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    Re: Losing Focus in a DirectX Project

    You can check for focus by using GetActiveWindow, a minor API call:

    Public Declare Function GetActiveWindow Lib "user32" () As Long

    If GetActiveWindow = Form1.hWnd Then
    'You've got the...
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    Re: Direct3D in the taskbar

    Mine does something like that... Only it comes with a big fat automation error as well. Sigh.

    I've tried adding code so it only runs the RenderAll subroutine when it's got the focus, but that...
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    DirectX and message boxes

    Is there any way to make message boxes and input boxes appear on top of a fullscreen DirectX program? And then, when you press OK, no automation error is caused and the DX program resumes as normal?
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    Typing in DirectX?

    Hi. I've got my keyboard input sorted, but I'm having big problems with an otherwise extraordinarily simple subject... typing. Is there no way to enter typing other than to use tons of If...
  5. Re: DirectSound - how to tell if a sound is playing?

    I've got a class, but there's no way to keep track of what's playing without using this, as I don't know of a way to find out how long the sounds are either :/
  6. DirectSound - how to tell if a sound is playing?

    Can someone tell me how to test if a sound (DirectSoundSecondaryBuffer8 object... what a name) is playing in DirectSound? I've tried using something like

    If Sound.GetCurrentPosition <> 0 Then...
  7. Re: Motion at an Angle 2D (For the Games FAQ)

    Aye, but of course ordinary keyboards don't come with triangles for big changes :P
  8. Re: Motion at an Angle 2D (For the Games FAQ)

    Quick question: So how do you find out the angle from dX and dY? Last thing I knew there wasn't a sin/cos/tan inverse function...
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    Passing data types to functions?

    How do you give a data type to a function without specifying what type it is? I'm using data types as 'objects' of a sort to take the place of image controls, so I can have a slew of...
  10. Big problem getting DirectX to work with VB - please help me!

    Hi. I was hoping someone could help me. I've been trying to get the DirectX SDK/type library/whatever to work in my Visual Basic. I've installed Service Pack 6, downloaded the current (and...
  11. Poll: Re: Efficiency of moving sprites? (BitBlt and image controls)

    Separate forms? Hmm. It still doesn't work with only using one picture box, or blitting to the form, or even using CreateCompatibleDC for a buffer that only exists in the computer's imagination. ...
  12. Poll: Re: Efficiency of moving sprites? (BitBlt and image controls)

    @singularis: Thanks. Here's the project in its entirety, see the zip file. There's a lot of commented-out lines of code that I'm switching between as I test the thing. I just tested it on another...
  13. Poll: Re: Efficiency of moving sprites? (BitBlt and image controls)

    Thanks all.

    I've found a LoadImgDC type function myself, on a tutorial. Methinks I'll use that. Saves on RAM.

    One small problem... well, quite sizeable really... I've made a BitBlt tester and...
  14. Poll: Efficiency of moving sprites? (BitBlt and image controls)

    Hi everybody. I'm working on a space shooter with a pile of enemies, bullets, etc. As of now they're all image controls but I'm going to use BitBlt, and custom data types to create non-existent...
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