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  1. Re: Moving a PictureBox Inside a PictureBox

    ReleaseCapture will make the OS think you are not pressing any mouse button on Picture2 anymore even though you still are. Sending WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN + HTCAPTION while in that unusual state will...
  2. Re: Moving a PictureBox Inside a PictureBox

    Option Explicit

    Private Declare Function ReleaseCapture Lib "user32.dll" () As Long
    Private Declare Function SendMessageW Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal uMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As...
  3. Re: center and move combobox in listview

    Do you mean like in the following example?

    Option Explicit 'Add an MSComctlLib.ListView to a blank Form

    Private Type RECT
    Left As Long
    Top As Long
    Right As Long
  4. Re: PUBLIC / FRIEND Property (Function Sub) ... Differences ?

    The data type of parameters doesn't really matter to the subclass procedure as long as they are of the expected parameter size (1, 2, 4 or more Bytes). Data type is an abstraction that the computer...
  5. Re: Units of width and height in VB6/VS6?

    According to Height, Width Properties:

    It's called Twip.
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    Re: Class cToolTip and statusbar

    Yep, you got that right.

    Private Sub StatusBar1_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
    Dim I As Integer

    On Error Resume Next
    I =...
  7. Re: PUBLIC / FRIEND Property (Function Sub) ... Differences ?

    Yeah, VB.Form is not strongly typed enough. It should be the exact name of your Form (e.g. Form1 vs Form).

    BTW, I think you won't need the FormObjectFromPtr helper function if you rewrite the...
  8. Re: PUBLIC / FRIEND Property (Function Sub) ... Differences ?

    The VB6 manual was pretty explicit about this Friend caveat:
  9. Re: PUBLIC / FRIEND Property (Function Sub) ... Differences ?

    Here are 2 articles where the VB6 manual discusses them: Friend Properties and Methods and Private Communications Between Your Objects.

    You might also want to check out this previous discussion.
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    Re: Class cToolTip and statusbar

    Similar logic as above, but also takes the StatusBar's Container ScaleMode into account (the StatusBar's MouseMove X & Y always seems to be in Twips, but the Panel's Left & Width are in the...
  11. Re: [RESOLVED] ListView Bolded Items Font Size/Style cannot be changed

    It appears the MSComctlLib.ListView custom draws its items/subitems in order to make the text bold or change the forecolor or draw a checkbox. The bolded font's handle can probably be retrieved via...
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    Re: Copy/Paste Images w/Transparency

    I found these when I searched for Copy PNG to Clipboard with Transparency:
  13. Re: Auto Repeat Command Button

    Another solution:

    Option Explicit

    Private myCounter As Long

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    myCounter = myCounter + 1&
    Label1.Caption = "Command1 executed " & myCounter & " times."
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    Re: Compiler switches

    Are you talking about the /Ob switch?


    I tried specifying that option but VB6's C2.EXE threw "fatal error C1007: unrecognized flag '/Ob2' in 'p2'"

    If you...
  15. Re: is there any software auto code builder

    If this AI ever matures and goes rogue, there probably won't be any programmers left, just resistance fighters. :bigyello:

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    Re: Keep On Top when Shelled

    Well, it was just a simple example. Obviously, for those who are aware that hWnds are dynamically assigned (the &H12345678 value is a hint that it's just a dummy hWnd), they will need to supply the...
  17. Re: VB6 reading registry 32bit and 64bit

    This VBForums thread from the Google search above might enlighten you about Registry Redirection.
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    Re: Keep On Top when Shelled

    Setting the VB6 Form always on top isn't really the most ideal solution (the Form will remain on top of every other non-topmost window even when Excel is behind other windows or is minimized). What...
  19. Re: Anyone familiar with Windows Imaging Component, or odd IDL pointer types in gener

    For future readers, here's one way of avoiding the crash and the unnecessary copy of the bitmap:

    HRESULT CopyPixels(
    [in ] void *prc, //WICRect prc,
    [in ] UINT cbStride,
  20. Re: TTS (Text-To-Speech) problem with text position

    Do you mean you couldn't follow my code due to scarcity of comments? I apologize then if that's the case. To understand how my example works, you could set breakpoints at the beginning of m_Voice's 2...
  21. Re: TTS (Text-To-Speech) problem with text position

    Here's a simple text-to-speech demo:

    'Add a RichTextBox & 2 CommandButtons to a blank Form and
    'then set a reference to Microsoft Speech Object Library

    Option Explicit

    Private WithEvents...
  22. Re: Fastest way to convert long IP address from network to dotted string

    Option Explicit

    Private Const REALTIME_PRIORITY_CLASS As Long = &H100
    Private Const STATUS_SUCCESS As Long = 0
    Private Const THREAD_PRIORITY_TIME_CRITICAL As Long = 15
  23. Re: Capture hotkey and insert text in textbox

    Sorry, but I couldn't replicate your issue. I've tried with both Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0 (SP2) (file version: 6.00.8106) and Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (SP6) (file version:...
  24. Re: Is the MSXML 6.0 Typelib (in msxml6.dll) VB6-compatible?

    After decompiling Microsoft XML, v6.0 to its IDL source via OLE/COM Object Viewer and pasting it into Notepad++, the following 83 lines were found when searching for "unsigned":

  25. Re: OleSetClipboard to place text in Clipboard.

    This guy's GitHub repository has the Windows header files from the Windows 7 & 10 SDKs and Windows 8.1 DDK. GitHub has a Find file button that can be used to search for a particular header file that...
  26. Re: [RESOLVED] Screen Capture of the active window

    While Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Automation Layer v2.0 only ships by default on Vista and later OSs, Microsoft has in the past hosted the WIA SDK that comes with the documentation and the...
  27. Re: [RESOLVED] Screen Capture of the active window

    Here's a function that emulates pressing the Print Screen key without messing with the Clipboard or requiring DoEvents for synchronization:

    Option Explicit

    Private Type PICTDESC_BITMAP
  28. Re: Capture hotkey and insert text in textbox

    We had a recent discussion here about Ctrl+A and TextBoxes. It turns out only single line TextBoxes from v6.0 of comctl32.dll responds to Ctrl+A. Furthermore, this behavior appears to have been...
  29. Re: Forum abbreviations of links is awkward...

    One way of forcing URLs to be displayed in full is by enclosing the URL text in tags:

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    Re: Centering text in a MsgBox

    One way of centering the MsgBox text is by hooking the creation of the MsgBox and adding the SS_CENTER window style to the Static control that displays the text.


    Option Explicit...
  31. Re: Reading writing from to the same txt file "rs232"

    Well, your recent ROT routines did cross my mind as another possible solution while I was reading this thread. However, I tried to see if I could present an alternate solution by re-reading...
  32. Re: Reading writing from to the same txt file "rs232"

    Here's an alternative approach that forgoes writing to a text file. This simple solution makes use of VB6's built-in support for DDE instead.

    Launch VB6 and open a new Standard EXE project.
  33. Re: Add KeyDown event for pure API TextBoxW (no Subclassing)

    After some experimentation, I think I now know why. Your EXE (or the VB6 IDE) most likely does not have an app manifest that requests v6.0 of comctl32.dll. If your EXE is unmanifested, your Win32...
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    Re: adding ref to .tlb or.dll

    This might help.

    If you tell us what you're trying to optimize, we might be able to give you more ideas.
  35. Re: Capture hotkey and insert text in textbox

    It seems you've overlooked these (admittedly terse) comments of mine:

    Those 2 Cases are checking to see if the first key in the shortcut sequence is in that list. If your shortcut's first key...
  36. Re: Add KeyDown event for pure API TextBoxW (no Subclassing)

    It appears single line TextBoxes automatically recognizes the Ctrl+A shortcut key while multi-line TextBoxes don't; you have to write your own implementation.
  37. Re: Capture hotkey and insert text in textbox

    OK, I have now encapsulated the code in post #18 in a class module so you won't need to add that code to every form that needs it:

    Option Explicit 'Name this class module as...
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    Re: variable not defined

    Dim oShell As Shell32.IShellDispatch4
    Dim oFolder As Shell32.Folder2

    Set oShell = New Shell32.Shell
    Set oFolder = oShell.NameSpace(Text13.Text)
  39. Re: How to get a list of all windows that are currently open

    Here's an implementation from a very similar thread that you might be able to use as a starting point.
  40. Re: Capture hotkey and insert text in textbox

    I forgot to mention that CTRL+C and CTRL+X will require special handling as well. Anyway, here's a list of control characters that the TextBox/ComboBox responds to:

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