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  1. Re: [RESOLVED] Save fixed length txt file as UTF-8

    @Elroy why does putting &HFEFF& into a file cause the first byte to be &HFF and the second &HFE. It works fine so I am just interested.

    Intuitively &HFEFF& would seem to put &HFE in the first...
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    Re: [VB6] Fastest File Search Engine

    Many thanks for the explanation, I will do it manually as you suggest.
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    Re: [VB6] Fastest File Search Engine

    This is so fast but could it be made to return the results of a selected folder?
  4. Re: Possible to create additional Controls whilst running.

    Thanks VB6, I have created the extra Players and moved them off to the left until needed.
  5. [RESOLVED] Possible to create additional Controls whilst running.

    I have a Picturebox set up as a media player with time/control button/vu meter/transport buttons etc.

    Everything inside the Picturebox has an index of 0 as does the Picturebox itself.

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    Re: Mediainfo.dll version 19

    I don't normally use MediaInfo.dll because it is quite slow (maybe I don't use it correctly) but here is how I get 'Artist' from a tag.

    All the fields (Title etc) are the same. Mediainfo v19.4

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    Re: How to read line-wise any text file

    Olaf is VBRC able to open a text file and decode it even if you do not know what format it is in, just like Notepad++?

    Merry Christmas to you.
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    Re: How to read line-wise any text file

    Ilia I looked at both files with NotePad++ and they are both UTF-8 so you need to decode them first.

    Why not download Notepad++ it is free and so useful for this kind of thing.

    Merry Christmas.
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    Re: HEIC picture files

    Thanks baka I see you are right. Luckily I am doing most of my work on Win 10 because I wouldn't use the WIC below 4.
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    Re: HEIC picture files

    I got it from the bottom of this post. Victor Bravo VI posted it. All I did was to find the new setting (4)
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    Re: HEIC picture files

    The tests I have done in Windows 10 show that if Windows has installed the codec then the Windows Imaging Component can show it. Webp and Heif codecs are installed with 1909.

    I have attached the...
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    Re: Mouse scrolling on Windows 10

    I thought I had tried them all but vbScroll was new to me. So I tried it. Because I run VB6 elevated I had to run vbScroll elevated and it works great!

    The ONLY downside is that unlike the others...
  13. Re: VB5 and Windows 10 - General Questions

    Whilst I can only comment on VB6, I have no problem with the Min/Max buttons - they are always just there (as long as they are not turned off in properties).

    You refer to the Title Bar width but I...
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    Re: Redim causing error only when compiled

    My fault I should have been clearer. The metadata is the information stored inside music tracks. Artist, Title, Composer etc often with Cover Art.

    Metadata is often referred to as 'Tags'. In the...
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    Re: Redim causing error only when compiled

    Slightly O.T but Alex as your are a VB6er, what are you using for metadata?
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    Re: OpenCV/Emgu Wrapper for VB6

    Having taken a quick look at the size of the OpenCV download (225MB), if you want to do high quality things with images, I would look at FreeImage (6MB). It comes with a VB6 wrapper and is extremely...
  17. Re: Numeric Property returns 0 although we did not assign 0

    Well unless you have not stated your case clearly, it works for me.

    Option Explicit

    Private m_iMyNumber As Integer

    Public Property Get MyNumber() As Integer

    MyNumber = m_iMyNumber
  18. Re: Memory is full and proccesorload is increasing

    @Nicos, would you mind sharing your audio level meter?

    Thankls - Steve.
  19. Re: Combobox with visual styles / manifest seems incredibly slow

    Trying your first example 10 times averaged 0.09 secs (90ms). First of course I had to change your Dimmed L for I.

    From within IDE VB6 SP6 manifested. Run on Windows 10 1903
  20. Re: Access controls that are not in array.

    Thanks w1 me.controls("RC" & i+1).redraw works great.
  21. [RESOLVED] Access controls that are not in array.

    Hi everyone, I have 3 controls that are not in an array, they should have been but that ship has long sailed.

