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    Re: Remote Mysql POS

    The error indicates that the update failed, most likely due to bad data. You say it happens when you insert a space into the textbox, could it be that you are exceeding the field length for the db?...
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    Re: export listview to textbox

    In more explicit terms, clear the text box, add the checked items to it. This of course should be done in a sub routine that gets called whenever you need to update the text in the text box.
    So long...
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    Re: export listview to textbox

    My first thought is to just rebuild the text in the text box. That would be a simple and foolproof way to do it and would be plenty fast so long as we are not talking a large number of items.
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    Re: The MSCOMCTL32.OCX Mystery

    I checked on my Windows 7 machine and the file mentioned above does not exist on it. It does have Sp6 installed and of course has the MSComCtl.OCX as well as all the other files you would expect to...
  5. Re: Any other language environments as easy to use and robust as VB6?

    If you do go the M2 route make sure to get the x4 version the base versions are about the same speed as a sata ssd but the x4 versions are quite a lot faster. I am using the Samsung 960 Evo, a bit...
  6. Re: Any other language environments as easy to use and robust as VB6?

    On my newest box VS17 takes only about 2-3 seconds to fully load [just the ide, no project loaded] no tweaks have been done to increase the load speed on that one. Vb6 is a little faster would be a...
  7. Re: Any other language environments as easy to use and robust as VB6?

    I don't know VB6 launches pretty quick on my systems. Pretty much instant on the old XP box and the only delay under the newer ones is caused by the UAC. For some reason there is always a lag before...
  8. Re: Any other language environments as easy to use and robust as VB6?

    B4J seems pretty decent and has the additional benefit of being able to develop for non widows systems. I have not dived deeply into it so unclear has to how much you can actually do with it but I...
  9. Re: Game server+ Game Launcher on server or local host

    Well first off how much do you know about TCP/IP and or UDP communications?

    If you haven't worked with Winsock using TCP/IP yet then this is the place to start. There are tons of examples out...
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    Re: How to create a Form at run-time

    I guess someone did not scroll down on the page. The first piece of code is indeed .Net C# specifically but the piece lower on the page is VB6
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    Re: VB6 program install on Win10 64bit

    You should not be installing the data access components. ADO is already on every OS of the last 20 years or so, no need to install it.
    Try removing that from your installer and see if you have...
  12. Re: Reading writing from to the same txt file "rs232"

    Depending on what you are actually trying to do it may be better to just not use a file at all and send the data using UDP
  13. Re: Reading writing from to the same txt file "rs232"

    Here is a link to the options that can be used with the VB Open statement

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    Re: variable not defined

    and you really should get away from naming vars things like nn. Var names should be at least somewhat meaningful so that when you or someone else comes back to your code you have an idea what they...
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    Re: Option Explicit Ignored

    The background compile should only be available if compile on demand is turned on.
    If the compile on demand is turned off then I would expect it to behave as it does when starting with full compile....
  16. Re: Reading writing from to the same txt file "rs232"

    Have you tried using the shared option in your open statements?
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    Re: Error 52: Bad File Name

    Well that depends on what is stored in dbPath. Typically that message would indicate a bad [invalid or nonexisting] path\file name
    If dbpath is empty then it would likely give an access denied error...
  18. Re: Numeric Property returns 0 although we did not assign 0

    Actually you can not assign Null to a string. Doing so will result in an invalid use of Null error. By default a string is empty. Numeric variables default to 0.
  19. Re: how can ı fix it vb6 setup error mscomct2?

    Did you create a new setup after you ran into the issue? If not then try that first as that is simple and easy.
    No I do not think the out of date dependency would cause that error message.
  20. Re: Capture hotkey and insert text in textbox

    Why would you want that? Code tags preserve fomatting and allow for readability but they also allow for copy and pasting code without issue where as highlight is often harder to read due to the...
  21. Re: how can ı fix it vb6 setup error mscomct2?

    Also keep in mind that if you are doing this on you development machine then that control is already installed and registered properly so running regsvr does nothing at all.
  22. Re: how can ı fix it vb6 setup error mscomct2?

    Like I said there is no reason to manually register. The error message in your earlier post indicates an issue with your setup file on the line shown which says to me that either there is an error on...
  23. Re: how can ı fix it vb6 setup error mscomct2?

    Is the file included in your setup cab file?

    Have you tried recreating the setup file?

    There is no need to manually register anything nor is there any need to download the VB6 runtime files....
  24. Re: delete all files and subfolders

    Kill is used to delete a file
    RMDIR is used to remove a folder but the folder should be empty before you remove it.

    To remove a directory tree in pure vb code some looping and/or a recursive...
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    Re: improve this code lags because of loop

    One thing that jumps out at me right off is that you dim numberr as integer then assign a static string value to it in your loop which is definitely a no no. Not only are you doing a string...
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    Re: Detect power outage

    Every UOS I have saw over the last 15 years or so have had some kind of interface on them serial, usb or ethernet often they have more than one interface available.
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    Re: Center Picture2 in Picture1

    Use something along the lines of

    top= (Picture1.ScaleHeight-picture2.height)/2
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    Re: How to make image flash on and off?

    Looks like VB.Net code rather than classic VB.

    That said you can get rid of most of that code by replacing both if blocks with a simple one liner

    PictureBox1.Visible = Not PictureBox1.Visible
  29. Re: ADO Querying a table based on a field without a key

    It may also help to know what DB you are using and what field type you are using.
    Could it be that your db is set for case sensitivity or that you are runnign into an issue with leading or trailing...
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    Re: Tracking Docket

    Does the website in question provide an API?
    If yes then you should have a look at their documentation of the API and see if that will do the job.
    If no then does the web site allow you to grab...
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    Re: P-Code vs Native vs Crashing

    Have you set any of the optimization settings in the compiler? If so then it may be possible that a setting there is causing a problem.
  32. Re: How do i remove all know space from string

    A very odd choice for an example string. Brings to mind the question are you wanting to remove actual spaces or the word space?
  33. Re: Software requires elevation on one computer but not normally

    Just a wild guess here but have you looked at the UAC properties on that PC. Could be that it has been cranked up to a higher level causing it to behave differently than what you see on other...
  34. Re: how to disable 'Printing..." message from printer

    I don't remember ever seeing such a message. I don't know if it is something added in a later version of Windows or if it is from your print driver. I use an HP laser jet under Windows 7 when I print...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] "If" question

    Yep I always use () for grouping when using and or combos and also use them on any math that uses a mix of operations as that eliminates any chance of flubbing up the order of operations and makes...
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    Re: schstats and output txt

    Also be aware that your target location is the root of the C drive which is very problematic and should never be done by your program.
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    Re: Controlling the Mouse Pointer Speed

    FYI: I was not assuming anything. I read what you posted and when you said it worked you mentioned nothing about vars only the numbers 1 and 10. You apparently assumed that it was understood but all...
  38. Re: Last 5% of the project takes 50% of the time to complete...

    I always store all code on a different drive from the OS and in a shred folder that can be accessed by other PCs on the network. I generally try to keep copies of this folder on another drive in...
  39. Re: Last 5% of the project takes 50% of the time to complete...

    In reference to the corruption and IDE crash. Thankfully this has never happened to me in VB but I did have an issue back in the GW Basic days that cost me a almost full days work. Apparently I had a...
  40. Re: how can find date of birth in two different date

    That does not make any sense at all. First of all 1/21/1190 is not less than 1/1/1950 and if it were then it would also be less than 1/1/1999

    I assume that you mean you want to see if the date...
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