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  1. VS 2017 Re: Better Option Than List (Of...) For Disk Load Time

    Storing to a database should provide a noticeable improvement to file size (perhaps reduce it from 75 MB to about 40 MB or less) and therefore noticeably improve the speed of loading/saving - and the...
  2. VS 2017 Re: Better Option Than List (Of...) For Disk Load Time

    How you store the values in memory will generally make virtually no difference to disk save/load speeds. If you are hard-coding a certain number of elements tho, a standard array would be the way to...
  3. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    I suppose a broken shower is one way to encourage social distancing!
  4. Re: Help with displaying all elements of an array in a text box

    If you mean the intSub value that gets appended to the string, you can add one to it when appending it:

    txtReport.Text = txtReport.Text & (intSub + 1) & " " & decBonus & vbCrLf

  5. Re: Adding elements of an array

    When you post code please put it inside code tags so it is displayed in a more readable way - either using the # or VB buttons in the post editor screen (or at the top of the Quick Reply box), or by...
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    Re: Using multiple web forms

    Thread moved to the 'ASP.Net' forum, which is where questions about .Net web pages etc belong
  7. VS 2019 Re: Create local MDF & table by code

    Take a look at the help for the ChangeDatabase method:

    The parameter should be just the database...
  8. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    In terms of testing in the UK/US/etc, from what I've heard it certainly sounds like our long-term strategy (as in last year and earlier) means that we don't have enough of the relevant ingredients to...
  9. Re: how to make hyperlinks of the sub forums of this website during my reply to a thr

    The functionality is there to post links, eg: The thread we are in

    This doesn't automatically open a new tab, and the link isn't set up automatically (the poster needs to find the link first),...
  10. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    Our testing is rather limited (especially compared to Germany etc), but apparently we are being limited by global supply of the necessary ingredients... which is amplified by our limited funding of...
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    Re: Inquiry about posting new thread

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Yes I'm afraid some posts for new members do need to be manually approved, it is one of the steps we use to minimise spam etc.

    I have now approved your thread: ...
  12. VS 2019 Re: Is it possible to nest properties ?

    In that case either create a new Class with similar properties to Point (and use that instead of Point), or possibly call the new property LocationX (and live without the dot).
  13. VS 2019 Re: Is it possible to nest properties ?

    The Point data type is a Structure, and therefore cannot be edited. Instead you need to replace it with a whole new value, eg:

    Public Property X As Integer
    Set(NewX As Integer)...
  14. Re: Help! Get all filename in a folder from a specific extension

    The "*.*" part at the end of the GetFiles line is the search pattern.

    By using "*.*" it will return all files, but you can change it to "*.def" or something like "hello*.def" etc
  15. Re: Searching and Reading flat file lines until certain line string

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    I have moved this thread from the 'VB.Net' forum to the 'VBScript' forum
  16. Re: Criptografia usando algoritmo RSA em VB.NET

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    This is an English speaking site, so please post only in English.

    As this is for VB.Net, I have moved this from our "General Developer" forum to our "VB.Net" forum
  17. Re: No value given for one or more required parameters

    Unfortunately the error message you are getting is one that occurs for many related issues - it basically means "there is something wrong with the SQL statement and/or parameters" (with the...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    Lots of things have been postponed (and should be), but strangely the Olympics don't seem to have been yet, even tho that is arguably the most important thing to postpone due to the global nature and...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    Oh dear, it looks like this season might be shorter than most...

    Australia has been cancelled (inspired by an infected team member)
    Bahrain/Vietnam/China are "postponed", and there will be...
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    Re: Learning C# from VB

    I'd agree with that.

