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  1. Re: Possible Like Operator Bug?

    Doh ... I just noticed that in my code the parameters are flipped. When you correct that, then it crashes, too ...

  2. Re: Possible Like Operator Bug?

    Interesting find. Even more interesting is that no crash occurs when calling directly into MSVBVM60.dll:

    *** potentially dangerous code removed for the time being ***

  3. Re: how to get crc from zip

    The easiest way that I'm aware of is described here.

  4. Re: Index makes only a tiny performance improvement

    Yes. :)

    Imagine you want to do a NOCASE like equality check in VB. What would you do? Probably somthing like this:

    If UCase$("ilia") = UCase$("Ilia") Then ...

    And that is what SQLite...
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    Re: Long color to RGB

    One way (of many I can think of):

    Option Explicit

    Declare Sub vbaCopyBytes Lib "msvbvm60.dll" Alias "__vbaCopyBytes" (ByVal length As Long, dst As Any, src As Any)

    Public Sub...
  6. Re: Index makes only a tiny performance improvement

    One should keep in mind that every TEXT column has a default collation. That is:

    * if you omit the COLLATE clause in the CREATE TABLE statement, it defaults to BINARY
    * if you omit the COLLATE...
  7. Re: Index makes only a tiny performance improvement

    Well, since there is no WHERE clause in your SQL query, sorting is the only thing that the index is beneficial for.

    Actually using an index means some kind of overhead. This overhead is worth its...
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    Re: P-Code vs Native vs Crashing

    Ha ... "half way through the writing phase", that sounds familiar to me. I had this very same problem a couple of years ago with one specific project.

    As I see it, compilations works, but the...
  9. Re: Focus the last line of the multiline text box vb6

    Actually it's not the focus you are talking about but the cursor position.

    Try like this:

    Text1.SelStart = Len(Text1.Text)

    HTH Wolfgang
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    Re: https://www.radbasic.dev/

    Well, the actual idea is mostly something very compact, but then, there are those cumersome details ... and there are lots of them usually. :D

  11. Re: IDE closes writing during compile

    This did not happen in my case, not at all. Are you sure that the symtoms were the same as described by Darkbob? I think the crucial part is that the crash appears while the IDE displays "writing",...
  12. Re: IDE closes writing during compile

    A couple of years ago I was struggling with this very problem. In the end I couldn't compile this specific project anymore at all. Additionally, when I tried to run that project in the IDE, I got an...
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    Re: Winhttp

    WinHTTP has nothing to do with the default browser, it's a completely independent thing.

    Here is a simple example how to use it.

  14. Re: Settinng DAO "dbBoolean" (True/False) format properties?

    Nevertheless, the "most correct" way would be to define a field of type dbBoolean (or, if you wish to use SQL: BIT), and then add a property to that field:

    Name: DisplayControl
    Type: dbInteger...
  15. Re: Is there a maximum DLL path length for Delcare statement?

    Another way would be to leave the DLL where it is, reference (Declare) it without path and do a LoadLibrary() with the full path at startup. After that LoadLibrary call, once a Sub or Function in...
  16. Re: Form Titlebar Text Centering

    No it doesn't. At least not under Windows 8.1. It's centered here.

    I'd leave that to the System's discretion. Probably except if you're targeting at one specific OS version.

  17. Re: Why won't my VB program open in W10?


    I know that a couple of AV vendors out there are rather unwilling to be "criticized", but most of them are actually quite greatful to be informed about malfunctions of their software. Right...
  18. Re: Why won't my VB program open in W10?

    Well, i guess you are the one to know that since you wrote it, right? ;)

    Seriously, as long as your local Avast install quarantines it there is an issue you should inform Avast about.

  19. Re: Why won't my VB program open in W10?

    You should upload the allegedly infected executable file so they can analyze it.

    I don't have Avast installed here so I'm not sure where you can find it on your machine once it has been...
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    Re: objptr alternative

    ! :D

    Declare Sub GetMem4 Lib "msvbvm60" (ByVal Addr As Long, RetVal As Long)

    Sub Main()
    Dim c As VBA.Collection
    Dim i As Long
    Set c = New VBA.Collection
    GetMem4 VarPtr(c), i
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    Re: objptr alternative

    Well, VarPrt() of any object variable points to the ObjPtr, so you would only have to dereference VarPrt(). I wonder, however, why you would want to do that?

