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  1. Re: Data Comparison/Scrubbing software or tool suggestions?

    Yeah, I kind of figured we were pretty much hosed when it comes to this. However, you never really know and someone may have stumbled upon an excellent solution to this problem. Unfortunately we...
  2. Data Comparison/Scrubbing software or tool suggestions?

    I'm currently running SQL Server '05, an upgrade to '12 is in the works in the near future.

    My current problem is this. I maintain a table which contains a list of 20K records of schools we...
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    Re: New Year's Resolutions for 2012

    Quit Smoking
    Quit Fast Food completely
    Start walking nine holes of golf every week
  4. VS 2010 Re: this code isn't doing what it's suppose to (easy fix)

    what's wrong with using a numeric up down control? It only accepts numeric values, you can set the maximum property to 99 to set the number of digits allowed to be entered to only 2 (covers 00 - 99)...
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    Re: Dealing NULL values in SqlDataReader

    You could also change your sql query to include an ISNULL around the columns coming back as null if you're able to treat them as empty strings.
  6. VS 2005 Re: Problem with using VB to write into a database table

    commString = "INSERT INTO Elements (Description, Code) VALUES (" + newDescription + ", " + newCode + ");"

    Like kevin pointed out parameters are definitely the way to go here. One of the problems...
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    Re: XNA Is Da Shiznits!!! =O

    i taught myself a little XNA learning game programming last year. It was a lot of fun and I really wish I was a better artist, i'd probably spend lots of time writing small games for fun. Seemed...
  8. Re: If you are Kindle Fire user you may want to read this...

    Ah, yes, I do remember that vaguely now. Stupid move on their part IMO, books are going down the same path as other physical media forms are. I love the idea of being able to cart around an entire...
  9. Re: If you are Kindle Fire user you may want to read this...

    I wouldn't doubt amazons claim. Nearly all of my friends and co-workers have bought one for themselves or family members, lots of my own family members have made them a gift to others, and I see...
  10. Re: If you are Kindle Fire user you may want to read this...

    I guess you could extend it to that. I read that more as anyone could pick up your device and figure out what you've been doing with it, not that anyone could pick up your device and use it like a...
  11. Re: If you are Kindle Fire user you may want to read this...

    Someone mentioned in an article that amazon provided no security when it comes to linking your amazon account to the device. So, if you lose the damn thing, it's essentially like losing a credit...
  12. Re: If you are Kindle Fire user you may want to read this...

    Most of the times browsing on the ipad is just fine. iOS 5 fixed many of the major issues I hated about using the iPad to surf, but one thing that really bothers me about using my phone to browse is...
  13. Re: If you are Kindle Fire user you may want to read this...

    Those are the only other grievances listed in the article. I would wager a bet the majority of these problems will be fixed with an OTA update. The fat fingers thing is a crap argument because that...
  14. Re: Do many of you still see no need for a slate/tablet?

    I do enjoy using my iPad as an entertainment device, and now that iOS 5 is on it I enjoy using it for light web browsing as well (before it was just a PITA and 10 mins of trying to get to my sites...
  15. Re: What's the best horror game for Xbox360 ?

    Both are playable online. The MW series thrives on it's multiplayer portion. Don't know why both boxes don't have the label although I'm sure they both do on the back of the box.
  16. Poll: Re: When do you start listening to Christmas music?

    Not until after Thanksgiving. It made me really sad to see christmas ads being sent out before halloween had even happened.
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    Re: Which Mobile

    iPhone 4 yes, iPhone 4S heeeellll no. I have to charge the damn thing every night. Seems to be a rampant problem too. Lots of complaints about extremely poor battery life. It is the one thing I...
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    Re: I love VB

    I forgot all about LOGO! We used to do little LOGO programs in elementary school. Just copy and paste out of the book, but it was neat to make the little turtle move around and draw stuff by typing...
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    Re: I love VB

    Started in 88-89 with qbasic writing batch files and messing with other programs. Learned PASCAL (even though it was virtually dead by the time I did) my freshman year of high school. Forgot PASCAL...
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    Re: Managing Another Developer's Project

    Rule of thumb in our company, actually.
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    Re: The iPhone 4S

    Are you speaking about on contract or unlocked? I'm just curious because I'm not sure as to what you're making your comparison on. For me it came down to the Bionic vs iPhone 4s and I chose the...
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    Re: The iPhone 4S

    Got my 4s in today.

