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    Re: Buttons click event?

    Does that code appear when you try to do the Select Case? If so, you may need to take a look at this: Link
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    Re: PDF Question, Please Help Asap

    OK so lets say you want to insert your 1 page document into the middle of a 4 page document.

    Use ExtractPdfPages (link #1) twice, once with pages 1 and 2, then again with pages 3 and 4.
    Then use...
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    Re: PDF Question, Please Help Asap

    Look in the codebank. There are two pieces of code by Stanav which split and merge pdfs. Using a combination of those things you should be able to achieve what you want.

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    Re: Which VB should I learn?

    Posted a second too late.
  5. [RESOLVED] Connect to SQL Database using user input

    EDIT: I got it figured out minutes after I posted. Thanks anyway.

    For future reference, this is what I did:
    Private Sub Main_frm_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)...
  6. Re: VB Express beginner Error handling

    Good point, it is a redundant way of doing it.
  7. Re: VB Express beginner Error handling

    You could execute a scalar query, and if it returns 0, you know that what you want does not exist. Then you can continue on however you want to with that information.
  8. Re: Declared Variables with SQL Statement?

    If you generate a "Fill" method using the query builder, you can use @HP as a parameter, then pass gstrSelectedHP.

    Your SQL Query would looks like this:

    SELECT ID, HorsePower, FLA_200V
  9. Re: Declared Variables with SQL Statement?

    From the code you have shown here, you don't End the If statement.

    For something like this I'd suggest using Select Case.

    Private Sub cbHorsePower_SelectedValueChanged(ByVal sender As Object,...
  10. VS 2008 Re: SQL Query - Works at Design time, but not Runtime

    As always, thanks very much for the help.
  11. VS 2008 Re: SQL Query - Works at Design time, but not Runtime

    That was exactly it. Thanks very much, I had no idea.

    While I have you here, do you see any better way to achieve what my GetValue function does? Do you understand what I'm doing with that, and is...
  12. VS 2008 Re: SQL Query - Works at Design time, but not Runtime

    As you can see below, I created a function that passes Nothing if it receives an empty string. I had to do this because if I didn't, I got an error when trying to convert "" to integer.

  13. VS 2008 [RESOLVED] SQL Query - Works at Design time, but not Runtime

    I've created an SQL Query using the query builder. In the query builder, you can test the query by clicking the button "Execute Query", and entering the desired values in the parameter fields.

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    Re: Function

    He suggested you use e.Cancel when you're handling the form closing event, not the toolbarbutton click event.
  15. Re: Properly Organizing my Class

    Thank you. I knew it was something simple I overlooked.
  16. Re: Properly Organizing my Class

    I'm running into a problem using this code. I very well could have mistyped something, but I can't find it. I have created a class library using some of the code you helped me with, because I forsee...
  17. Re: Properly Organizing my Class

    This helps me a lot, just what I was looking for. Thanks very much Nick.
  18. [RESOLVED] Properly Organizing my Class

    I am creating a class that represents a vehicle of some kind, called "Transporter". The number of wheels the vehicle has is variable, and is stored in a property. I want the wheels themselves to have...
  19. Re: Create my own minimize/maximize boxes

    Yes, that will work.
  20. Re: SQL Query - Many possible filters

    I did a little reading and saw that the null value for a database is DBNULL. I didn't realize that I could use the "Nothing" keyword instead. But I do still need my GetValue method, unless I am still...
  21. VS 2005 Re: Getting application title using openFileDialog

    Well I just learned something new today too. I didn't know that property existed. Thanks.
  22. Re: SQL Query - Many possible filters

    Thanks jmcilhinney,

    When I first attempted this, I got errors about type conversion when trying to pass DBNULL. (Error converting type dbnull to string, etc).

    So, in the dataset designer, I...
  23. SQL Query - Many possible filters

    I'm currently searching a database using filters. The user can use any or all of them, and to achieve this, I have the following code:

    Private Sub GetData()
    Dim QueryString As String =...
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    Re: Remote database, security, etc

    Thanks for the reply, that gives me some things to research/think about.
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    Remote database, security, etc

    I'm a hobbyist VB.net developer with several small applications under my belt. I'm attempting to create a set of applications that work together by accessing a common database.

    These applications...
  26. VS 2005 Re: Getting application title using openFileDialog

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    VS 2008 Re: Using backgroundworker

    jmcilhinney created a good guide here.
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    VS 2008 Re: Problem with listview selection?

    Does the selection disappear when the listview loses focus? If that's the case, check the ListView's HideSelection property. Make sure it is set to false. It is set to true by default.
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    Re: Best Seinfeld lines

    "I'm like ice, buddy. If I don't like you, you've got problems."

    "If it were sociably acceptable, I would drape myself in velvet."
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    VS 2008 Re: Wrap Tags Around Text

    Textbox1.Text = "" & Textbox1.Text & ""

    Turning it off is going to be more complicated.
  31. VS 2005 Re: Help with reading an XML-Type File

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    Re: missing windowsapplication1.exe

    Have you saved the project yet? I'd try that first then try to run it again.
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    VS 2008 Re: ListView Selected Item

    Or if you're only allowing 1 item to be selected at a time:

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    VS 2010 Re: PayPal Button

    The problem is that they encrypt the html, so you can't do it that easy. I didn't realize it was anything more than a link. But apparently it's not that simple.

    Once you create a donate button,...
  35. Re: Microsoft Expression Studio?

    This is from the Expression Blend FAQ:

    Q: Does Expression Blend 4 support Visual Studio 2010?
    A: Yes. Expression Blend 4 supports Visual Studio 2010 Projects, as well as the following platforms...
  36. VS 2005 Re: Help with reading an XML-Type File

    Dim xml_doc as New XmlDocument
    Dim root as XmlElement = xml_doc.DocumentElement

    root would be the top-level node. Called "gpx" in your example file.
  37. VS 2010 Re: DownloadFileAsync no progress

    Nevermind, I was incorrect.
  38. VS 2008 CurrentUserApplicationData when creating a class library

    When I use My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories.CurrentUserApplicationData in the dll I am working on, it refers to: "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Corporation\Microsoft® .NET...
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    VS 2008 Working within a host program

    I am working on an addin/plugin for CAD software called Solidworks. I use it to batch process files (print, save, etc). One thing I'd like to add is a form that contains a stop button to stop the...
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    Re: Microsoft Chart 2.0

    Did you install it on both computers or just at home? Don't change the compile settings, just leave it as anycpu, it should work fine.
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