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  1. Re: Add 2nd form with 2nd UC, then either form, add VB control, UC grays then IDE cra

    It's not just that though. Renaming the enums fixed the issue with a 2nd control on a 2nd form, but now with two different controls on the same form, it has to be a differently-named enum with the...
  2. Re: Add 2nd form with 2nd UC, then either form, add VB control, UC grays then IDE cra

    I'm running into more problems like this. Found the same kind of crashes happening in another project, and traced it to having
    Public Declare Function ImageList_GetIcon Lib "comctl32.dll" (ByVal...
  3. Re: [VB6] ucShellBrowse: A modern replacement for Drive/FileList w/ extensive feature

    Version 7.0 Released!
    Progress marquee while loading folders

    Custom columns with images

  4. [RESOLVED] Draw text on top of progress bar?

    Edit: Ugh, never mind, apparently I'm blind.

    Edit: Actually I'm going to make this unresolved...

    Edit again: Nevermind entirely. Should have been using SelectObject instead of WM_SETFONT,...
  5. Re: Programmatically disable hard drive spinup?

    Only other devices with file sharing are a NAS, which is just configured as JBOD and doesn't have any backup functionality or any kind of software, and there's no backup software running on my...
  6. Re: Programmatically disable hard drive spinup?

    Then why even have a control panel applet with power settings to turn off idle disks :confused:
  7. Re: Programmatically disable hard drive spinup?

    Explorer.exe and services.exe, want access to desktop.ini for folders that haven't been opened in months. But not all of them, just a few random ones, on a couple random drives, then a random...
  8. Re: Programmatically disable hard drive spinup?

    I have file system indexing disabled, don't use any anti-virus, nothing scheduled in task scheduler, Explorer just picks a few random folders and opens desktop.ini most of the time, sometimes...
  9. Re: Programmatically disable hard drive spinup?

    Windows 7, two are USB but 4 others are SATA.

    I want to force them to stay in the spinned down power saving mode, not eject or dismount them.
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    Re: Vb6 , the Future, and what I have discovered

    After the Crypto AG scandal this week I'm not sure we have room to talk lol
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    Re: Vb6 , the Future, and what I have discovered

    FreeBasic as in this? Or something different... syntax compatibility with VB6 is the idea.

    Not sure how we went to cell phones, but yeah Xiaomi makes some real nice phones, I wish they sold them...
  12. Programmatically disable hard drive spinup?

    Several hard drives in my computer are used for media storage, things that aren't generally needed on a moments notice, so I have power settings to spin down the drives after a period of inactivity....
  13. Thread: LabelPlus

    by fafalone

    Re: LabelPlus

    Wow fantastic work Leandro :thumb:
  14. Re: Abount ComboBox droplist problem

    Can you use a regular ListBox instead?
    Perhaps pair it with a textbox so it's like the combo's edit area?

    I can't think of any way to handle the combobox dropdown in the way you're describing...
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    Re: Vb6 , the Future, and what I have discovered

    If China wants to demonstrate their ability to make a superior programming IDE/language, instead of freebasic they should make a real followup to VB6. A real VB7 that's backwards compatible but...
  16. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    In the top right of this page there's a search box for just this site, you can enter safearray there.

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    Re: Click Event Treeview VB5 API

    Are you familiar with subclassing? (If not, see my sig for a quick introduction)

    You need to subclass the TreeView's parent hWnd, e.g. Form1.hWnd if that's the parent you specified in...
  18. Re: Running speed test-len/lenb/lstrlenW/CopyMemory/GetMem4

    If you're interested in seeing what techniques have the best speed, you will want to visit VBSpeed.
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    Re: ToolTip on Menu Item

    Elroy I feel like we've had this discussion before... :afrog:
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    Re: Treeview FTP API VB5 Folders Files

    If you just want to look at structuring an API TreeView, you can look at my file system navigating TreeView (which technically does support ftp since Explorer supports ftp, you can set an FTP url as...
  21. Re: Using IUserNotification Interface to show system-tray balloon


    That's using IUserNotifcation2 with callbacks and IQueryContinue.
  22. Re: [VB6] Using the new IFileDialog interface for customizable Open/Save (TLB, Vista+

    The top bar as in the dropdown control's edit area?

