can still re-use the code that dimensions the byte array and...
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    Re: [HELP NEEDED] Socket + UDT + CopyMemory...

    In your original post you stated
    but, from the few lines that you posted, it appears that you always receive the incoming data into the static byte array, copy it to the UDT and then clear it. It...
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    Re: [HELP NEEDED] Socket + UDT + CopyMemory...

    I have a lot of experience sending/receiving UDTs to/from both C and Java apps. I posted some code here that demonstrates receiving large UDTs and assembling the 'chunks' for processing.

  32. Re: Is there a way to identify fields in a java applet?

    Are you looking for something that can do this?

    C:\Devel\Java>java peek

    Usage syntax: java peek [-x] [-[h|f|F|m|M|c|C]] <class>

    -x = exclude the 'built-in' Java language fields,...
  33. Re: More connections with one winsock

    Why would you need to have more than one connection to the same server? Can you tell us what you are trying to do?
  34. [Resolved] A timing issue or something more diabolical?

    Well, maybe it was a timing issue.

    It appears that there is a conflict of some sort between
    1) the cleanup of the modal form frmXLPickSheet
    2) the population of the TextBoxes and
    3) the...
  35. [RESOLVED] A timing issue or something more diabolical?

    Or maybe I'm just having a senior moment. I have a problem that has me stumped.

    In the following code snippet, something is clearing out the contents of 2 TextBoxes. There are comments to...
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    Re: set data types in winsock on receive

    Send the data as a UDT. The Winsock control does not understand UDTs, so in your code you will have to move it to/from a byte array in order to send/receive the data. You can use the CopyMemory to...
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    Re: winsock expert needed!

    For starters, you are using the wrong Winsock control in your Winsock2 routines.

    Private Sub Winsock2_Connect()
    Winsock.SendData Login2(txtURL1, txtCookie) 'wrong control
    Label3.Caption =...
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    Re: Difficult Division in VB6 (Remainders)

    bushmobile and Code Doc demonstrated it, but didn't explain it. Use '\' in your division to return an integer result.

    76 / 64 = 1.1875...
    76 \ 64 = 1

    Then use whatever means you prefer to get...
  39. Re: Trouble passing arrays of double to Compaq Visual Fortran

    This article should help explain how to pass an array to a Fortran dll. With VB6, it should not be a problem, as they both store arrays in column-major order and both, by default, pass values by...
  40. Re: How to get server ststem date from clinet side

    You might want to point out that this will set the client's time to that of the server. If varunj needs to use the server's time in his app, it would then have to get the (newly set) time from the...
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