    Probably there is, but you cannot...
  22. Re: Why does my project look in the the wrong location for its .txt or image files?

    You got to be more specific as to how this "looking for" looks like. For instance, when looking for an image file, are you using LoadPicture()? And if so, are you stating the complete path to that...
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    Re: zip and unzip

    Cool! Until now I was unaware that The SQLite Zipfile Module is already compiled into RC5.

    Well, for this specific program I'll stay with Edanmo's CompressedFolder.cls because ... this is kind of...
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    Re: zip and unzip

    That, or a combination of some things. My project is a console application using Karl E. Peterson's MConsole. That alone usually doesn't trigger any false alarms, but maybe in combination with other...
  25. Re: Why won't my VB program open in W10?

    All of this will likely be hard to accomplish. I recommend to report this False Positive to Avast.

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    Re: zip and unzip

    Thank you! This is really an impressing piece of code!

    However, it uses techniques which obviously make some AV vendors' alarm bells ring ... see this VirusTotal result with a test program I made....
  27. Poll: Re: Do you use the VB6 IDE in MDI or SDI mode?

    Same over here. Both are a must for me.

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    Re: If condition is mess

    Hmmm ... let's test it:

    Function Test1(ByVal m_bUCNotOnBindingMode As Boolean, x As Long, y As Long) As Boolean
    Test1 = (IIf(Not m_bUCNotOnBindingMode, IIf(x >= 5, y, 0), 0) <> 0)...
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    Re: If condition is mess

    Well ... thank you. :) However, I guess you wouldn't think so if you knew how I found that solution. Hint: it wasn't the logical way, caused too many knots in my brain ... :D
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    Re: If condition is mess

    I feel with you ...

    No. I'd say what's meant is:

    If (Not m_bUCNotOnBindingMode) And (x >= 5) And (y <> 0) Then

    But who knows ...
  31. Re: How to set a variant without VB6 default value?

    See if this helps:

    Option Explicit

    Public Declare Sub VariantCopy Lib "oleaut32.dll" (ByRef pvargDest As Variant, ByRef pvargSrc As Variant)

    Function Test(ByVal SomeParam As Long) As...
  32. Re: DateDiff calculation issue

    I stumbled upon the very same (mis)behaviour recently. But then again, this is actually documented in the help file, albeit not in a very obvious way and right at the end of the description: "When...
  33. Re: [RESOLVED] String Constants for MsgBox and Many Other Purposes, where to put them

    That is actually easy.

    "Hello" & vbCrLf & "world" would be expressed as
    100 "Hello\nworld" in a resource file.

    However, the resource editor add-in doesn't handle that correctly. Then again,...
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    Re: Copy Clipboard

    The latter is what I'm doing all the time. Either a Retry/Cancel-MessageBox is displayed or "Sleep 100" is called after a failure.

    None that I knew of, except if you want to use special...
  35. Re: Windows 10 Tablet and VB executables

    All of my VB6 applications just run fine on W10 tablets, nothing special about that. If it works on the desktop version, it will work on the tablet, too.

    HTH Wolfgang
  36. Re: Lanuch a program like a modal form

    I didn't test this specific code, but see if this helps: Wait for a Process to Terminate w/ WaitForSingleObject

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    Re: Problem with FileCopy

    By including
    Time in the destination path you have colons in it which is not legal in the filesystem. You got to replace them with underscores or the like.

  38. Re: How to handle null value in SQLIE?

    Hmmm ... hard to say without knowing the data in the table. Probably the value of Tarif isn't NULL but an empty string ("")?

    There are a couple of SQL functions available in SQLite which help...
  39. Re: How to handle null value in SQLIE?

    Not sure what the actual problem is so you better show some more code along with a specific error message, or alternatively a precise description of what isn't working.

    Anyway please note that...
  40. Re: How to handle null value in SQLIE?

    The cSelectCommand class has a .SetNull method for this.

    .SetNull 2

    HTH Wolfgang
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