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    VS 2019 Re: DownloadFileAsync not so Async

    I'd be very surprised if call(s) to DownLoadFileAsync caused the UI to freeze. I think the problem is much more likely to be found in code you haven't shown, or in the way you are using the code that...
  2. Re: Weird Bug - If System.IO.Directory.Exists("C:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH")

    Assuming you have a 64bit OS, then to access most items in the C:\Windows\System32 folder you need to compile to 64bit.
    32 bit apps will be redirected to look in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and I don't...
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    Re: parse date jquery

    I don't really understand what you are trying to do. Have you created an Instance of a Class that contains Date Properties, and are you using NewtonSoft Json.Net to serialize it to JSON which can...
  4. VS 2015 Re: Binance order API : The remote server returned an error: (400) Invalid command

    Isn't there an ampersand missing between the two parts of the param string you are assembling to use in creating the HMAC signature?:

    Dim TotalParam As String = QueryString + RequestBody

    You do...
  5. VS 2019 Re: Need to write stringbuilder data as test during debugging.

    StrPadding is an array. It doesn't make sense to append an array to a StringBuilder. What you want to do is make a String from the contents of the array and append that String to the StringBuilder.
  6. VS 2019 Re: Need to write stringbuilder data as test during debugging.

    If it were me, I'd put a break point on the line Select Case InToCode and run your code. When execution stops on that line, I'd step through the code and examine the values by hovering the mouse over...
  7. VS 2019 Re: Visual Basic Do while loop condition for termination.

    Agreed, but I'm assuming that all it's doing is joining 10 integer values into a single string, so that it can be added to the end of the encrypted output string, and I'm basing that assumption on...
  8. VS 2019 Re: Visual Basic Do while loop condition for termination.

    As OptionBase1 says, you should never update TextBoxes or other Form Controls in a loop. For one thing, the GUI is only updated when it is idle; i.e. after the loop exits and your code isn't running...
  9. Re: Partial prime factorization of big number using trial division

    I thought we discussed this in an earlier thread. Don't use
    Dim number As BigInteger = CType(CDbl(CInt(TextBox1.Text)), BigInteger)Instead, use BigInteger.Parse or BigInteger.TryParse.

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    VS 2019 Re: is it a Variable or an Array?

    VB on the .NET platform doesn't have dynamic arrays.

    Using ReDim to resize an array just creates another new array in memory filled with the default values for the type of the array. The old array...
  11. Re: Vs 2017 check if form is open and close it

    Are you closing then opening the form more than once in a session? In your code above, you are explicitly creating and opening a new form with
    Dim frm As New FrmCallerID With {PhoneCallerID =...
  12. Re: Vs 2017 check if form is open and close it

    It looks like you are closing the default instance of the form:
    If the form you are looking at is indeed the default instance, then that is fine. However, if you've already...
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    VS 2019 Re: Stopwatch Resolution

    Two different types of tick??? If only!!! There's millions of the beggars :)

    I mean no offence, but the written word can be difficult to interpret correctly, so it's not obvious to me whether or...
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    Re: Viewing whole datagridview to rich text box

    That results in just a single new string being created which is assigned to the MyVar variable; the existing contents of MyVar being discarded and garbage collected (at some point).

    The & operator...
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    VS 2019 Re: Stopwatch Resolution

    The display of 4 significant decimal places is not due to the frequency of your StopWatch being 10 MHz. The StopWatch could have a frequency of 1MHz, 10,000Hz or 100Hz and you'd still see 4 decimal...
  16. Re: BigInteger trying to convert result to Double

    Have you tried what I suggested in Post#3?

    Don't use Ctype to convert Strings to BigIntegers.

    When you attempt to Ctype from String to BigInteger, the string is converted to a Double first and...
  17. Re: [RESOLVED] VS 2017 Tyring to get age something is wrong

    If you just want years and month, then I think the following should work:Public Function GetAge(DOB As Date) As String
    Dim tmpDate = Now

    If tmpDate.Day < DOB.Day Then
    tmpDate =...
  18. Re: BigInteger trying to convert result to Double

    The problem is in the CType.

    If you want to convert the string representation of a number to a BigInteger, then use BigInteger.Parse or BigInteger.TryParse
  19. Re: Change Cursor During Drag and Drop

    GiveFeedBack should be raised whenever the mouse moves, although it is only raised by the control where the drag was started.

    No, it doesn't track location. You have to write code to do that...
  20. Thread: MsChart

    by Inferrd

    VS 2019 Re: MsChart

    I can see a Next statement, but can't see any For statement. Looks like the code you have given is part of a loop that adds points to the various Chart Series.