    Siri was a lot of fun to play with. We asked it all sorts of stupid questions and got back a lot of funny responses. It had a hard time understanding my manager due to his...
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    Re: Wow! Fans !!

    Let's see, 4.99$ desk fan from walmart which keeps me cool or 299$* Air multiplier from dyson which looks neat and keeps me cool.

    Hmmm, I think I'll save the 295$* bucks and forgo a neat looking...
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    Re: The iPhone 4S

    Very good points there, Shaggy. What you just said was precisely the same reason why I still have an AMD athlon 64 that's pushing close to 10 years as my main machine. Sure each year I could have...
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    Re: It's so sad !

    I've lost three friends to drunk driving accidents. Two of them were drunk before running their cars off the road, the other was hit by a drunk driver. Almost lost my best friends brother and...
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    Re: The iPhone 4S

    You know, I've noticed a very common element/theme in all of these discussions. It seems like most of these discussions stray from the actual objective analysis of hardware and features and delves...
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    Re: The iPhone 4S

    Ordered a 4s on Friday to replace my now three (almost 4 I think) year old LG Dare. Major upgrade for me. My current phone is just about to fall apart. It will be nice to send texts at a normal...
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    Re: Steve Jobs Died

    Steve was a brilliant businessman and a tremendous visionary. If you like or hate apple you just can't deny the impact that he had on the technology world since the first apple was unleashed on the...
  29. Re: Canon Camera-Power Shot G6 Died, next

    Mirrorless cameras can be found for 400-800$ depending on how fancy you want to get with it. I'd also throw my vote in for a new camera. If you had a high end DSLR it would be worth it to get it...
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    Re: The Video Game Cycle

    You should check out some of the indie games that have been released to XBLA lately. There's a bunch of great titles out there that can be had for super cheap that are a lot of fun to play. I feel...
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    Re: See you in October

    If you do make it to lybia can you let me know? I have a flux capacitor which requires some fuel that I hear they can help provide.
  32. Thread: Bees.

    by BackWoodsCoder

    Re: Bees.

    Can of Aquanet + Bar-b-q lighter + Balls of Steel = Homemade Bee Torch

    In all seriousness though I know all you need to take out wasps is a spray bottle with a water and dish soap mixture. In...
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    Re: Are you in Irene's path?

    I was vacationing in NC on Hatteras Island (Rodanthe) when this hit. We came into town that sunday (the 21st) and were ordered to vacate on Thursday by 8 AM. Unfortunately me and my (now) fiancee,...
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    VS 2008 Re: Clicking external Butotn

    Hover your mouse over and press the left mouse button down. :)
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    Re: Learning a new language [serious]

    Well, if you already speak spanish than learning italian and french may be easier for you since they're all romance languages. IIRC Chinese is one, if not the most, of the hardest languages to learn.
  36. Re: [SERIOUS] Free YouTube downloader program?

    there's a lot of plugins available for firefox that do this for you. I use one but It's on my home PC and I can't remember its name right now. Just search the plugins and you'll find something that...
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    Re: victimization of IT by relatives

    Get her an iPad. Seriously. I've seen people who've struggled with things like checking email and printing word docs for years pick up an iPad and learn how to use it very well within a week. Long...
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    Re: A blonde walks into a bar...

    I walked into a bar the other day. It hurt.
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    Re: Super Size Me

    I thought ronald was removed from all of the food advertising and he just pimped out the Ronald McDonald house stuff.
  40. Re: Let's take a moment to pause and congratulate ...

    make....the hurting......stop......
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