    I've only just heard, and on checking it seems that it is already a much bigger impact than one race, the next two have been postponed and: "it is expected the F1 season can...
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    Re: Learning C# from VB

    The vast majority of code is near enough the same, just with semi-colons at the end of lines;

    Most of the differences are "beginner" syntax things, like variable declarations (eg: int i = 0; ),...
  22. VS 2019 Re: Renumber nodes in a treeview of inifinite size

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Start by setting the text of the root node ("1"), and add the root node to a list/queue of some kind, possibly a Queue(Of TreeNode)

    In a Do-While loop (based on...
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    VS 2008 Re: [RESOLVED] Event Lost_Focus

    The errors were already there, you just weren't being told about them.

    The issues that came up are all bugs rather than errors, so they will only cause problems in some circumstances, eg: things...
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    Re: T-SQL RegEx problem

    That would be nice (the syntax could be done by allowing the wildcards inside the square brackets), but unfortunately it doesn't exist... hence the inverting I did.

    The use of ^ rather than ! may...
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    Re: T-SQL RegEx problem

    The Like functionality in SQL is not using RegEx, just something that is similar in some ways.

    With Like you can specify wildcards (% or * for zero or more characters, and _ or ? for a single...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    It is a bit concerning... after an extensive FIA investigation the 2019 Ferrari power unit "could be considered as not operating within the limits of the FIA regulations at all times.". Ferrari...
  27. Re: Macros: file not closed and not looping to next file if string not found.

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Thread moved from the 'VB.Net' forum to the 'Office Development/VBA' forum... note that while it certainly isn't made clear, the "VB Editor" in Office programs is...
  28. Re: Query Date from MDB using DateTimePicker how to format

    There are a variety of reasons you should use Parameters instead of putting values in to an SQL statement, and formatting issues are one of them.

    For an explanation of why you should be using...
  29. Re: Is the SQLite Real Datatype "aproximate"?

    According to the documentation at https://www.sqlite.org/datatype3.html

    That seems to be the same as Double in .Net, so would cause this kind of issue (because the conversion to Double effectively...
  30. Re: button click conflicting with textbox not blank

    That's a pretty good ratio :)


    To set properties of controls (buttons etc), the easy way is to open the form design view, select the control, and then go to the Properties window. ...
  31. Re: button click conflicting with textbox not blank

    If you use the Validating event, you can actually prevent the Cancel button from triggering it by setting the CausesValidation property of the button to False.
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Marked as resolved, gone?!

    Unfortunately not: http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?883587-Delete-a-checkbox-column-from-DataGridView-programmatically&p=5451863#post5451863
    ...bear in mind it is caused by the Highlight tags...
  33. VS 2019 Re: Delete a checkbox column from DataGridView programmatically

    Like with many things in programming, the indexes start at 0... so the 9th column has an index of 8

    If DataGridView1.Columns.Count = 9 Then
    End If
  34. Re: How to add a recurring event with VB.NET

    If you want the reminder to occur every Monday, use the properties of the DateTime object (in this case Now) to read the current day, and store the related value (eg: if the property gives a value of...
  35. Re: How to add a recurring event with VB.NET

    It can indeed.

    Work out what data you want to store for each reminder (including the 3 examples I gave, and any others you think are apt for you), and pick an appropriate way to store that data...
  36. Re: How to add a recurring event with VB.NET

    It certainly can be done.

    Store the relevant data somehow (such as when the reminder should be shown, and any text for it etc). There are various places you could store it, such as in a database...
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    Re: ADO recordset field name

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    The ! syntax uses the name after it as the name of the field... so in this case you are looking for a field that is actually called "fld" (rather than whatever is inside...
  38. Re: No desktop icon/shortcut was installed.

    Thread moved to the 'Application Deployment' forum, which is where questions about installing/distributing your software belong
  39. Re: Can't get this code to work with Outlook 2019

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    The "DoCmd" line makes it seem like this is for the VB Editor inside Access, which is actually VBA.

    I have therefore moved this thread from the 'VB.Net' forum to the...
  40. VS 2019 Re: Result of not dealing with warning/resource table.

    Actually you don't need to... just right-click on the name and select "Rename" before changing it. When you finish, it will also be changed as apt in all of the callers.
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