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  1. Re: Javascript Download Bandwidth Tester Returns Infinity

    I finally resolved the problem although I don't know why it works. I had to enclose the .onload function in an anonymous function. After a few other modifications the line now looks like this:

  2. Resolved: Javascript Download Bandwidth Tester Returns Infinity

    I created a javascript application that downloads three images with random names and averages the results. The random name generation is done using .net web api. The javascript calls the web api...
  3. Re: Compiled Connection String Problem

    Thanks for the suggestion. I added the reference but the solution still compiled the same with the connection string embedded in the DLL.

    I eventually found the solution. First I had to use an...
  4. [Resolved] Compiled Connection String Problem

    I have a 3 Tier asp.net application. I have the dataset and table adapters separated into different projects. The WCF service that uses the table adapters is also in a separate project. The...
  5. VS 2017 Re: system Index Out of Range Exception when reading column

    If your query returns nothing, what happens when your code executes "readerObj.Read"? Is that where you are getting your error? If so, you might want to check for that prior to trying to read the...
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    Re: Close File Handle Possible in VB?

    I'll see if I can find some code to look up the file handle then test out your suggestion on the next file lock.

    Thank you for the suggestion. :)
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    Close File Handle Possible in VB?

    The Short
    I need to close a file handle. Is there any way to do it in VB.NET?

    The Long
    Users are uploading files by FTP to our server. The files are immediately picked up my a web service,...
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