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    Re: [RESOLVED] Text File to listbox

    As Zvoni suggests. Sounds like you skipped my 2nd step in previous reply?
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    Re: Text File to listbox

    Sam, initial thoughts

    Split the text on double returns, i.e., Split(text, vbCrLf & vbCrLf). Now you'll have an array of verses for the most part.

    For each item in that array, remove embedded...
  3. Re: More Menu Shortcuts in Native VB6 Form Menus

    Elroy, did you see this thread? http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?746777-RESOLVED-Menu-Editor-Custom-Shortcut-possible

    If not, read through the entire thread -- it's not a big thread
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    Re: [vb6] Per-Monitor DPI Awareness Framework

    Your solution returns the System DPI, not the current DPI for a project that is per-monitor aware (if those DPIs are different). System DPI doesn't change, for the project, after that project...
  5. Re: DirectX9 (Direct3D) and the "Present" method, getting error

    @qvb6: The 3rd parameter is 0&, not ByVal 0&. the 1st parameter is the DxClientRect() call
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    Re: DirectSoundBuffer to work with Arrays

    Try adding this in form's declaration section

    Dim Sound_Buffer(0 To 49) As DirectSoundBuffer
    change the 0 & 49 to match your controls low/upper bound values

    Change your load slightly: Set...
  7. Re: How to save the position of all frames in Form and load then including the zOrder

    Welcome to the forums :wave:

    I am assuming when you say "z position", you mean ZOrder?

    If I recall, enumerating the controls occurs in ZOrder. As a test...

    Dim c As Control
    For Each c In...
  8. Re: DirectX9 (Direct3D) and the "Present" method, getting error

    Elroy, what happens if you use all 0 (or nulls) for .Present call? Per documentation, that must be the case unless a swap chain was created. At least that is how I read it. ...
  9. Re: [RESOLVED] Ideas Wanted: ITypeInfo-like Solution

    I would think executing DispCallFunc within a 32bit process would use Long, not LongLong.

    Or is Application a 64bit process? Maybe that's the problem? Calling this from VBA? If so, yes I think you...
  10. Re: making multithreading work independent of project startup

    The only place you can dictate what code your application begins with is the Startup Object in project properties. So, you are kinda stuck with one or the other.

    But you can create a template that...
  11. Re: Automation Error -2147417848 The object invoked has disconnected from its clients

    Does this apply?
  12. Re: FYI: ImageList hack for 32bpp Alpha Bitmaps

    Updated: Enhanced to allow passing array of bytes or a file name

    Here is a GDI+ solution to load any GDI+ supported image format into an ARGB 32bpp bitmap and return a stdPicture object from that...
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    Re: random text file one month summary

    In Form4, try this
    change: If Combo1.ListIndex = g Then
    to: If Month(file.date) = g + 1 Then
    or to: If Month(file.date) = Combo1.ListIndex + 1 Then

    Not sure why you are passing a string to your...
  14. Re: [RESOLVED] Ideas Wanted: ITypeInfo-like Solution

    GetDocumentation method of ITypeInfo is fairly straightfoward: pass MemberID (aData(0)), and 4 strings which all can be null. That is what the call is doing.

    If it is crashing, might want to...
  15. Re: FYI: ImageList hack for 32bpp Alpha Bitmaps

    A resource file can be used to store images. Non-square images just render badly with this hack. It isn't that difficult to place a non-square image into a square image -- just center non-square into...
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    Re: fill listview based Year in combobox

    If you are trying to figure out how many columns you will need, try this & test well. Though I don't think you'll ever get a column count > 37 or < 36 ?

    Dim nrCols As Long, m As Long, d As...
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    Re: fill listview based Year in combobox

    FYI. Niftty little function to return number of days, any month, any year:

    ' iMonth ranges from 1 (January) to 12 (December)
    NrDays = Day(DateSerial(iYear, iMonth + 1, 0))
  18. Re: FYI: ImageList hack for 32bpp Alpha Bitmaps

    Correct. But it doesn't behave like you would like, especially for scaling. Hence the limitations I mentioned. It does appear to be destroyed properly, as repeated runs within a manifested IDE shows...
  19. FYI: ImageList hack for 32bpp Alpha Bitmaps

    Common controls, with a manifested project, can actually display alpha bitmaps.

    The attached sample includes a project that can be compiled and tested. However, if your IDE is manifested for...
  20. Re: where is easy asm lib for vb6 ?Assembly code

    mov eax, [esp + 4] ; move param a into eax
    mov ecx, [esp + 8] ; move param b into ecx
    add eax, ecx ; add two values & eax register is the function return register

    Above being a really simple...
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    Re: Get Handle from Long

    Sounds like this may be resolved. But a simple solution is to loop through the forms collection as mentioned earlier.