    If that's the case, then a lot of...
  21. Re: Change Cursor During Drag and Drop

    Not attempted this in a long, long time, but isn't the GiveFeedback event used for this?

    The GiveFeedbackEventArgs Class has a UseDefaultCursors property that can be set to False.
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    Re: BigInteger slow performance

    Of that 40 seconds, the calculation will be taking about 7 seconds.

    The other 33 seconds is how long it takes to convert the BigInteger result to a 650812 digit string.

    However, converting the...
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    VS 2017 Re: VS 2017 image Library location

    Looks like they are resources that are baked into the System.Windows.Forms.dll file (the BindingNavigator Class is part of the System.Windows.Forms.dll assembly).

    Dim assmbly =...
  24. Re: VB NET QUESTION: Catching a double-click event using addhandler - How?

    Nah. It's most likely your use of MessageBox.Show.

    The use of MessageBox/MsgBox screws with the UI message pump. They are not the greatest of debugging tools at the best of times, and generally...
  25. VS 2010 Re: VB.NET Streaming Image Using Imag2Pipe Issue

    I wasn't implying the fault was with ffmpeg. I was saying that ffmpeg was freezing because your code wasn't properly handling the output from ffmpeg, especially when processing many hundreds of...
  26. VS 2010 Re: VB.NET Streaming Image Using Imag2Pipe Issue

    Thinking about the freezing, it occurred to me that ffmpeg is probably outputting a lot of information to stderr as it processes the images. You only read that output data at the end of the process...
  27. VS 2010 Re: VB.NET Streaming Image Using Imag2Pipe Issue

    You are saving your BitMap to the StandardInput stream with
    o2.Save(o1.BaseStream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Bmp)

    If you look at the remarks section in the documentation for the...
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    Re: Streamreader and missing objects

    Are you sure about that?

    Every iteration of the loop, you execute sr.ReadLine twice. So you are reading 2 lines from the text file, part of the first line goes in the ListBox, and the second line...
  29. Re: String BEFORE & After extraction of specifc data

    VB is the language. If you show the lines of code you are using to import the CSV file, it would help in tracking down the cause of your problems with the wrong characters.

    Most .NET methods that...
  30. Re: String BEFORE & After extraction of specifc data

    Where's the data being imported from, and what code are you using?

    What you describe often happens when you have character data that has been encoded using one of the "Windows" single byte...
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    VS 2017 Re: Number all rows in datagriodview

    The behaviour you are describing in Post#1 is the result of Column(0) having been set to sort ascending. Have you clicked Column(0)'s header cell? Is there as sorting glyph in that header cell? (You...
  32. VS 2019 Re: Variables assigned but stiHi Folks,ll Object reference not set

    That line merely declares a string array variable. Do you ever create an array object that is assigned to the variable? If not, you'll get your NullReferenceException (Object reference not set)...
  33. Re: Serial Port will not send values greater than 0x3F????

    In post #2, Daniel states that setting the encoding on the receiving end is what fixed his problem. That would indicate that while the sending end is sending byte data with Write(Byte[], Int32,...
  34. Re: Serial Port will not send values greater than 0x3F????

    The serial port uses ASCII as its default encoding. ASCII has only 128 characters which are mapped to code points 0 to 127. So it's values over 0x7F that are not allowed.

    You see the ? because...
  35. Re: read updated serial port data and split the string

    Hi joko.

    Yeah, the forum resizes images so that they are no wider than 600 pixels. If you need to show images, then it's best to crop them to show just the relevant information, such as just the...
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    VS 2019 Re: How to connect to Binance API?

    Hi playdachi, welcome to the forum.

    You have one or two mistakes in your code:

    The timestamp should be a Unix millisecond timestamp (count of milliseconds elapsed since 1st January, 1970).
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    VS 2013 Re: problem An unhandled exception

    from Google Translate:

    So it looks like you are accessing WinForm Controls from a worker thread. You'll find lots of information on how to do this properly on this forum and many others.
  38. Re: Help needed about strange behaviour of a datagridview and tooltip

    That's the normal behaviour of the DGV Control when the width of the text in the cell is wider than the cell itself. In my experience, you also get this default pop-up behaviour when the text does...
  39. Re: Publishing a database project from Visual Studio 2017

    You clearly have a much greater knowledge of working with databases than I do. I wouldn't have a clue how to do that.

    I've never manually started LocalDB. All I've ever done is selected:
  40. Re: ProgressBar does not update as expected when its color changes from the default g

    Take a look here for a hacky workaround.

    Basically, set the PB's Value property to the target value, and then immediately set the .Value to a lower value (target value -1). Works best when the PB...
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