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    Re: MAC OSX button issue

    FWIW (as an explanation, how those things are usually done)...

    The "secret" is in those "shiny, ellipsoid areas", which come across as "glassy reflections" -
    and those are usually:
    - "bounded"...
  2. Re: .net Core possibly a proper vb6 replacement

    That they did - but sadly there's no option in the compiler, to turn off the Garbage-Collector...
    (some languages/compilers allow both modes).

    So, .NET-Core is out (at least for me) ... because...
  3. Re: Add KeyDown event for pure API TextBoxW (no Subclassing)

    Are you sure, the TextBox in question (the VB-one, or the Unicode-Box) was properly focused,
    before you're trying to do a Ctrl+A on it?

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    Re: Get Handle of Parent of a User Control

    For the Resize-Handling itself, I wouldn't bother with SubClassing...

    Instead - what such a "BaseContainer-Control" could support, is a mechanism -
    which will result in a CallBack (within the...
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    Re: wait unit finished

    Yep, working against the local FileSystem should be pretty reliable...

    Another matter is "working against Files on Network-Shares", because you never know,
    with what kind of "SMB/CIFS"-pairing...
  6. Re: Details on How to Use Named Pipe for Communicating with Chess Engine

    Well, IMO it's a (very robust) working example, which uses LateBinding on the used "Process-encapsulating-Object" -
    for the sake of "easy-Copy&Paste-ness" (into an empty VB-Form-Project, which has...
  7. Re: Details on How to Use Named Pipe for Communicating with Chess Engine

    FWIW - here's a demo-snippet, which makes use of a "Process-Object" (created by "Shell-Exec"),
    and which implements StdIn, StdOut and StdErr-Objects (all 3 implementing the Interface of the...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Detect power outage

    Connectivity-wise - the Drivers for the APC RJ45->USB-connection are already contained in Windows.

    Their own "GUI-App" on top of these drivers is...
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    Re: Text Search Ideas?

    I'd use a Browser-Control as the "Visualizer" (easy to include via Controls.Add) -
    and for the DB-Search an SQLite-Fulltext-Search can be easily applied.

    These two make a good team, since...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Long color to RGB

    All such "high-frequently" called procedures will generally gain a bit in VB6,
    when they are placed as Public Routines in a *.bas-Module ...
    (this way avoiding COM-calling-conventions, as they...
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    Re: string and substring

    If the sequence of "... [StringPrefix] SomeNumber [StringSuffix] ..." is part of a larger text-snippet,
    then a simple way would be e.g. a little function like:

  12. Re: Index makes only a tiny performance improvement

    Collations are (in the end) just "named Comparer-Functions" (the built-in ones very similar to those you implement yourself).

    E.g. SQLites builtin Binary-Comparer-Function is based on memcmp:...
  13. Re: Index makes only a tiny performance improvement

    I'd use 1 as often as possible, especially on Text-Columns which you later want to scan with case-insensitive comparisons
    (as e.g. [Name] or [Description] Fields, which one might want to search via...
  14. Re: Scan and compare files in .dat and zip files.

    FWIW ('am a bit late with it) - I'm still convinced, that doing such stuff in two steps:

    1) via a generic import-run, to fill the data into a (re-usable) SQLite-DB (InMemory or File-DB)
    2) and...
  15. Re: Index makes only a tiny performance improvement

    FWIW, here again my (now slightly changed) example, which I've posted in an earlier thread:


    Option Explicit

    Private Cnn As cConnection

    Private Sub Form_Load()
  16. Re: Index makes only a tiny performance improvement

    Could you show the Code you currently have in your Class CCollateExplorer?

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    Re: CDO HTML to Plain Text

    For simpler stuff, I'm using (in my *.asp-Scripts) the MS-HTML-ObjectLib for that task -
    (e.g. when integrated into your Demo, it would look like that...):

    Private Sub mnuGo2_Click()
  18. Re: vb 6.0 convert base64 image data into .bmp image

    FWIW, here a Variant for RC5-Users:

    The code should work when pasted into on an empty Form (as long as a vbRichClient5-reference was checked into the Project) -
    then it downloads a...
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    Re: Recursive permutation

    To give the current topic a bit more "math-context"...

    It is not really a "permutation-problem", but falls into the class of "combinations", one where:
    - "order does not matter"
    - but also...
  20. Re: Converting single bits into a sine waveform

    If your only goal is, to just invent your own MoDem-Protocol (Modem == "Modulator-Demodulator") -
    to be able to transport binary data over "Sound-Channels", then a simple "square-wave" would be...
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    Re: ADO not updating on Serverlib

    The latter.

