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  1. Re: Need help reading a While Loop and reading from a file, then displaying what was

    Hmm.. it would appear that there is no while loop anywhere in this thread.

    This is a while loop

    While something
    execute some code
  2. Re: Is Oct 2000 MSDN Help installer 16 bit ?

    I would assume that the installer is 32 bit given that it was never intended to work on 16 bit systems.
    As for the OS I would go with 7 or 10 64 bit. I like the interface much better on 7 than...
  3. Re: [RESOLVED] Exiting a Nested For/Next Loop

    Here is an option, one that I've not used but this thread made me think of it so I'll throw it out there

    Option Explicit

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, k As...
  4. Re: Database Question

    So are you saying that field one can contain both cat and dog in the same record? You start by saying the field can hold one of 20 different values but then indicate you want to find two values the...
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    Re: "Ghost" database files?

    Sounds like the problem may the location of your database and Windows using a virtual copy of it.
    Data files should not be located under program files
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    Re: upload zip file

    Click the go advanced button to get more options for your post, you should see a paper clip icon for adding attachments.
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    Re: Error Importing Data from Excel

    I am assuming by the DoCmd statements that this is VBA and not VB6.
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    Re: Visual Basic 5 For Sale

    I've not ran into any issues loading VB5 projects into VB6, I have moved lots of them in the past and even the ones with 3rd party controls work fine so long as the 3rd party controls are properly...
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    Re: Where do I get VB6?

    Wow really? The second link I posted is the third link n that search and clearly shows it available.

    from that link

    And yes it isn't cheap and definitely not free.
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    Re: Where do I get VB6?

    Found it easy enough with a google search

    One of the top matches
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    Re: VB6 Won't Compile

    Where are you trying to create the exe and what OS are you using?
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    Re: Font problem

    Now sure what controls you are referring to but in general if you set the font property of the form before you add controls the controls you add default to the font you selected for the form.
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    Re: How to Change Picture in Image Button

    The button you clicked will have focus and that alters the appearance a little so the user knows which button has focus, if any.
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    Re: Run-Time Error running .exe

    No app.path in the ide will be the startup folder. If the ide is launched by opening a vbp it will be the vbp location. If launched from the shortcut it will be the startup location defined on that...
  15. Re: How To let DropDown List has mouse vertical scroll

    Like I said I would use a listbox, rather than a combo, no need to call the dropdown method and you have control over the height of the list. IMO it is the better option.
  16. Re: How To let DropDown List has mouse vertical scroll

    I'd just put a list box on the form, hide it, reposition and make visible as needed.
  17. Re: How To let DropDown List has mouse vertical scroll

    That would be a list box
  18. Re: How To let DropDown List has mouse vertical scroll

    Not really sure what you mean, combo boxes do have a scroll feature when there are enough items in them to need it. Are you maybe talking about using the mouse wheel?
  19. Re: [RESOLVED] How to get just the pathway from a pathway and a filename? :)

    Just to throw it out there you could use the method in the OP and then check the length of the returned filename and use Left$() to capture up to that position giving you everything but the filename....
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    Re: Excel VBA code - vba runtime error 1004

    You need to paste the code rather than a screen shot, text of the code is scaled down to where it is to hard to read.
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    Re: Disable Tab key in VB6

    Sounds like you have disabled the tab stop on all but the right answers otherwise it would jump to the wrong answers as well.
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    Re: why ocx error!

    I would advise not registering it in your downloads folder. OCX files should be placed into and registered in the syswow64 folder Assuming a 64 bit os newer Vista or later. System32 on older and 32...
  23. Re: Comparing two files poses some difficulties

    Yeah I would get rid of any reference to FSO and use native VB binary methods to read the data into an array.
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    Re: My version of BPP(B++ Compiler)

    The right code for what? What problem are you having?
  25. Re: vb6 app working on xp but not on windows 7

    My first question would be was the app installed onto a XP machine and worked or was it developed on the xp machine where it works? If the latter then could be something missing from the install.
  26. Re: Identifying and Removing the use of "Default Properties"

    My first thought would be to scan for textboxname and = but no dot between them. Would be a little tricky in practice because of control arrays but I would think it would not be that hard to handle...
  27. Re: Add if the Id is equal in fpSpread

    The SQl would look something like

    Select IDField, sum(AmountField) as Total Group By IDField

    Using your actual field names for IDField and AmountField of course.
  28. Re: I am experiencing problems installing SP6 on my Win 10 machine

    Usually when SP6 tells you VB is not installed it indicates an improper install of VB6 was done on the machine. With default options VB6 will try to install and hang at the end. Afterwards the IDE...
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    Re: VB6 Form won't open in designer

    Yep, I would suspect the 3rd party controls as well, never had any issues with frx files. Only times I have ever had an issue loading a form is when moving the project to a different PC where...
  30. VS 2019 Re: Is there a quick way of wrapping a method call around a value?

    Something else to think about. When I run across a case where I may have to type a lot of repetitive code I often find it quicker and easier to write a piece of code that generates the code for me,...
  31. Re: Is there any way to reset/clear all checkboxes in Visual Basic 6.0 ?

    Or if the checkboxes were created as a control array then a simple loop through the indexes will work fine, a little faster than using the controls collection but only applies when the controls are...
  32. Re: VB6 & Unrecognized Database Format Access 2003

    Access 2000 format should work with DAO 3.6. I can't be sure but I think 3.6 was released at the time of Access 2000 and was required to use the 2000 format. Pretty sure it works with Access 2002...
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    Re: Why did my VB6 editor suddenly quit working

    I've been running 1903 for a good while now. I run a couple of games from MS that generally require the latest version to run so am forced to update right away when a major update is released.

  34. Re: VB6 & Unrecognized Database Format Access 2003

    I stopped using DAO a long time ago but am thinking that DAO 3.6 pre dates Access 2003 by a few years. I am not sure if it is compatible. I am wondering why you would convert the DB to 2003 format?
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    Re: Why did my VB6 editor suddenly quit working

    There have not been any updates for XP in quite a few years now.

    As for the issue the OP has I would be curious to know how the IDE is being started, is it started directly from the shortcut with...
  36. Re: [RESOLVED] RTrim not working the way I expect

    As for testing multiple values it really depends on where and how you want to test. For example if there are only going to be 5 possible values and you want to test them all in the same place then a...
  37. Re: RTrim not working the way I expect

    Well you could use Mid$() to test, you could use replace to change any null characters to spaces as well as some other methods that could be used.

    for example to replace the null(s) with a space...
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    Re: hide the folder and hide its size

    It is easy enough to hide a folder or file from a basic user. No idea why you would want to hide the file size. Sounds dubious at best.

    Keep in mind however that many of us have our system setup...
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    Re: Re using variables ?

    Good catch on the variable being cleared in the loop. When I saw the code there was no indents and I missed that the line that cleared it was inside the loop.
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    Re: Re using variables ?

    Those first 3 lines in the bottom piece appear to be calling sub routines or functions, it is possible that there is something in one of those that is changing the value.

    You should check to see...
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