    Dim f As Form, n As Long
    For Each f In Forms
    If f.Enabled =...
  22. Re: Adding 2nd ListView column of API controls causes endless redraws of first

    Maybe create just one listview item with both syslinks and send subclassed messages to a log. You may need to also subclass the syslink controls to get a full picture. Maybe the syslinks are...
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    Tips/Tricks and Other Information

    Enhancements being written

    - clsDpiAsstCmnCtrls class: Offering an on-demand replacement/updating of existing imagelists. For example, should windows color scheme change and imagelists pictures...
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    [vb6] Per-Monitor DPI Awareness Framework

    Included project offered as a starting point to fully support per-monitor DPI awareness within VB. The "framework" consists of 3 required classes and 2 optional ones that would be added to any...
  25. Re: [vb6]Alpha Image Control v2 - Final Update (15 Jan 2012)

    Replied to your PM. Basically, there are some restrictions made within the code to prevent the AIC from being sized larger than a full screen. The restrictions can be found, and commented out, in...
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    Re: vb6 app working on xp but not on windows 7

    Some reasons:
    - access errors to folders/registry. These are more locked down after XP
    - your project requires specific versions of some activex DLL or OCX that isn't installed on Win7 machine
  27. Re: Identifying and Removing the use of "Default Properties"

    If your function is expecting "As Control" or "As Object" then passing Text1.Text should error type-mismatch. As far as a function accepting Variant, addressed that in an earlier reply -- won't...
  28. Re: Identifying and Removing the use of "Default Properties"

    P.S. Regarding default properties of standard controls. Here's the ones you missed or got wrong

    CommandButton, OptionButton, CheckBox - Value property (not Caption)
    ListBox - Text property
  29. Re: Identifying and Removing the use of "Default Properties"

    The way I suggested is the other way around. Apply .Text everywhere for the TextBox control and let Ctrl+F5 find the few where doing so was wrong. I would recommend looking that character that...
  30. Re: Identifying and Removing the use of "Default Properties"

    If you parse out the whole words, the textbox has a finite pattern:
    - next character will be dot, space, return, colon, semicolon, comma, parenthesis (left: arrayed or right: last param of a method)...
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    Re: HEIC picture files

    Just to piggyback a bit. GDI+ may not support it anyway based on this assessment:

    I have the WebP codec installed and Paint opens it just fine. ImageFormatWEBP is one of those formats dilletante...
  32. Re: Identifying and Removing the use of "Default Properties"

    I'm not sure how you will know the default property name without hardcoding? When I look at the TLB, I don't see anything that says "Text" property is the value returned by the default property.
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    Re: vb6 app working on xp but not on windows 7

    What to add? What errors are you getting and when?

    Were your DLLs properly registered? Are you running VB "As Administrator"?

    As Arnoudtdv said, need more detials. A blanket statement like...
  34. Re: Getting the same reference object using projectinfo through vbheader of the proje

    @Trick. Set frm = Forms.Add("Form2")

    That statement will create a different instance of the default Form2. In other words, ObjPtr(frm) <> ObjPtr(Form2).
    I think the OP want to create the global...
  35. Re: Getting the same reference object using projectinfo through vbheader of the proje

    Is this what you are looking for?

    Private Declare Function vbaObjSetAddref Lib "msvbvm60" Alias "__vbaObjSetAddref" (ByRef dstObject As Any, ByRef srcObjPtr As Any) As Long

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    Re: How To Detecting end button ?

    Part of the problem with using IDE-unsafe hooking and subclassing. Most IDE-safe (mostly safe) use an external DLL or JIT thunks that can skip IDE code when the IDE is stopped/paused -- they do that...
  37. Re: After using multiple instance form, IDE crashes

    Well, you could always remove those textboxes in a copy of the project and re-test. That should at least rule out that object as the potential culprit. Other than those textboxes, any other custom...
  38. Re: After using multiple instance form, IDE crashes

    Whatever EditClip is, do you have the source code? If so, does it use subclassing?
    If no source code, does it have a method to tell it to close, unload, quit, whatever? If so, call that before...
  39. Re: UserControl and Calss Module data exchange

    I think your overall question is how to call back from your classes to the usercontrol when stuff changes in the classes?

    A fairly easy approach is using public events.
    - Your class would have...
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    Re: Correctly unloading chain of forms

    Non-objects don't reset ever on their own. Variables in the Declarations sections of modules keep their current values as long as the application is running. Variables in the Declarations sections of...
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