    Does this occur with the GetOpenFileName API? And is there a difference between IDE and compiled? Other apps that use common dialogs?

    Is it...
  23. Re: [VB6] Win7 Taskbar Features with ITaskbarList3 (overlay, progress in taskbar, etc

    Look through the sample projects on the oleexp page, there's tons of examples of using PROPVARIANTs with IPropertyStore values.

    Basically, for a simple number, you can use an unmodified Variant...
  24. Re: FYI: ImageList hack for 32bpp Alpha Bitmaps

    Interesting, so if I'm interpreting this right, the ImageList control is just wrapping a normal API-type imagelist that was just created at a lower color flag than ILC_COLOR32, so you simply...
  25. Re: Adding 2nd ListView column of API controls causes endless redraws of first

    Still flickers if they're not adjacent; but even the plain text subitems have their color/font set on NM_CUSTOMDRAW, would that matter? The GetItemRect function just takes LVIR_LABEL then subtracts a...
  26. Re: Simulate drag and drop image from clipboard

    An error in the main sample or the test class later on in the thread? If it's the main demo definitely post about it so I can fix it.

    The projects do different things; the one you linked to is for...
  27. Thread: Rename Folder

    by fafalone

    Re: Rename Folder

    To immediately have Explorer update a renamed file, use the SHChangeNotify API.

    SHChangeNotify(SHCNE_RENAMEITEM, SHCNF_PATHW, StrPtr(oldname), StrPtr(newname))

    With full paths,...
  28. Re: [RESOLVED] Generic PROPVARIANT Reader method?

    You technically can include headers like that with #include, but you're going to run into a lot of trouble with just MKTYPLIB, you'd want to use midl.exe instead, and there will be a whole bunch of...
  29. Re: Simulate drag and drop image from clipboard

    If you want to drag CF_PNG format as per your original post to an external app (just vbCFFFiles, which is CF_HDROP, isn't good enough as Post #9 suggests), you're going to have to use API drag/drop...
  30. Re: Simulate drag and drop image from clipboard

    Drop it where? If it's in your app why wouldn't you just pass the image directly to whatever processes it after you read the data from a dropped object?
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    Re: Getting the name of a file

    Remembered this thread when I came across something today...

    In a project with oleexp.tlb, this method gives you the actual image file:

    Dim pAD As ActiveDesktop
    Set pAD = New ActiveDesktop...
  32. Re: Universal PROPVARIANT Reader?

    It's not a question of overriding something, it's a question of what VB counts as a 'public type' for the purpose of 'only user-defined types defined in public object modules'. You have to associate...
  33. Re: Universal PROPVARIANT Reader?

    To get a custom structure like that to avoid the error in your post, you'd have to make it a registered type in a TLB, and then the TLB has to be manually unregistered/re-registered each time you...
  34. Re: Universal PROPVARIANT Reader?

    You can use the Variant type, with PropVariantToVariant and the normal typeof operator (it will return the type even if not supported). If VB doesn't support it and PropVariantChangeType can't help,...
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    Re: [VB6, Vista+] Core Audio Basics

    IAudioEndpointVolumeCallback has no crash issues. IMMNotificationClient on the other hand, is a complete nightmare that works in a way completely different from every other interface I've ever used....
  36. Adding 2nd ListView column of API controls causes endless redraws of first

    So I'm adding SysLink controls to my shell browser ListView to support properties with hyperlinks.

    Having one such column works fine:

    The controls are created...
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    Re: Closing apps via Shell?

    It's malware to have a program close other programs? It could be, but there's plenty of legitimate uses.
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    Re: [VB6, Vista+] Core Audio Basics

    Assuming you want volume notifications on the current default device (where audio is currently coming out of), you'll want to use IAudioEndpointVolumeCallback instead.

    First a very simple class,...
  39. Re: How can I display the thumbnail of a video file in a Picturebox?

    Once you create it once it's cached in memory until you call DeleteObject. You just reuse the handle. Once you're done, then you call DeleteObject.
  40. Re: [RESOLVED] How to get the location of the Recycle Bin for a given drive?

    You use ParseName to get a FolderItem object, then use InvokeVerb. "restore" or "delete".

    Be advised there's no Unicode support.
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