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  1. Re: Using Interfaces to connect libraries


    I do not store a connection string. Instead, I store the port number, db name, ip address, etc. I have an abstracted class (the data class) that has a function that pulls these parameters...
  2. Re: Using Interfaces to connect libraries

    Yes. There are two examples of where a class in Utilities needs to access a class in Business Layer and Web App:

    1. In the Utilities Class, I need to access the connection string that is used in...
  3. Re: Using Interfaces to connect libraries

    Thank you for your response. So, what would be the best way to set this up? Here is how I currently have my references:


    In this diagram, the arrows denote references from one library...
  4. Using Interfaces to connect libraries

    I have one project with multiple libraries. The problem I have is that I canít access some libraries from others, as when I add a reference I get an error about circular dependencies. I...
  5. Re: PageRequestManagerServerErrorException Error stops all partial post backs on page

    This was actually a good "lessons Learned" for me. A little background on the application and the problem I was seeing. I decided I wanted to create an application that would use update panels as...
  6. Re: PageRequestManagerServerErrorException Error stops all partial post backs on page

    well, as it turns out the problem was due to an error in my server code. I was overdoing it with sessions, which would cause the app pool to be reset. This, in turn, would cause my code to fail. I...
  7. using control states in server control

    I have a server control that I am trying to get to save properties as control states but for some reason the properties are not persisting across partial postbacks.

    The psuedo code is as follows:...
  8. Re: PageRequestManagerServerErrorException Error stops all partial post backs on page

    Thanks for the response techgnome,
    As you stated, the error was being thrown by a component within an update panel (took about 4 hours to find). I have fixed the error but I am a bit lost as to...
  9. PageRequestManagerServerErrorException Error stops all partial post backs on page

    I am having an issue with my application. The web application is quite large and works by using a number of ascx and VB server controls, each of which does various partial post backs using update...
  10. asyncFileUpload.UploadedFileError occurs on page partial post back

    I hope someone will respond. I have a control that has an update panel (set to conditional updates) that has an asyncfileupload control in it. The controls works fine at first, but if I upload a...
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    Re: Using WSDL web references with ASPX


    Just right click on the web project and select "Add Web Reference". You will have three options. I'm assuming you have the WSDL...
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    Re: Operator '=' is not defined!

    what are you trying to evaluate? The image object, the name, some property? Image maybe an object that doesn't support "=" but its name does I'm sure.
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    Re: Using WSDL web references with ASPX

    did you add a reference to it in you project? Once you add it as a reference you can treat it just like any other function or method. Just create an object like this:

    DIM myService as new...
  14. Get last logon date for user in Active Directory

    Hello all,
    I am trying to work with active directory to get users information. For the most part, it's working. The problem is I cant seem to get a users last logon date. Anyone have any...
  15. Active Directory Search to get users domain

    Hello all,
    I am trying to query Active directory for a user to get a list of details:
    1. First/Last Name
    2. Email
    3. UserName
    4. Domain

    I am able to get all except for the domain name. ...
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    modalpopup extender problems

    Hello all,
    I have created a user control (.ascx) that has a button and a modal popup extender. When the user clicks the button, a dialog pops and allows them to search for a user in Active...
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    Problem creating server control

    Hello everyone,
    I need to use radio buttons in a datarepeater. The problem is that radio buttons do not get the same ID in repeaters, so cannot be mutually exclusive. One way I read about getting...
  18. Re: Trouble converting example project into portfolio site

    Specifically, what are you looking to do? Why would a portfolio site need an order database? What it sounds like your are trying to do is take a web site , remove it's database, and add a new...
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    Re: data integration to tally

    Anything is possible but it all depends on your system, software, servers ,etc. You've given very little information. Where is your invoice data coming from? Do you have access to the DB or the...
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    Re: Need HELP!!

    never worked with audio before but have you tried pausing the thread it's on?
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    Re: Gridview - Logic

    You should use the event associated with gridviews, then cast the GridViewCommandEventArgs to a row and then you can find the id. Something like this:

    Protected Sub GridView1_RowCommand(ByVal...
  22. Re: Dynamically modifying an ASP Repeater Control column?

    instead of trying to dynamically create the button, have the button created then just enable/disable or change visibility depending on your value. You can actually put server code in the ascx file...
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    Re: Compare paragraph text

    what is the text in? Is it inside a div? Or some other object? You can use, as you suggested, get element by ID but it has to be in some element, with a unique id.


  24. VS 2010 Re: Need a script which makes combination of some buttons impossible

    I would create a class for your elements, then you can compare them.

    This is just free hand so you might need to make some changes

    public class elements
    private _elementCharge...
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    Re: Connect Four check for winner help!

    you would attach an event to some action. so, if you had a form with buttons, every time the user presses a button, it would have an event that is fired calling some function.
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    Re: ModalPopup/Calendar

    are the buttons disabled (greyed out) or unclickable? If so, check your zindex. If it, or its parent container, has a low z-index you can have controls that cant be accessed in the ui.
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    Re: get PC username

    this can only be done, as far as I know, if you are using Windows Authentication/Active directory. If not, the only thing you will capture is the server name where your application is hosted. Look...
  28. Problem setting div scroll bar location

    Hi everyone,

    I have a user control that has a treeview in it. Every time the user expands a node, it gets reloaded using an update panel. To prevent the user having to scroll through the...
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    Re: Convert C# to VB

    That did it! Thanks
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    [RESOLVED] Convert C# to VB

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to convert this C# code to Vb.net but it does not seem to work. It does work fine in C#

    c# code:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"...
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    DOC/DOCX editors

    Anyone know of any free/open source controls to view and edit Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, etc) in an ASP.Net application? I would like to allow my users the ability to upload files and then...
  32. VS 2010 Re: Problem with auto click OK buttons on error messages

    What you might have to do is go through the folder and attempt to delete each file in the folder. After all files are deleted, then delete the parent folder. This becomes tricky, though, if you...
  33. Re: how to display a webpage every one hour?

    You can use windows Task Scheduler to open the browser at a specified page URL. The scheduled task can probably be set up by your network admin for all users (although I haven't used it that much). ...
  34. VS 2010 Re: Problem with auto click OK buttons on error messages

    Instead of trying to delete the folder, then catching an error, you can write a function that checks for the correct access like this:

    Private Function checkAccess(ByVal getDir As...
  35. Re: default.aspx has stopped loading implicitly

    no problem. also make sure both projects dont have a default page named "default.aspx". Only one should have that
  36. Re: default.aspx has stopped loading implicitly

    you may need to contact your administrator of IIS. As I stated, it sounds like the default page setting has changed. It could have been something they did and not you.
  37. Re: default.aspx has stopped loading implicitly

    are you using IIS? You need to set the default page it should redirect to. If you aren't using IIS, or it's setup for you and you can't access it, you may have renamed the default page it is...
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    Re: Website design - any advice?

    I should clarify: By tiers, I mean layers. You can abstract all the different functional layers (ie GUI, Data, Business logic) but maintain them all on the same server. I believe the issue with...
  39. Re: Alternative to DataList to show aingle records

    Here's an example of a Gridview, with its event:

    <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AllowSorting="true" AutoGenerateColumns="false"
    BackColor="White" BorderWidth="0px"...
  40. Re: Alternative to DataList to show aingle records

    How about a GridView? It's essentially a table.

    All objects that run on the server can be accessed by its name. For instance, if you had a GridView named GridView1 with a data source called DS...
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