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  1. VS 2008 Re: InvalidCastExeption was unhandled error in my DGV

    It's happening because you are trying to cast a DataGridViewTextBox Cell to a DataGridViewCheckBoxCell. Without seeing all your code I would guess that e.ColumnIndex is returning an index for a...
  2. VS 2010 Re: I need to click a button in webBrowser but cant find the correct ID/TagName

    As best I can tell, only your div tags even have ids. Unless I am missing something, you can't get element by id if there is no value in the id attribute.
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    VS 2010 Re: Messed up api calls

    I think this is a clear case of a syntactical failure. Your best bet would be to reformat your calls in the proper syntactical format.
  4. VS 2008 Re: [RESOLVED] Basic Client Server Application

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    Re: Annoying tapi!

    I actually don't think this is that hard. You should be able to use the serialport class to initialize the port and start your connection. You can research the Skype API to learn how to integrate...
  6. Re: Can you distribute your program with VB express?

    Try publishing it to disk. Then FTP it up to your website.
  7. VS 2008 Re: Can someone explain .net's error handling to me?

    Since you have already made a determination as to the quality of .NET's error handling, despite your confession of not knowing it, I don't know that anyone can help you. Perhaps, you should just read...
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    Re: Function similar to IN function in SQL

    If I understand you correctly and the field is a string, you could use field.contains(stringIamlookingfor).
  9. VS 2005 Re: Loading HTML into HTMLDocument without using Webbrowser control

    I think this might work for you.

  10. VS 2008 Re: [RESOLVED] Need Help Aligning Text in Image

    Thank you for that additional tip. I will change that.
  11. VS 2008 Re: Need Help Aligning Text in Image

    Thank you jmcilhinney.

    I understood what you said, but I wasn't sure how to make it happen. Your second sentence clued me in, though. Here is the correct code.

    Private Sub CreateImage()...
  12. VS 2008 Re: Need Help Aligning Text in Image

    Thank you for your reply.

    This is basically a custom captcha method. It creates an image with two random numbers and a plus sign so that the user adds the two numbers and enters it into the...
  13. VS 2008 [RESOLVED] Need Help Aligning Text in Image

    I am making my own captcha image and I have it pretty much working, but I can't figure out how to align the text in the image. I tried using a stringformat, but I can't quite get it lined up right....
  14. Re: [RESOLVED] Parsing or Regex on HTML in a text file

    I know you have this resolved, but in the future you might find Expresso helpful with regex. It is free. I have no affiliation, but it has helped me a lot so I try to recommend it when it would be...
  15. Thread: ARP sniffing

    by Krenshau

    VS 2008 Re: ARP sniffing

    I don't think that a router will help. It still has an arp cache that can get poisoned.

    This article might be helpful.

  16. VS 2008 Re: Memory Management... Heres a good one for ya...

    I am no expert at OS functions, but I know that setting the reference to nothing will decrement the reference count and then, when the GC runs, it will be able to clean it up.

    Also, bitmap uses...
  17. VS 2008 Re: Memory Management... Heres a good one for ya...

    Other than setting your reference to nothing, I don't think there is much you can do about the GC.

    Managed code is managed for a reason. If you want to interact more directly with the OS and...
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    Re: Run or Open

    I think shell is the old way. The .NET way is Process.Start.



  19. VS 2008 Re: help with different way to display access database

    You could try a listview.


    Here is another link.

  20. VS 2008 Re: assign to variable if inherits from class .NET 2.0

    Well, I can't do exactly what I wanted to do in .NET 2.0. If I wanted to switch to .NET 3.5 I could possibly try letting it infer, but no thank you. I will just do this and move on.

    Thank you for...
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    VS 2008 Re: I'm in Need of a Bit of Help....

    The Microsoft Office website seems to suggest that arguments are possible. There were other links that said the same thing, but I don't know how credible they are.
  22. VS 2008 Re: assign to variable if inherits from class .NET 2.0

    You know what? Scratch my last post. That was retarted. I know what I am trying to do, but that clearly isn't going to get me there. I need to rethink this.
  23. VS 2008 Re: assign to variable if inherits from class .NET 2.0

    So when, say, a webexception is assigned to a property of type exception it does the same or similar to when an item is assigned to a property of type object? Does it lose the trace information?
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    VS 2008 Re: I'm in Need of a Bit of Help....

    You would probably want to use the process class. Here is the documentation from MSDN.


    It gives an example of starting Internet...
  25. VS 2008 [RESOLVED] assign to variable if inherits from class .NET 2.0


    I think I remember reading somewhere that it was possible to assign items to a variable if the item inherited from a base class, but I can't remember how.

    I want to have a class that...
  26. Re: What type of antivirus for web server?

    Thank you, Chris.

    Yep, absolutely.

    I haven't found anything specifically for web servers. I found one that interacts with ISA, but I won't be using ISA so I don't think that is necessary.
  27. Re: What type of antivirus for web server?

    Hack, of course I want all the protection I can get/need. Unfortunately, I don't know what protection I can/should get. I feel completely stupid on this subject, but I am willing to endure shameful...
  28. Re: What type of antivirus for web server?

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am not going to decide on the brand, until I figure out the type that I need.

    The fileserver antivirus looks like it may work for me, but I am not sure if the fact...
  29. [RESOLVED] What type of antivirus for web server?

    I hope this is the correct forum to post this question. I usually just ask programming questions in the .NET forum.

    I am setting up a windows 2003 server that will just be used to serve up web...
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    Re: [2005] Interfacing With Serial Port

    I think the data received event is only fired when the buffer is full, unless you pull it out manually.

    It has been a while since I worked with the serial port, but you may want to check your...
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    Re: What's wrong with my WebRequest code?

    I give up! What's wrong with your code?
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    Re: [2008] Need help with my code.

    I was looking at it, but I can't really tell where your methods begin and end. I could guess, but I try not to do that. It looks like you have some methods inside your form.load method.
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    Re: [2008] .NET and ASP.NET

    The server renders your page as HTML and Javascript so the browser can read it. Only your server needs the .NET framework.
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    Re: [2008] date storing issue

    Did you get this figured out?

    If not, what is mLIDate? Is it a dateTime or a string?
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    Re: A quick UserControl question

    I thought he had made it class level based on post #8.

    I agree with everything else you said. It is hard to know for sure what he did without seeing more of the code.
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    Re: [2008] open from combobox

    Sorry, I gave you the link for 2.0. Here is the one for 2008/3.5.

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    Re: [2008] open from combobox

    If you want the page to be opened in your webbrowser you would use the webbrowser's navigate method to navigate your webbrowser to that page.


    Here is the...
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    Re: [2008] Multithreading

    You would use a delegate to trigger the update of the progres bar.

    This article might help.

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    Re: Preloader???

    Thank you for letting me know about the dead link. It has been a while since I checked them.

    Does that mean you have it working, now?
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    Re: Preloader???

    The code sample should be
    Dim MyFormInstance As New Form1
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