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    VS 2017 Re: Loading of controls

    you can't relly load them "all at once" ... but you can control the order they get created... if you look in the .designer.vb file of your form, you'll find all of the control creation and adding in...
  2. Re: why do I use SQL Server Management Studio to update a row of a table in SQL Serve

    Look at your SQL statement again... and then read this part next, again...

    Now, read it again, pay attention to part I've highlighted...

    And then compare that to you SQL statement,...
  3. Re: What's the difference between the directory and menu lists and the unordered list

    the difference is in the matter of semantics, which can be of significant value to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If something is marked as menu or directory lists, then it gets lesser attention...
  4. Re: For those interested in keeping VB.Net a first class .Net language.

    Thread's too long for me to read each and every post... so I'll just start with this...

    I don't know why people are in such a panic over the "dropping" of VB.NET as a first-class language. It's...
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    Re: Convert .Mdb to sqlite3

    To piggyback on that... don't confuse the VALUE which is a datetime, with the FORMAT, which is for display... leave it as it is in the database, and only FORMAT the VALUE when you display it.,

  6. Re: No troll. What are the (legitimate) reasons people are still using VB6 ?

    The browser as an OS isn't likely to work very well... even Google has pulled the plug on Chrome Apps...

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    Re: Vb6 , the Future, and what I have discovered

    That's why they don't do the "tax rebates" as an economic stimulus... they were finding that people were stuffing it intosavings, or using it pay down credit card debt... what they really wanted...
  8. Re: ~~~ Warning messages when logged in (intermediate page) ~~~

    Plus, people like me who are behind company firewalls and proxies have issues with non-https sites - in my case, I get redirected to the company firewall system, where the site is checked against a...
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    Re: Should I be worried?

    Should you be worried? No... Should you be afraid? Yes you should be afraid. Be very very afraid.

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    Re: Sql Server copying table

    It does... right click on any table and select "Script As..." and there's options for complete CRUD statements, as well as CREATE... and the CREATE option has options, with/without...
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    Re: Sql Server copying table

    That's really only necessary if the table copy isn't a one-off...

    But then when I see people writing code to "copy" tables but not the data... I start getting suspicious about their design and...
  12. Re: how to display image in html table uisng jquery

    Three things:
    1) The amount of quotes you used in your jquery for the image is excessive...

    + "<td> <img src=" + "'" + "detail.gif" +"'" + "height=50 width=50> </td>" + "</tr>");

  13. Re: Database Question

    Not only that, but now you'll get two sets of answers... as well as two separate discussions that are not cognizant of the other...

  14. Re: How to use javascript:location.replace with response.redirect?

    Have you tried removing the eels from your hovercraft?

    Huh? what?

    Basically you've walked into the dr's office and said "It hurts" ... and expect him to figure it all out.
    Did you get an...
  15. Thread: Foreign keys

    by techgnome

    Re: Foreign keys

    Just because YOU check the tables, doesn't mean everyone will... plus without the FKeys, you have to do two delete operations (more if there are other tables)... but with an Fkey, you delete the...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Marked as resolved, gone?!

    It loos like the PHP errors that were happening on threads ith code has also been fixed... YAY! Now... only thing remaining is the double posting from quick reply...

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    Re: Replacing spaces with "?" in a string

    bleh... use .PadLeft instead:

    If tb_POL.Text.Length = 2 Then
    tb_POL.Text = tb_POL.Text.PadLeft(3,...
  18. VS 2015 Re: Binding data from DataGridView To Textbox

    He also said the grid and text boxes were on different forms... now they're on the same form....

    Even still... select all of the columns you're going to use... send it to the BindingSource... bind...
  19. VS 2015 Re: Binding data from DataGridView To Textbox

    Ok, so pull the data from the DGV and pass it to the new form and let that display it. Again, if you have the data, there is no reason to go back to the database.

  20. VS 2015 Re: Binding data from DataGridView To Textbox

    Why? All the info is already in the DataTable. There's no need to go back to the database to get what you already know.

    The easiest way would be to use a BindingSource... set the DataSource of...
  21. Re: Why isn't VB.Net an option in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey?

