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  1. Re: Align a shape within a different shape using VBA PowerPoint

    Why vba?

    Surely you'd just drag it.. much faster than vba...

    Probably you'd need the two to be aligned and either see if there is a center method (or something similar) or do a load of...
  2. Re: Query numbering in groups in access database ?

    straight out of stack overflow
  3. MsOf13 Re: Excel - Macro in one book, called from another (function in cell)

    Nevermind - got it... My vba had errored... works fine ('macros'!macroname(cellref) )
  4. MsOf13 [RESOLVED] Excel - Macro in one book, called from another (function in cell)


    I have a macro in one workbook. I want to run it via cells function (=xxxxx(cellref) ) but because it is in another workbook excel cannot see it.

    Whats the way to specify to call it from...
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    Re: MS Access Database Outlook 2016 VBA issue

    after you .send I think there is an extra option to force a resend. Check the application force refresh or send.
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    Re: RegEx to match two out of three digits

    Interesting problem. Doubt this is what you want, but does seem to work (text 3 digits as you specified). Perhaps it will give you some ideas

    Public Sub t()
    Dim sht As Worksheet
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    Re: Need to simulate a control

    Have a look at css in combination with a checkbox (you style the label, the checkbox gets hidden) and the css can depend on the state of the check box loading one or the other image...
    If you...
  8. Re: SQL Access: Calculate the total elimination of records not the same month and yea

    Wouldnt you just do the subquery and filter the results as required ?
    Why sql Access on an xls ?

    If you need all totals and a separate column of this month, or just this month, you could do a sub...
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    Python on an IIS server


    Dabbling with the web based tech... and thinking that Python the current band wagon...

    But unlike just running it direct, I am running it on my laptiop running IIS server.
    Configured the...
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    Re: VB6 with ADODC error

    Use the thread options to mark as complete

    Probably caused by you sending an insert query as the recordset. instead of opening a recordset of the data (and executing the insert).
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    MsOf365 Re: Fill polygon on Access Form

    I've not used it in that way before...
    In theory you may be able to write to an image (possibly just in memory) and show the image on the form.
    Possibly you can use the web explorer control to...
  12. MsOf10 Re: Very strange problem with a Do loop inside a loop

    Or change to a while loop ? (checking current row vs end row variable that you have - and maybe add in a max iterations (100k))
  13. Re: Getting "Unrecognized database format" error when opening old MDB with DAO

    Are all office installations the 32 bit?
    Check the references on one that works and one that doesnt to see if there is another problem; may be one is using an older ado/dao than the others?
    Is it...
  14. Re: $(function () { var d = new Date() var h


    But the other person gave you the code.. havent tested it, but should work.

    Its working by getting the link that the user clicks, finds the first image (img) child it finds and just...
  15. Re: How to export selected ms access data to ms excel with Vb 6.0

    One option - for putting into the open sheet.
    In vb use objects pointed to the MS Access and MS Excel.
    Open your data in the access (recordset), loop read and write it into the ms excel sheet...
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    Re: How to set the width of an HTML SELECT INPUT

    <script type="text/javascript" id="scriptJS">
    function teste(){
    function resizeCombo(o){

    var chs = o.children.length;
    for( var i = 0; i<chs; i++ ){
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    Re: How to set the width of an HTML SELECT INPUT


    I dont think so. Perhaps an addition browser specific, or perhaps you can replace the dropdown/list with custom divs and JS (display and ajax).
    But if it auto expanded, it might pop out of...
  18. Re: $(function () { var d = new Date() var h

    no idea... what did you change?

    possibly its the img you are setting or trying to set

    var img = $('<img width="100px;" height=" 100px">');
    creates an empty image.
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    Re: JSP + xls output


    Just an update.

    I had to put the jxl output into a bytearrayoutput (so it would continue working) then feed this into the http output stream via a new string wrapped around the...
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    [RESOLVED] JSP + xls output


    Got a weird one here. Probably just me though.

