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  1. Problems to open own developed UWP app with uri?

    I have tried to follow the instructions from this link
    to register an uri for my application. But the app only open...
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    Re: Reuse the same web browser's window?

    Have anyone example how the pass a new url to the existing browser without opening new window or tab?
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    Reuse the same web browser's window?

    Is it possible to reuse the same web browser's window with process.start without opening a new tab or another Windows with vb.net?
  4. Can't lanch another Windows Phone App from my own developed app!

    I tried with the code below this text to open from my own developed Windows Phone 8.1 app others Windows Phone Apps without success. When I push the buttonNavigator button the phones freezes or...
  5. Run other apps with your own developed Windows Phone App?

    Is possible to run other installed application on Windows Phone with your own developed code on Windows Phone?
    And if it possible how is it done?
  6. VS 2013 Re: How to make function string with Visual Basic 2013?

    Thanks for all your answers!
  7. VS 2013 Re: How to make function string with Visual Basic 2013?

    I have 20 buttons that open differents weburls. That's way I wan't to make it simplier with a string function.
  8. VS 2013 How to make function string with Visual Basic 2013?

    Is this the right way to make an string function Look at the code below this text.
    Can someone help me if the code is wron? I'm using the Visual Basic 2013 software.

    function weburl() As String...
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    Show pictures with Visual basic metro?

    How do I show pictures with Visual basic Metro? Which componet should I use?
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    VS 2010 Ftp.ListDirectory problem?

    The problem with this code is that I can't list the contents for subfolders for example example /test but it work fine under root folder /.

    I have used the Ftp.Listdirectory component, which...
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