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    Re: How i generate unique id ?

    how about this....

    dim uniqueID as string = Guid.NewGuid().ToString().Replace("-","").Substring(6)

    //freehand code beware of syntax
  2. Re: What Is The Best Way To Insert Pdf/Doc/Xls/Jpg File Into A SQL Table?

    #1 is the way to go if you have access to file space.
    #3 is not valid for MySQL. There is no such thing as a FILESTREAM object in MySQL (and probably Maria as well)
  3. Re: DataGridView-How to remove the left 'Select' column

    DatagridView.RowHeadersVisible = false
  4. Thread: Query is corrupt

    by kebo

    Re: Query is corrupt

    May i know as well, but without seeing code or exceptions, it's pointless to try and figure out if I know.

    Please post code or if you get a exception post the detail of it.
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    VS 2019 Re: .NET References cannot be found

    Install Office after installing VS.
  6. VS 2017 Re: Binding to Control property / variable - is this possible?

  7. Re: my.settings not reading specifically on application start with Windows

    That registry location gets used by the Windows Explorer application (that app that is your Windows desktop), so I don't believe it gets picked up before the user logs in.

    Have you verified the...
  8. Re: want to delete two sql server tables with one button

    If you want to drop the tables, use DROP TABLE...

    DROP TABLE table1;
    DROP TABLE table2;
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    Re: Data retreival failed for this report

    That too bad you are getting that error. Maybe you've done something wrong. In fact I'll bet that is the case. Unfortunately, you've asked no question nor provided any details, so you will get no...
  10. Re: how can I send a message to a device on port 6000 but I dont know the IP?

    Don't think you can broadcast over TCP/IP. TCP/IP uses peer-peer communication so without knowing the IP address, you can't connect to the device.

    If you want to broadcast a message to multiple...
  11. Thread: Chart with 3 Axis

    by kebo

    Re: Chart with 3 Axis

    Set the second Series' YAxis to the chart area's Secondary axis.
  12. VS 2019 Re: old man looking for help running a batch file

    Please just and the code in the batch file to the thread. If it's too big, just post the lines around the call to the file that is causing the problems.
  13. VS 2019 Re: old man looking for help running a batch file

    What is in the batch file? Can you post it?
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    VS 2017 Re: Project Reference Bizarre Behavior

    Sorry, I can't say I've ever seen that, nor would I know why it happens other than suggesting a corrupt project file.

    I really just wanted to say that your post reminded me of an old Steve Martin...
  15. Thread: Caller ID

    by kebo

    Re: Caller ID

    Environment.StackTrace is probably going to be the easiest. Since it returns a string, you could search it for any of the callers you need. You could probably even split the stack trace on a line...
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    VS 2010 Re: exporting datagridview with images to excel

    I won't fix it, but this is how I place an image at the location of a cell....
    It's c# but should be easy enough to convert...

    private static void insertPic(Excel.Worksheet ws, string...
  17. Re: System.Windows.Media... AreaGradient ?

    Thanks BB. I'll look into it.
  18. Re: System.Windows.Media... AreaGradient ?

    Although the code is simpler, I'm not sure about the efficiency of it. Drawing 25 rectangle plus a fill has got to take longer than drawing 4 triangles.
  19. Re: System.Windows.Media... AreaGradient ?

    This is what I am looking for...
    And this is the code (c#) that created it using the System.Drawing namespaces...

    Handle the paint event of the control (in this a case a panel)

  20. Re: /VB Express 2010/ Extract specify text from string

    another way...

    dim path as string = "\test\project\documents\reports\Result_001.txt"
    dim fileName as string = IO.Path.GetFileNameWithOutExtension(path)
    dim parts() as string =...
  21. [RESOLVED] System.Windows.Media... AreaGradient ?

    Hey all,
    I'm working in WPF, but since this question is all about the code behind it makes sense to post it here.

    I need to make area gradient using the System.Windows.Media namespace. Essential...
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    Re: Visual Studio 2019 Preview is now available

    Anyone try this yet? Any feedback?
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    VS 2013 Re: vb.net: calcal 2x time

    d1 and d2 are dates and when you subtract the two you get a TimeSpan object. You should be formatting the time span using either one of the standard format strings or a custom format string when you...
  24. Re: Export datagridview to Excel without saving the file

    Without saving the file you will need to using the Excel Interop namespace to create a new excel app instance/worksheet and set values in it directly.
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    VS 2010 Re: Copy List of String to another list

    Yea, what he said.
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    VS 2010 Re: Copy List of String to another list

    To do it without looping is not possible. It's just a matter of whether the looping is exposed to you. This is probably what you are looking for...

  27. Re: Express big integers into smallest possible values

    The numbers you are showing are in base 10 I assume. If you change to base 16 the same number would take less characters to express. If you changed to a higher base (say base 26) you could express...
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    Re: Service application help

    In the end a service is not much different from any other application. The difference is primarily what resources are available to the app and how it get installed. Since as mentioned, a service does...
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    Re: Which version of MySQL would suit me ?

    The MySQL server proper has no installation restrictions on the Visual Studio version but the Connector does. According to their documentation, the latest version no longer supports VS2008 (or...
  30. VS 2013 Re: How can I Truncate Decimal Number Without Round up or dawn ?

    I was thinking of a solution similar to what dbasnett posted, but I would probably pass in the number of decimal points you want in the result...

    Private Function Trunctate(value As Decimal,...
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    Poll: Re: Which way is yours?

    That just looks weird in every way.
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    Poll: Re: Which way is yours?

    Looks like you're out of the club too.
  33. VS 2017 Re: Changing the parameters of a gradient brush in a loop.

    Don't forget to dispose of your objects. If you create it and it has a dispose method, you are responsible for making sure it gets disposed either implicitly or explicitly.
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    Poll: Re: Which way is yours?

    I guess the invite got lost in the mail.
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    Poll: Re: Which way is yours?

    #3 almost exclusively until we switched to c#. Now I actually prefer #6 (if(c) i+=1 in c#)
  36. Re: VS 2015 even if the listview is not selected i get this error why?

    I don't think the exception being is raised by the line of code you posted. Something else in your code that you are not showing is raising it.

    Put a beak point on the line you show and step...
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    VS 2015 Re: Setting a colour to its Inverse?

    You can get the inverse of any color with this...

    Public Function InverseColor(ByVal c As Color) As Color

    Return Color.FromArgb(255 - c.R, _
  38. Re: Extract HTML Soucre Code from already opened web broswer

    Your best bet would be to get the url and open it in your app with a web request and read the response. To get the url, you need to get the handle of the textbox in the browser and read it's...
  39. Re: VS2015 AutoComplete To Text From SQL DataBase something is missing

    Just because it's in the database doesn't mean it's in the auto complete list. Did you put the break point and view the contents of the List? Either way, I don't have much more I can help you with...
  40. Re: VS2015 AutoComplete To Text From SQL DataBase something is missing

    Yes, that is how the autocomplete should work based on the mode and source you are setting. However, if there is nothing in the auto complete source, you will not get the results you want. You should...
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