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  1. Re: Check whether the table exists or not in database

    Hello Elroy and dilettante,

    Thanks for you quick response and tried the both of your solutions it's working awesome.. But since i'm using ADO in my entire project, planned to go with dilettante's...
  2. [RESOLVED] Check whether the table exists or not in database

    Hello friends,

    I'm using Access Database and i want to create a table in database if it was not exists already from vb6. Also need to create column in a table if not exists.

  3. Re: Esc/p codes not working dotmatrix printing

    Thanks dilettante,

    yes, i know..i'm searching for the solution for one week.. there are a lot of lot of posts related to this.. but i can't find out the exact answer.. that why i came here...
  4. Esc/p codes not working dotmatrix printing

    Hello all,

    I'm using Epson LX-300-II dot matrix printer to print invoices on continuous paper roll.. From vb6 i'm using printer.print method to print the invoice. it's working good.. but after...
  5. Re: Focusing on dtpicker control

    thank you so much Krool.. Working good...

  6. [RESOLVED] Focusing on dtpicker control

    Hello all,

    I have DTPicker(MS Windows Common Control 6.0) in my form.

    While focusing it for first time it highlights in Date part. (04)

    My first question.. can i set focus it...
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    Re: Dotmatrix Printing from vb6

    thank you dilettanete,

    but its quite difficult to understand what you are saying...actually this program is point of sale software.. I'm gonna install this in many places where my clients using...
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    Dotmatrix Printing from vb6

    Hello friends,

    My program is developed in VB6 and i'm using crystal report to print invoices in laser/inkjet printers.
    Now I want to print invoice in dot matrix printer. But i have faced paper...
  9. Re: Create a text file in Windows directory

    thank you so much guys,

    I've tried registry(HKLM) and i think it'll be even better..

    Thanks again..
  10. Re: Create a text file in Windows directory

    thank you guys,

    I want this just for my software's security purpose.. If the files(those text files) present in that folder my software will work or otherwise it shows 'system not activated'...
  11. [RESOLVED] Create a text file in Windows directory

    hello guys,

    I want to create a text file on this path "c:\windows\system32\abc.txt" programmically.

    I use this simple code

    Dim iFileNo As Integer
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