    I have set up the following code which works fine, but wondered if there is a more...
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    Re: MSMASK32.ocx Trouble

    I'm on Win10 1903 and both VB6 Pro and the Masked edit control (MSMASK32) work fine.

    MSMASK32 is in the SysWOW64 folder and would have been put there by the VB6 installation. If you have a 32bit...
  23. Re: Set items in const as one value for Select case statement. Is it possible?

    Whilst I use Select Case True sometimes, I also use the Switch function quite a lot.

    The only thing you don't get is Case Else e.g.

    Select Case True
    Case Left$(sLabel, 4) = "Left":...
  24. Re: [RESOLVED] Possible to Convert webp to png or jpg.

    Hi Baka, yes I went to the URL pointed to by LaVolpe above and downloaded the dwebp.exe. It is only 250KB and natively converts webp images to png which gdi+ can use. It's quite fast and doesn't...
  25. Getting BitDepth or BitsPerPixel from image

    Hi everyone,

    I am using the following line to get the above and it seems to work well. However it is a bit unwieldy and I am concerned that as I have created an object, should I be destroying it...
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    Re: Issue in Rounding Off

    This is because VB6 uses 'Bankers Rounding' which does exactly as you describe.

    Use the FormatNumber function instead i.e FormatNumber(250.50,0)=251.

    The zero after the comma tells the function...
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    Re: problem with Windows 10

    Hi Gordon, I was not aware of Textboxes being black but know about Option and Checkboxes being black. The cure for the latter is to not place them directly on a standard frame but in a picturebox on...
  28. Poll: Re: Do you use the VB6 IDE in MDI or SDI mode?

    +1 from me. MDI with the open maximized registry setting.
  29. Re: VB6 under Windows 10: I've lost mouse dragging outline

    MDI here. Changing to SDI caused the black selection rectangle to break up but remain partially visible when the mouse was let go. The add-in itself uses a bright red box and I have not seen this at...
  30. Re: VB6 under Windows 10: I've lost mouse dragging outline

    Hi Elroy,

    Many thanks for the edited clarification. Perhaps I didn't make it clear that Copy Module Name did NOT exist until I tried to compile 'Selected Controls'. In fact I did not know of it....
  31. Re: VB6 under Windows 10: I've lost mouse dragging outline

    Hi Elroy, here is what I have found using the above.

    Initially it wouldn't compile. The IDE said 'Compiling...' but nothing happened. I re-started VB6 (SP6) and it compiled instantly.

    Going to...
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    Re: Original Size

    The following function will give you the info you require.

    Public Declare Function SystemParametersInfo Lib "user32" Alias "SystemParametersInfoA" (ByVal uAction As Long, ByVal uParam As Long,...
  33. Re: Automatic BMP TO JPG convertor without user input

    Steve I just tested this and it seems to work really well. The 'quality' value does default to 100.

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim Img As WIA.ImageFile
    Dim IP As WIA.ImageProcess

  34. Re: Automatic BMP TO JPG convertor without user input

    Hi Steve,

    Here's the code from MS;

    Dim Img 'As ImageFile
    Dim IP 'As ImageProcess

    Set Img = CreateObject("WIA.ImageFile")
    Set IP = CreateObject("WIA.ImageProcess")
  35. Re: Automatic BMP TO JPG convertor without user input

    If you are on anything after XP try this from dilettante.

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    Re: Avoiding Duplicates

    Use a dictionary. If Not Dic.Exists(Key) then Dic.Add Key, Item.
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    Re: Listview Height

    The height has been returned to you in Pixels. Multiply by Screen.TwipsperPixelY to get twips.
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    Re: vbRichClient cSortedDictionary

    @vbwins you have been asked nicely twice now to show some code. I wonder why you won't.

    Olaf makes it clear he received no code from you via PM. Please show some code so that you may be helped.
  39. Re: Problem with AddinInstance_OnConnection event in a VB6 Add-In

    Removed CopyModuleName.DCA from the folder and it compiled instantly!!!
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    Re: Copy Module Name AddIn

    Hi Elroy it seems I have both those files, but they are both 18/06/1998. I have SP6 installed so it can't be that.
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