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  1. Thread: IDE Question

    by Schmidt

    Re: IDE Question

    Thats in the nature of "things which get larger" - they'll take "space away from other things"...

    You basically answered your own question already above.

    If you want to change the size of...
  2. Re: Should vb6 Strings be converted to byte arrays when using Com port communication?

    Nononono... please don't... ;)

    When we look again, what the OP is apparently after (with a "Hex-Input-Literal" like "530008000460EBAA"),
    then he obviously wants to find a way, to send such...
  3. Re: Should vb6 Strings be converted to byte arrays when using Com port communication?

    Yep, whilst "Binary-Stream-representations" (as a Hex-String) are entirely valid to use,
    one should not convert such "HexStream-StringLiterals" via the method shown by the OP (using Chr() or...
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    Re: Moving Mouse From One Control to Another

    And another example as Form-Code (requires, that the Image-Ctl-Array is named "Images"):

    Option Explicit

    Private ActImg As VB.Image, MDown As Boolean

    Private Sub Form_Load()
  5. Re: VB6 Threading, using the small DirectCOM.dll-HelperLib

    Ok, though in case you "expand on the little demo" a bit, I'd suggest
    to place the (currently identical, but "defined separately") SharedUDT-Definition -
    in its own *.bas module (e.g. named:...
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    Re: Compiler opt and array bounds checking

    Not sure (the .NETers may correct me on this),
    but weren't .NET-arrays in the "immutable-category" (their UBounds not changable behind the same Arr-Pointer)?
    That would make them quite safe in...
  7. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    Yes, you did - but you did not even understood the task.

    The task was not:
    - to split the FileContent into Lines
    - then measuring the string-length of each line

    Instead the taks was (on the...
  8. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    This is just another example of not understanding (or correctly interpreting)
    the previous posting...

    And it was also already said, that performance is relative.

    You don't need to bring down...
  9. Re: The 1001 questions about vbRichClient5 (2020-02-14)

    If it's only about additional "For Each support", then the cArrayList can now be used directly (without extra-wrapper-class),
    because this is supported now in verion 5.0.75...

    Otherwise (when you...
  10. Re: Old School Database question - Genius needed!

    You might want to make an attempt with converting your MDB to an SQLite-DB,
    then making use of the built-in Full-Text-Search (FTS4 or FTS5)...

    The feature allows superfast-text-scans (in a...
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    Re: VbRichclient message during installation

    In that case you're using the RC5 with regfree deployment.

    So, in your setup-script - you should only ensure "copying" of the RC5-Dlls (within the Bin-Folder-contents).
    No need to register...
  12. Re: [RESOLVED] Is it possible to add an enumerator to an array?

    Thanks, should be fixed now, in new version 5.0.75
    ...(when you download - please re-register on your dev-machines despite being BinCompatible, because of new Interface- and Class-additions in RC5)...
  13. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    Still not making any sense, as far as the "discussion" here goes...

    Hmm, so far I've thought "over-eager chinese teenager, fighting the language barrier"...

    In the meantime I begin to think...
  14. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    There's still no "useful information" in your postings (it's still "mostly gibberish" - without any context).

    If you want help from us:
    - please provide decent context-information
    - ideally in...
  15. Re: Abount ComboBox droplist problem

    FWIW, here an approach which provides a "DropDownRollup-Event" (even for multiple Combos on a Form) -
    by using a Timer-Control with about 50msec delay (for those who want to avoid a subclasser):

  16. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    Now, if only we knew, what exactly took 4 seconds in the beginning... (meaning: please post code).

    Your math-skills are "somewhat off", because I'd think that this would be a speed-increase of...
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    Re: Convert .Mdb to sqlite3

    Then SQLite is probably right with its comment about "no such column"...
    Because I cannot reproduce your problem with the following (InMem-DB-based) Code
    (which tries to "mimick" your Const_Tbl,...
  18. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    Experienced developers don't care about "the fastest way" -
    (at least not in the beginning of a project, or a larger implementation-part).

    Please make yourself familiar with this article here...
  19. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    In case of fixed strings, it does not make all that much sense, to call the Len, or LenB-functions,
    because they will always return the "fixed size, used in the String-Definition"...

    For your...
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    Re: Convert .Mdb to sqlite3

    Nope - rest assured, that my knee is just fine in the meantime... ;)

    You're always "deliberately vague and suggestive" with your statements (especially when it comes to SQLite or RC5 or both...)....
  21. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    Most of your postings don't make much sense to me:
    - neither "code-wise" (which is often incomplete, as the above)
    - nor with regards to the english-language
    - nor can I reproduce most of your...
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    Re: Convert .Mdb to sqlite3

    Well, the non-SQLite-expert has spoken, I guess...

