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  1. Re: For those interested in keeping VB.Net a first class .Net language.

    Again, perhaps it just me but your post pretty much justifies Microsoft's reluctance to release features for both languages at the same time. EntityFramework has been around for about 11 or 12 years...
  2. Re: For those interested in keeping VB.Net a first class .Net language.

    Personally it doesn't look like they have plans to drop VB.Net but rather they aren't making sure features are released on both VB.Net and C# simultaneously, the features will be there for VB but it...
  3. Thread: No Deal

    by PlausiblyDamp

    Re: No Deal

    I think the deal Boris is chasing (and promising) is unlikely as it is going against fundamental EU ideals and in many cases will fall foul of international rules and regulations on things like...
  4. Re: Transferring programs/files to new Windows 10 machine

    I tend to use https://chocolatey.org/ to set things up, I have a batch file or two that just install nearly everything I use. Saves a lot of time and effort in manually downloading and installing...
  5. Re: How to remove all extra spaces, blank lines, and CrLfs in JavaScript code?

    Have you considered incorporating something like https://babeljs.io into your pipeline? It can handle transpiling between versions for you and it can also cope with minification etc. as well.
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    Re: Run on older .net

    The problem then becomes you have no way of knowing if any of the machines have a particular version of the framework installed or not, even though various versions of windows ship with .Net it is an...
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    Re: Parsing XML Response Properly

    It seems a lot of effort to be creating a one off parser for every particular variant of XML you encounter when there are already XML parsers that exist and can handle any valid XML that exists. If...
  8. Re: What is jQuery.noConflict() in jQuery?


    also see...
  9. Re: Visual studio will not load a project file...

    Might be worth looking at using https://dev.azure.com - you can sign up for free and, amongst other things, get a free cloud hosted version control system - that way you can have a backup stored in...
  10. VS 2019 Re: Just want to ask for an opinion concerning file name length??

    As https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/win32/fileio/naming-a-file?redirectedfrom=MSDN points out although the filename can technically be 255 characters in length, most applications are limited...
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    Re: Basic flow of MVC website

    When you look at the URL there are several different parts to it - the only bit that makes any difference in MVC is the path portion e.g. /report/dashboard in...
  12. Re: .Net Core 2.2 end-of-life, upgrade to 3.1

    Be aware that anyone who stuck with Core 2.1 is still safe till August 2021 however as that is still in LTS https://dotnet.microsoft.com/platform/support/policy/dotnet-core
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    Re: VB6 and .NET interoperability

    It may be worth trying to implement new functionality as a .Net dll that you can call from VB6 as a starting point, that way you will get the benefits of learning how it works without breaking...
  14. VS 2019 Re: Precision of Double variables for positive integers

    In fact

    Sub Main(args As String())

    Dim d1 As Double = 10 ^ 250
    Dim d2 As Double = (10 ^ 250) + 1

    Console.WriteLine(d1 = d2)
    End Sub
  15. VS 2019 Re: Precision of Double variables for positive integers

    A Long data type will store exact numbers, a Double gets the increase in size by reducing precision - numbers may not be exact.
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    Re: MVVM and where stuff goes.

    The ViewModel is really only the View Logic, it shouldn't contain any business logic at all. The ViewModel's role is really to simplify how the View interacts with the user and the Model.

    In MVVM...
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    Re: Have an problem

    I imagine it also gives an error message, does the message contain a clue as to what the problem might be?

    If you look at your code, what do you think you are doing and what are you actually...
  18. Re: StringBuilder vs Concatenation

    In Release mode both the compiler and the runtime are a lot more aggressive when it comes to optimisations, as a general rule I would always aim to write clear code before worrying about performance...
  19. Re: StringBuilder vs Concatenation

    The trick is to code appropriately and know what is available, concatenation makes for clearer and more obvious code so I would personally use it in preference to StringBuilder. If however I was...
  20. Re: StringBuilder vs Concatenation

    One thing to be careful of is what type of application you are writing, if you are mainly dealing with desktop apps then the overheads of concatenation are probably not worth the effort of worrying...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Strange Backup

    If you are using Git you can always checkout based on the commit id (the horrible hash displayed against a commit), an easier way is to use a tag though.

