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  1. Re: MAPISession.SignOn Not Setting SessionID Win 7

    So the code on Edanmo's site only sends one file. To send more than one file in a folder do the following:

    'some code to put your file names into FileName() is needed but not included here....
  2. Re: MAPISession.SignOn Not Setting SessionID Win 7

    It might but then my customers would need to mess around with hot fixes and it comes down to a maintenance issue again. And god only know what else might break after installing. I wish I was the only...
  3. Re: MAPISession.SignOn Not Setting SessionID Win 7

    Well dilettante, We followed the exact same path to this one. I wish I could figure out how emorcillo did all this. It's pretty amazing stuff!

    Thanks for your Help!
  4. Re: MAPISession.SignOn Not Setting SessionID Win 7

    Check this out http://www.mvps.org/emorcillo/en/index.shtml
  5. Re: MAPISession.SignOn Not Setting SessionID Win 7

    incidentals: Yes my code is Identical to the code you found. It's where I got it from but I couldn't find the address in by history. My code throws on .Compose so I don't get a chance to set...
  6. [RESOLVED] MAPISession.SignOn Not Setting SessionID Win 7

    So I have some MAPI code that work Just the way I want it to on XP and dosn't work at all on Windows 7. ( I wish I could find the time to just port the whole thing over to .net but I don't)...
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    Re: PDF File Orientation

    we use pdftk to do most of that sort of thing.
  8. Re: Drag and drop to Change Tab order

    So this is what I came up with...
  9. Re: Using variables to store equations

    We have strings of numbers that come in from OCR and then we use different math formulas against those numbers to see if they equal a check digit. One is add up all the numbers but the last two then...
  10. Re: Drag and drop to Change Tab order

    Thanks Very much brucevde,
    My user controls are all in a Frame and I rebuild the frame on TabStrip_Click. I inharited this app and just figured out why the original programmer used TabStrip and...
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    Re: vb6 ide on vista 64bit

    I've got the IDE working on Win 7 but installing some OCX's I had some problems. The install went fine but nothing worked. I had my UAC level at the default (Full on) and even though I entered all...
  12. [RESOLVED] Drag and drop to Change Tab order

    I need to allow the user to change the order their tabs appear. I'm currently using a TabStrip. The Tabs are loaded from a config file. All users at some point need all tabs but some users use, say,...
  13. Re: SSTab or Tabstrip - How to Stop tab Change in Onclick()

    Rather than validating on next tab click have you tried the Validate event? Set your tab control to CausesValidation = true and then on the controls you are checking use their Validate event. The...
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    Re: form_resize Best Practice

    Thank you so much. That is just the trick.

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    [RESOLVED] form_resize Best Practice

    I've inherited a VB6 app and need a little help with form_resize. I've been spoiled with Anchors. Basically The guy before me hard codded compensator for form boarder width which have worked...
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