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    Re: Convert 24bit .WAV to 16bit

    Maybe this

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    Re: Convert 24bit .WAV to 16bit

    Wouldn't that cause a lot of sound loss?
  3. Re: how to screen capture with mouse cursor and with click right and left

    I'm a little confused about the OP's request but based on what he posted I get the idea that he wants to mouse click on a drive icon; "when i click drive not show click picture", and as shown in one...
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    Search on Windows 8.1

    I can't find the Search feature on 8.1 (like the one I have on XP for folder/file search). I want to see if my PC with Windows 8.1 has the SAPI 5.4 SDK for one thing among others
  5. Re: How to compress JS code to the minimum size with VB6?

    Would keeping the java script on the server work
  6. Re: how to get all parent and child names of another application.

    I think the application you downloaded only shows you the location and size of the rectangle of the window you select but not the name of the main window and it's child windows. Maybe this is what...
  7. Re: [RESOLVED] Windows 8.1 Sign-In screen does not come up

    It was disabled but not because I have a USB mouse plugged in. I think what happened is when I was having the first problem (re post 1) I was playing around with all the function keys seeing if any...
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    Re: center and move combobox in listview

    Really cool, Victor. Now, what if I only wanted the CB text and drop down button but not the CB borders around the text and button
  9. Re: Windows 8.1 Sign-In screen does not come up

    Got it. It's FN+F5
  10. Re: Windows 8.1 Sign-In screen does not come up

    OK, never mind about post 1. I got that one figured out but now I have another problem. My mouse pad doesn't move the mouse and the left/right buttons don't do anything. I can use a USB mouse with no...
  11. [RESOLVED] Windows 8.1 Sign-In screen does not come up

    When I turn on my Toshiba PC I get the Toshiba boot up screen and then it goes blank. Normally it would then bring up another screen of some picture and then you have to press any key to get the...
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    Text not show in posts

    When I navigate around this Forum in the threads the posted texts from members do not show. The box is blank. I can only see who made the post but not what they posted. If I do a total refresh then...
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    Animation on Titlebar

    Is there an easy way to put animation on the titlebar or do I have to make my own custom titlebar
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    Re: Client Server Question

    You could use a web site to give you the current address of the server. Web sites have a static address. When the server app is started the first thing it does is connect to the web site and upload a...
  15. Re: Comparing the size of Picture1 with the sizes of Picture2, Picture3, and Picture4

    Thank you, very appreciated
  16. Re: Comparing the size of Picture1 with the sizes of Picture2, Picture3, and Picture4

    Is this what you mean

    Dim dw As Long, dh As Long, dA As Long

    dw = Abs(Picture1.Width - Picture2.Width)
    dh = Abs(Picture1.Height - Picture2.Height)
    dA = dw * Picture1.Height + dh *...
  17. Comparing the size of Picture1 with the sizes of Picture2, Picture3, and Picture4

    I have 4 Pictureboxes, Picture1, 2, 3,and 4. I need to know which Picturebox of 2, 3, and 4 is the closest in overall size to Picture1

    For example:

    Picture1 is 663w x 516h

    Picture2 is 658w x...
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    Smallest of 3 numbers

    What is the easiest and simplest way to get the smallest value of three numbers. There is the possibility of two or three values the same
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    Re: TransparentBlt Issue

    Never mind the above question. The problem is something else and I will post it as soon as I can figure out the best way to explain it
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    TransparentBlt Issue

    I'm having a problem using TransparentBlt. I have two situations, one works and the other does not

    This one works

    Picture1.AutoRedraw = True. Picture1 background is red.
    Picture2.Autoredraw =...
  21. Re: Screen Capture of the active window

    What is the second parameter in your mind
  22. Re: Screen Capture of the active window

    Setting the second parameter to 1 snapshots the active Form. Don't know why you are having a problem with it
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    Re: Centering text in a MsgBox

    I'm on XP so I don't think I have that Task Dialog
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    Centering text in a MsgBox

    How can I center text in each line of a multi-line MsgBox. My MsgBox's will have either three or four lines.
  25. Re: Creating control arrays with nested components

    Just guessing but I don't think you need this code line:

    lblFileNum(i).Top = lblFileNum(i - 1).Top + lblFileNum(i - 1).Height + 100

    When you Set lblFileNum(i).Container = Picture4(i) the label...
  26. Re: how to trace down which code is lagging

    Mark thread resolved so I don't have to click on it again
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    Re: Long color to RGB

    For all it's worth I decided to use LaVolpe's code from post 3. It, to me, is the most simplest and straight forward approach
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    Re: Showing a label on a picture

    Instead of moving lblFileNum on Picture4 put the label inside of another picturebox of scalemode pixel (picMsgHolder, for example), make the label the same size as the picturebox, then center the...
  29. Re: Center Picture2 in Picture1

    OK, never mind post 5 I now see post 4. Everything OK now
  30. Re: Center Picture2 in Picture1

    Using this code.....

    top= (Picture1.ScaleHeight-picture2.height)/2

    Picture1.Width = 514
    Picture1.Height = 327

    Picture2.Width = 65...
  31. [RESOLVED] Center Picture2 in Picture1

    How do I center Picture2 inside of Picture1

    | Picture1 |
    | |
    | |
    | ...
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    Re: string and substring

    How about

    myvar = Trim(Replace(myvar, "ab", ""))
    myvar = Trim(Replace(myvar, "cd", ""))


    newvar = Trim(Replace(myvar, "ab", ""))
    newvar = Trim(Replace(newvar, "cd", ""))
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    [RESOLVED] Long color to RGB

    How do I convert a long color value to RGB values

    I think VB has a RGB to Long, like

    lngColorValue = RGB(nnn,nnn,nnn)

    but I need the opposite
  34. Re: How to determine the number of rows, columns, and size

    I applied Arnoutdv's code to a picture that I knew all the results

    txtSize.Text = CInt(Sqr((Picture1.Width * Picture1.Height) / Picture1.Point(Picture1.Width - 1, Picture1.Height -...
  35. [RESOLVED] How to determine the number of rows, columns, and size

    If I know the number of squares and I know that all squares are the same size how can I figure out the number of rows, columns, and the size of the squares if I also know the width and height of a...
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    Re: LoadPicture issue

    OK, never mind, I found the reason

    I had a copy of the code from the user control placed in a .bas module. I was just saving it there for some reason that I have now forgot about. When I removed...
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    Re: LoadPicture issue

    Set Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(...)

    doesn't change any of the errors
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    [RESOLVED] LoadPicture issue

    How do I load a bitmap file into a picturebox?

    I thought I could do it using VB's LoadPicture like this

    Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "\MyPicture.bmp") but I get a Type Mismatch...
  39. Re: User Control Transparency Issue

    Yes, I need the UC
  40. [RESOLVED] User Control Transparency Issue

    My User Control does not produce transparent image.

    The picture on the top is how it works now and the picture on the bottom is what I think it should have been.

    Here is my UC code

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