    FYI (although you never read any of these, I know)...

    The SQLite-engine has built-in Date-Functions of course...

    And these expect...
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    Re: Convert .Mdb to sqlite3

    Well, on one hand we have dilettante, who is known for spreading (uninformed) FUD about RC5,
    and on the other hand we have the "R"-wrappers author himself who has spent years with the SQLite-API and...
  24. Re: Is it possible to add an enumerator to an array?

    One easy way is, to return the "Array itself" via an Items-Property (since VB can enumerate on its own SafeArrays).


    Option Explicit

    Private mItems() As Variant

  25. Re: VB6 Threading, using the small DirectCOM.dll-HelperLib

    To your second question first...
    The current (0 to 127) "Reserved-Space" Long-Array is perhaps a bit generous (and currently not used fully),
    but the entry needs to exist...

    To your other...
  26. Re: Microsoft XML v6.0 - Updated Alternative???? - No longer supports certain SSL sit

    That's an issue which is usually caused by "too old crypto-libs"
    (without proper support for modern TLS-versions or Cyphers, which modern https-channels require via their new, modern certificates)....
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    Re: RC5 GzDecompress function

    Well, it could still be an Out-Of-Memory-issue...

    Maybe your largest CSV does (for some reason) not compress very well -
    and its compressed size is 80MB.

    Now the GZDecompress-routine comes...
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    Re: vbWidgets/RC5 UI Questions "Megathread"

    Both issues are now addressed in the recent RC5-Update 5.0.74... (please download the new BaseDlls from vbRichClient.com).

    And here's the updated Demo-App (which integrates your above code in...
  29. Re: The 1001 questions about vbRichClient5 (2020-02-08)


    FWIW, here's a performance-improvement for the ActiveScript-JSCode based replacements
    (which also corrects a few errors in the reg-expressions):

    With New_c.StringBuilder
  30. Re: Question 38: A strange problem with ActiveScript

    This not a problem I can fix easily in RC5...
    It is a general problem with the CodeObject of the MS ActiveScripting-support in JScript-mode...
    Also the MS-ScriptControl shows this behaviour in...
  31. Re: Copy variant array returned from dictionary to UDT array

    If you have a VariantArray with e.g. 2 Variant-Slots (0 to 1),
    you can only make a "shallow copy" of the 32 Bytes it spans (e.g. via CopyMemory in one go),
    when you (as the developer) are sure it...
  32. Re: How to use WinhttpRequest 5.1 to download large file and get progress information

    The VB6-UserControl-AsyncRead-stuff is still working "well enough" -
    as a plus, Progress- and other Download-infos can be visualized "on the Ctl itself"...

    (just tested this with a relative...
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    Re: RC5 GzDecompress function

    The InMemory- Gz-xxx methods in cCrypt are thought for "relatively small data-sizes, which fit well into memory"

    If you have to apply them on larger files, which are (uncompressed) > 500MB or so,...
  34. Re: Copy variant array returned from dictionary to UDT array

    You might want to check out (and adapt) the wrapper class below, which basically shows what I mean.

    Option Explicit

    Private Type tStats 'this UDT-def should be placed Publically in a *.bas...
  35. Re: Copy variant array returned from dictionary to UDT array

    Yes, as written in my post #2 - you could "wrap this up" within a small Class (named e.g. cTrafficStats),
    which then hosts (in Class-Private Variables):
    - an Array of your statistics UDT (which you...
  36. Re: Copy variant array returned from dictionary to UDT array

    I wouldn't store these Arrays in the Dictionary in the first place.

    Every time you Add or retrieve such a Variant-Array-Item, the runtime will have to make a "deep copy" of it.

    Instead I'd...
  37. Re: using VbTrickThreading-master examples without the typelibs for Callback and Mar

    No, I cannot reproduce that...
    As said, this kind of threading is as safe as can be.

    So (just in case), you should *not* include any of tricks "threading-support" modules -
    neither into the...
  38. Re: using VbTrickThreading-master examples without the typelibs for Callback and Mar

    The CreateThread-API is useful only from within languages, which support FreeThreading.

    There is absolutely no point in "forcing" VB6 to handle FreeThreading as well,
    because it was not designed...
  39. Re: using VbTrickThreading-master examples without the typelibs for Callback and Mar

    I thought you found a workaround already (by showing these Forms modally)...

    But anyways, there's no hacks required to make "Project-Private-UserControls" work with threaded Forms.
    You just have...
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    Re: VB6 Threaded Forms (simple Demo)

    But it *is* your bad english-comprehension which caused all this "off-topic talking in circles".

    You seemed to think, I wanted to explain and teach about "STAs".

    But that's not what I said......
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