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  1. Re: Would VB6 be able to email someone if I had three text boxes on a form?

    Most examples will reference (IMAP? Can't remember the name) or a COM instance of Outlook to send an e-mail.

    If you want to do it completely standalone then I'm afraid it's a bit more complicated...
  2. Re: Please help to Reveive Hex data in mscomm in vb6.0

    Need to see some more code. I have no experience with the MSComm control but after looking at the documentation and sample projects, there is a lot more to it than what I see in the code you posted....
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    Re: [vb8]http request source code

    You posted in the classic VB6 and earlier forum. Since it's VB8 (.NET) then you should be posting a thread in this one:


    I would...
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    Re: The State of VBForums

    How am I supposed to remember two posts from that long ago? :confused: Also, I meant never posted in here back when I was a regular. I guess I was mistaken. Regardless, I wasn't a regular poster in...
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    Re: The State of VBForums

    Haven't been here in years. I recognize some names but I don't think I ever posted in this section.
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    Re: Back after LONG hiatus

    Thanks for the recap Shaggy, that's good that at least some of the older users are still around.
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    Re: Pure VB6 TreeView Control

    Great jerb! Definitely quality code. Hope you make some more UserControls and submit them here.
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    Re: Multi Server Multi Client Chat Application

    Not sure if you remember me from years ago, but nice work! I love client/server programming so I always enjoy looking at projects such as yours.
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    Back after LONG hiatus

    I'm not sure if anyone here even remembers me, but it's been years. I remember several people like Merri, EllisDee, Rhino, [something]Geek (the moderator) and a few others.

    Anyway, just saying hi...
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    Re: Store data at end of compiled exe

    I posted this forever-ago:

  11. Re: Help with Winsock between two EXE's on the same computer please!!

    Here's an example.
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    Re: Web-based Client but VB6 Server

    Your VB6 server would have to act like a web server and respond to HTTP requests, like GET. You'd probably want to read a document on HTTP.

    There's also an example web server in the CodeBank by...
  13. Re: Save Form Details Inside Another EXE File?

    Here's an example I made for someone else awhile ago, see if it helps:
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    Re: Winsock MultiConnection problem

    The client needs to send the data to the server, and then the server relays it to all other clients.

    You can look at my "Multi-User Chat Example" in the CodeBank which shows how it's done.
  15. Thread: ClassIDs

    by DigiRev

    Re: ClassIDs

    ... eh? :ehh:

    That doesn't make sense.

    Can you give us an example (in code) how you are using those class Ids?
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    Re: puzzled abou error handler

    Something in _ShowError (or another procedure it calls) is calling Err.Clear, or is modifying the .Number/.Description members of Err.

    We'd have to see the code for your _ShowError procedure and...
  17. Thread: Blah

    by DigiRev


    Private Sub Form_Load()

    Dim sinHeight As Single, sinWidth As Single

    sinHeight = Me.ScaleY(Me.Height, vbTwips, vbPixels) - Me.ScaleHeight
    sinWidth = Me.ScaleX(Me.Width,...
  18. Re: Downloading Image to Hard Disk Using Webbrowser control

    I would use SHGetSpecialFolderLocation

    I found this, only skimmed through it quickly. It might have what you need:
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    Re: VB6 and API's

    Windows API functions use whatever system DLLs are on the system (the name of the library/DLL appears after "Lib" in the declarations).

    These system files can be different on different versions of...
  20. Re: Downloading Image to Hard Disk Using Webbrowser control

    C:\Documents and Settings\WINDOWS_USERNAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

    That's the folder for me. I went to Google and then opened that folder and saw the logo.gif file. The name of the...
  21. Re: [RESOLVED] How can an EXE "deploy" and absorb a TXT

    I also submitted this along time ago for someone else, you may want to look at it:


    In this case though, the writer program...
  22. Re: [RESOLVED] How can an EXE "deploy" and absorb a TXT

    It isn't.

    I wrote something for this along time ago and put it in the CodeBank, it's titled "EXE Writer". You can simplify it more by using a property bag.