    Vb6 wasn't listed either.... but VBA was... *shrug*

  22. Re: What are the various types of relationships in Database?

    Indeed.... my original comment was based on the fact that as a consulting group, we're sometimes on multiple projects which can and will have multiple reporting structures, plus you have smallish...
  23. Re: What are the various types of relationships in Database?

    Not sure what that image is supposed to mean but.. I suspect someone either doesn't understnd sarcasm, and/or hasn't been in the industry long enough to undertand what I meant.

    That said, the...
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    Re: LISTVIEW check item and subitem

    If I remember right, the ListView has a HitTest method that will return the ListViewItem under the cursor (or rather the LVI that's under the coordinates that you pass to it.)

  25. Re: Filter Datagridview by: From Date to Date

    Instanciate dt.... you need an instance of the datatable before it can be filled.

    dt = new DataTable() <-- this is what you're missing ... or alternatively, you can instanciate it on...
  26. Re: What are the various types of relationships in Database?

    Ha! Unless you're in a consulting organization, then that relationship becomes many-to-many ..

  27. Re: ~~~ Warning messages when logged in (intermediate page) ~~~

    It's been a known issue ever since the last upgrade in August 2018... For what ever reason, the people in charge don't seem to want to do anything about it. It stems from a conflict I believe between...
  28. Re: Filter Datagridview by: From Date to Date

    You still need to create the initial SQL and pass it to the dataadaptor... which you stopped doing...

    sql = "SELECT * FROM tblContacts"
    da = New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter(sql, con)...
  29. Re: form_Activate firing when form is not active / implementing an auto log out box

    Shouldn't that be the other way around? Stop the timer when tehapp gets focus, and enable it when it doesn't?

  30. Re: form_Activate firing when form is not active / implementing an auto log out box

    It's been a while, but if I remember right, the Actvate event doesn't necissarily fire when the app regains focus... just when that form gets focus within the app.
    In other words, if I hae an app...
  31. Thread: Go Kansas

    by techgnome

    Re: Go Kansas

    The border follows the river to a point, then suddenly turns due south, bisecting the city.

  32. Re: SQL Copy binary data from one table to another

    It should be [File] on both sides:

    T2.[FILE] = T1.[FILE]
    FROM Table2 T2
    INNER JOIN Table1 T1
    ON T2.ID = T1.ID
  33. Thread: Go Kansas

    by techgnome

    Re: Go Kansas

    Isn't that what Utah means?

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    Re: Save VB.Net and your Job

    Honestly I don't see what the big deal is. .Net is .Net is .Net ... about 90% of what you know about VB.NET should be easily transferable to C#, the rest is just syntax sugar. the way I see it,...
  35. Thread: Go Kansas

    by techgnome

    Re: Go Kansas

    But it is in Kansas... and Missouri... There is a KC, MO and a KC, KS... It just happens that Arrowhead Stadium (and Kaufman Stadium, home of the Royals) is on the outskirts of the east side of KC,...
  36. Re: Database does not load all my rows into datagridview

    Unless we know what you've done, it's hard to say... could be anything. Have you tried debugging the code, see if you're even filling the datatable correctly? you've told us what you've done, but not...
  37. Re: How do I copy a file using Maven and specify the first module as the target folde

    Figured it out...
    By using an activation with a file exists entry I was able to get it to only run the profile on the module I wanted it (the folder in question will only ever exist in that module's...
  38. Re: How to Change the Port Address in wininet.dll's InternetOpenA?

    Wel, since port 22 IS the default port for SFTP.... yes, it makes a difference. It also means you should be using SFTP and not FTP.... and no port.

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    Re: How can we make copy of a java object?

    That's like asking "how to tie a knot" - not very clear is it? What do you mean by "copy.. java object"?
    Try rephrasing your question with some additional info... What is it you're tying to do? ...
  40. [RESOLVED] How do I copy a file using Maven and specify the first module as the target folder?

    There's more to it that the simple question in the subject. I've looked at the suggested links of "similar questions" and none of them completely helped.

    BACKGROUND: Building a plugin system for...
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