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    Re: ADO not updating on Serverlib

    IIRC, modADODB.GetRs(...) opens and delivers a true disconnected Rs:
    - with ActiveConnection Set to Nothing
    - and in "UpdateBatch-Mode"

    Please use the matching UpdateBatch(...)-Routine in...
  23. Re: Whats the fastest way to search zip for string

    The error message "cannot find end of central directory record" hints to a malformed zip
    (if you google around for that error-string).

    To make the code ignore such Zips (reporting them),
  24. Re: Whats the fastest way to search zip for string

    Just the vbRichClient5.dll (in a certain Folder on your machine) is not enough.

    Just google for the package: vbRC5BaseDlls.zip

    It contains the "full triple" of Dlls:
    - vbRichClient5.dll
  25. Re: Whats the fastest way to search zip for string

    No, the "missing" DBFile will be automatically created in the next line.
    The error-break you got, is due to a non-existing (or "not-registered") Helper-Reference (vbRichClient5).

    So, here again...
  26. Re: Whats the fastest way to search zip for string

    So, did you "download and install" the needed Dlls?

    You've already stated, that you're "willing to learn" - but do you really -
    (when you don't bother to even read the replies)?

  27. Re: Scan and compare files in .dat and zip files.

    As already said in your other post, the answer to your constantly shifting "Filter-GoalPosts"
    lies in using SQL for that kind of stuff.

    I've posted a demo for that already.
    Now, I've:
    - simply...
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    Re: Count Files in array

    I've already posted code for that, which is able to answer that question (among many others) -
    with a single line of SQL-code:

    Select Count() From ZipContents Where RelZipName = '687_l03.10a'
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    Re: Latest Windows 7 update

    That's probably because the system in question *is* "already hacked"... ;)

  30. Re: Whats the fastest way to search zip for string

    You need to download and install the COM-SQLite-Wrapper (vbRichClient5) first,
    before you try to run the Demo-Project.

    The BaseDlls for that are in the Download-section on vbRichClient.com

  31. Re: Whats the fastest way to search zip for string

    IMO this thread (and all the ones before it) outright "cry for a DB",
    to handle all this "List-Filtering and Searching" via SQL.

    Below an example, how one could approach this more...
  32. Re: How to sort file names exactly as Windows Explorer does

    JFYI, since the implemented "CallBack-Interface-EventHandler" is called with a pretty high frequency,
    one should try to minimize CPU-usage wherever possible.

    And currently, there's an avoidable...
  33. Re: vbRichClient5 SVGRenderBox with string instead of filename

    Sorry for the late reply - have missed your post somehow...

    As for "passing SVG-Strings directly" - that's possible, if you convert them to UTF8-ByteArrays beforehand.

    Example1 (using the...
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    Re: ReadDirectoryChanges problem

    I've already taken a look at the VB6-Example-Code you've posted in a Zip.
    It's not well-written IMO - (will cause instabilities due to the CreateThread-API-usage - and it will skip...
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    Re: copy a record

    If you query your Table with a PID, which results in only one single Record, then there's "nothing to sort" in either Ascending or Descending Order -
    (which is what Asc and Desc Keywords mean in...
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    Re: ReadDirectoryChanges problem

    To determine, whether ReadDirectoryChangesW is the right API for your use-case,
    you could use the RC5-implementation for a short test, whether the approach is suitable at all for your purposes:

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    Re: copy a record

    Since "correct ordering" is involved, I wouldn't use a Group By Clause (to ensure a single Record).

    Instead one could use a Record-Limitation-Clause (like "Top" or "Limit") in the SQL, accompanied...
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    Re: Buffersize, bytes HTTP RPC

    I'd reduce the BufferSize to < 1MB (for example 256KB per uploaded chunk should work fine)...
    And then I would rewrite the whole thing (on both ends - Client and Server) more cleanly (max. 10 lines...
  39. Re: Find the closest Number compare to a list of Numbers VB6

    In ascending order of what exactly... the Textbox-IDs, or the TextBox-Values?

    In other words, what's your preferred result, when the following was entered?
    Textbox1: 1
    Textbox2: 1
    Textbox3: 1...
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    Re: Problem in my Application

    Still not enough information ... can only take a wild guess, that ensuring a:

    xxx.CursorLocation = adUseClient

    ...in all your ADO-Objects (Cnn, Cmd, Recordset) - would rule a few potential...
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