    The only problem is saving the text...
  23. Re: Easy way to pick another text box depending on an option

    Dim ctlTextBox As Control

    If Opt1.Value Then
    Set ctlTextBox = Text1
    ElseIf Opt2.Value Then
    Set ctlTextBox = Text2
    End If

    Then, in the code that loads stuff to a textbox, use...
  24. Re: Downloading Image to Hard Disk Using Webbrowser control

    If it's showing in the browser, then it's already downloaded to your computer. IE saves images and stuff to a temporary/cache folder. You may have to figure out the path it saves to and copy it to...
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    Re: First time your software is Ran.

    There's also Alloy which apparently puts all necessary files into a single, portable EXE. I've never tried it myself, though.
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    Re: First time your software is Ran.

    I use the Package & Deployment Wizard that comes with VB. It's nice because it puts all the necessary files into a folder named SUPPORT.

    But I don't like it's interface/how the installer turns...
  27. Re: vbPatcher - Patch your programs (for updates, etc.)

    Thanks for the tips, LaVolpe. I wrote this really quickly and this was the first way that came to mind (really oversimplified I'm sure).

    I stated that so the mods would know that what's...
  28. vbPatcher - Patch your programs (for updates, etc.)

    (I don't see how this could be used maliciously)

    I wrote this for someone else, but maybe someone else might find it useful.

    It's a class module you can add to your projects to create patch...
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    Re: Monitoring traffic

    To monitor traffic, you could try this:

    Then, it's just a matter of filtering the traffic to only show uploads or whatever you...
  30. Re: Visual Basic Native Code Compiler Source Code!!

    Here's an example I whipped up really quick. Since I can't upload compiled files, you'll need to compile each one first.

    Compile the project in \NewVersion folder
    Compile the project in the...
  31. Re: Visual Basic Native Code Compiler Source Code!!

    Never made one myself, but something like:

    Store old version's data in byte array
    Store new version's data in byte array
    Determine which byte array is larger
    Loop from 0 to...
  32. Re: Visual Basic Native Code Compiler Source Code!!

    Just another thought...

    You could have the server running on a computer with a copy of Visual Studio installed (which has the VB6 compiler).

    The new project could be compiled on the server...
  33. Re: Visual Basic Native Code Compiler Source Code!!

    Not sure how you would use that...

    If Hello.exe is the program you're updating, then yes, so long as it's not open.

    That code, however, would corrupt the EXE file. You can write to the end of...
  34. Re: Visual Basic Native Code Compiler Source Code!!

    Anti-viruses use a database, and usually just download and update the database file(s).

    You can put a lot of your program's code inside an ActiveX DLL or ActiveX Control, and download new versions...
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    Re: Winsock.. waiting for data to come in...

    No need for a loop at all. That's why Winsock is asynchronous and provides events.

    Just remove the loop and put the code in the _DataArrival event.
  36. Re: Inet hangs - multiple form instances

    A lot. :p

    You're getting that error because you're trying to receive data (.GetData) before the Winsock control is connected.

    The .GetData call will go in the _DataArrival() event.

    I posted...
  37. Re: Visual Basic Native Code Compiler Source Code!!

    The closest thing would be making it highly-configurable with an INI file or something (as was already suggested) or maybe running VBScript code using the Microsoft Script Control, which has been...
  38. Re: exchanging infomation between two VB6 programs

    Named pipes are probably the best way, in my opinion. Two-way communication using paged memory.

    Using the registry/SendMessage is probably the easiest way; not sure you will find a simpler method...
  39. Re: Winsock server - what is the fastest, efficient, compact way to make one?

    Short of using the API functions (which the Winsock control is just a wrapper for), no.

    I don't know of a single PC/home internet connection that can handle 10,000 active connections.

    Apache is...
  40. Re: The problem with COORD Structure in Visual Basic 6.0

    COORD is the same as POINTAPI but uses Integer instead of Long.

    I've used COORD several times without problems... what problem are you having?
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