    For example if you were about to do...
  22. Re: StringBuilder vs Concatenation

    From the source at https://source.dot.net/#q=stringbuilder

    So it looks like a linked list it is :)
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Strange Backup

    I tend to use a mixture of the CLI, tortoise git / gmaster and whatever is built into the IDE (Visual Studio / VSCode normally), often just depends on what I am doing and what is most convenient at...
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    Re: Strange Backup

    Is there a particular problem you are having? Is it to do with setting up DevOps or getting Git to work correctly?
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    Re: Strange Backup

    Probably, however if you go to dev.azure.com you can signup for a free account and it has all sorts of resources on getting things up and running. It will even sort out your Git repo and give you...
  26. Re: VS 2017 Tyring to get age something is wrong

    If you are using VB.Net you might find it easier to work with the built date functionality...

    Dim diff = Date.Now.Subtract(DOB)

    The variable diff is a TimeSpan and you should be able to use...
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    Re: Strange Backup

    dev.azure.com is free for 5 users or less, even for a single user git can be a massive help - the ability to make a change and potentially roll it back is ideal. The fact you could also push to any...
  28. VS 2019 Re: Back-up entire solution Visual Basic Net

    You could always just install git and use it as a local repo, https://dev.azure.com is free for 5 users and would give you a cloud hosted Git repo as well as many other tools and features.
  29. Thread: No Deal

    by PlausiblyDamp

    Re: No Deal

    The problem BJ has is he has pinned his premiership on getting Brexit done, it is the only thing he has made any real claims about (not that he has stuck to his own deadlines or actually been honest...
  30. Re: Row selection in Typed DataSet is not functioning as expected.

    Are you getting any errors with your code? If so what errors are you getting?

    What is the data type of TimeReportingDataSet.TimeDataRow?
  31. Re: vbCr equivalent, without using VisualBasic namespace

    System.Environment.NewLine might be suitable - however it could change it's meaning depending on the platform your code is running on. Not an issue if you are only ever going to run on Windows but it...
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    Re: Application Performance in jquery html

    Have you tried using something like your browsers developer tools, e.g. F12 in chrome and seeing if it can at least identify where there may be performance issues.
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    Re: two factor authentication

    If you application is only running in a closed network will adding two factor authentication make much difference? For anyone to log on they have already gained physical access to your network and...
  34. VS 2019 Re: Managing versions of developing VB.NET projects

    I know you already said you don't need version control, but this one of the problems version control is designed to solve - you don't need to keep entire copies of your application to maintain...
  35. VS 2019 Re: Managing versions of developing VB.NET projects

    Also dev.azure.com is free for 5 developers or less and provides a cloud hosted Git Repo as well - that way you ahve your local git copy to work with and a cloud hosted version.
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    Re: Interacting with a Web Browser

    If the information is behind a paywall does the site allow scrapping of HTML in their T&Cs? If not do they provide an API to use instead to obtain this information?
  37. Re: How can I get the jobs url from my search on indeed.com in visual basic

    I can't see any references to api.indeed.com in the code you posted, I can see references to be.indeed.com and attempts to parse HTML - that looks an awful lot like you are accessing the HTML and...
  38. Re: How can I get the jobs url from my search on indeed.com in visual basic

    That looks like you are still attempting to scrape Html rather than use the API, that is still against the T&Cs of the website.
  39. Re: Should I purchase Visual Basic 2019

    If anything using a decent source code system will prevent you losing all your work. Git is certainly a bit intimidating at first but even just getting familiar with the first couple of chapters in...
  40. Re: How can I get the jobs url from my search on indeed.com in visual basic

    It looks like the API is a Restful API, that means you access it using http and it will return JSON back. You don't "add a reference" to anything, rather than using the WebBrowser to access the site...
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