    Work has a button to take data from a db and put it into an xls file using javas jxl.
    Now, it works but is generating an underlying error...
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    Re: Best practice with db design

    Depends on space and which db you use.
    In MS Access I used 'created by'/on 'updated by'/on (two fields each) to get the last date updated and when it was created and by whom.
    However you could also...
  22. Re: Add a filter to all queries in Access database

    Depending on how run the queries, you could grab the sql of the query and add in the where clause as applicable.
    Or re-edit to use parameters (as west conn1 said) and always pass the variables -...
  23. Thread: Composite Keys

    by Ecniv

    Re: Composite Keys

    When you save... via vb, can you parse the 'id'.
    If so then add 's' + origin+'pk'+pk then when saving parse the string 'id' and add to the columns as required...?
    Same thing for the sql driving the...
  24. MsOf10 Re: Convert 2000 columns to a single one

    no problem.
    If this resolves the question, at the top of your original post should be a thread tools. Select it and select mark as resolve :)

    Have a great day!
  25. Re: Lookup value in a cell from one workbook to another

    open both workbooks
    combine if and iserror to replace if not found

    if you want to do this in code... what have you got ?
    Pretty sure there are some sticky posts at the top of the forum...
  26. MsOf10 Re: Convert 2000 columns to a single one

    Select the lot.
    Use the excel function transpose
    A quick google search gave the link above...
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    Re: Issue with Removing Duplicates in Excel

    I opened the spreadsheet, tested and got the same result as op.
    Looks like Excel is not evalulating the data as you/I would expect.
    Like the linked I posted, added a concatenated...
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    Re: Issue with Removing Duplicates in Excel

    Possibly one is text and one is numerics. Different but look the same...

    found this link online, might be useful.
  29. Re: HTML (Dynamically added) not visible to document or JQuery

    Its on Tomcat (Jsp).
    It looks like the browser is working, but js scripts and the new dom elements cannot be seen after the ajax call. Which is strange. I'll keep going, thanks for the suggestions
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    Re: Need a Macro to enter formula

    Doesnt your user defined function work with ranges?
    Ie pass the values of the range to the function to retrieve the values.
    Or is it that your function isnt auto running when it receives new...
  31. HTML (Dynamically added) not visible to document or JQuery


    For the company I work for, I have some HTML being generated and inserted via AJAX (I think).
    Problem is that the new elements cannot be found via document.getElementByID nor JQuery...
  32. Re: trouble changing value of an input box on a website with vba

    Set HTMLInputs = HTMLDoc.getElementsByClassName
    For Each HTMLInput In HTMLInputs
    Debug.Print "ClassName:" & HTMLInput.className, "TagName:" & HTMLInput.tagName, "ID:" & HTMLInput.Id, "InnerText:" &...
  33. Re: Trouble with Vlookup Equivalent function in Access

    Same here. I thought I had replied yesterday but guess i didn't...
    You need to revisit the structure and read up on normalization.

    The thoughts I had were to do with one product having variations...
  34. Thread: Database design

    by Ecniv

    Re: Database design

    The thing with db desing is that there are many ways to complete something. Some have advantages over others (eg speed or easiness to see or flexibility).

    I would advise that you try as many...
  35. Re: Access SQL Subquery - Reference a Calculated Column (field)

    Why are you still using Access 97 mdb?
    If you can get to 2007/2013 you should have lots more to play with.

    free ms Access 2016 Runtime
    Not sure you can use this to create mdb/accdb files. But...
  36. Re: VS 2015 OLEDB search for NULL date in Access database

    The problem is that to search for null - you need to change the where clause sql....

    WHERE conArchive > #" & ArchiveDate & "#"


    WHERE conArchive IS NULL
  37. Re: Access SQL Subquery - Reference a Calculated Column (field)

    Strange as I made that sql in an Access db and it ran (v2019).
    What error message did you get?

    id - pk auto number
    vlr - number double

    IDRange pk...
  38. Re: Access SQL Subquery - Reference a Calculated Column (field)

    As a probably pointless waste of time I made the following... But obviously isnt what you need at the moment

    COUNT(sq.id) AS theTotal

    FROM tblStatRanges sr
    LEFT JOIN...
  39. Re: Access SQL Subquery - Reference a Calculated Column (field)

    re Post#23
    Just to point out that in Access VBA (at least up to 2013) you can create a vba function pointed to a global variable (possible use a static variable in the function) and call the...
  40. Re: Need Help in Updating Existing Visual Basic Code - Version 7.1

    Is this Access ?

    I havent looked at the coding but you are probably running an sql statement. Possibly pre defined perhaps built via string.
    If the latter, then you will be needing to add the...
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