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    Re: Excel File to Resource File

    Another option that extracts a worksheet to something more palatable:



    Option Explicit

    Private rsData As ADODB.Recordset
  2. Re: Is there a way to automatically set Compatibility Mode to Windows XP

    MSCOMCTL.OCX does not come with Windows, any version. Your installer must deploy it.

    If it is already present something else put it there. If your program can't find it without using an...
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    Re: Programming Language Popularity

    I just watched a little more and I can say with conviction that it is fiction.

    You can even tell where he pulled those number from. I hope he remembered to wash his hands afterward.
  4. Re: Automation Error In .EXE mode only

    Early binding only works with the version the program was compiled against.

    Late binding is more flexible but only works for features that a group of the versions has in common. It can also be a...
  5. Re: Automation Error In .EXE mode only

    I think either Excel was misinstalled at some point or else something went wrong on uninstall or replacement.

    Nothing works without some version of Excel installed. You can't automate what isn't...
  6. Re: Automation Error In .EXE mode only

    You probably are using the same user account, right?

    Most likely when you run elevated your program is seeing the real registry entries which are correct at this point. When you run as a standard...
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    Re: MAC OSX button issue

    Are you sure those bordering pixels don't use alpha translucency?
  8. Re: Automation Error In .EXE mode only

    Elevated vs. standard user runs?
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    Re: how to get crc from zip

    If you make use of zlibwapi.dll you can get the CRC along with the Name (and other things if you really want them) of each item.

    Here's a wrapper class for the purpose.


    You'll need a...
  10. Re: How to get the "User-Agent" when sending data with WinHttp.WinHttpRequest?

    The value written to the registry is in HKCU so there shouldn't be any requirement for elevated runs.

    You can use API calls to verify/write the value, I just used WScript.Shell for a quick and...
  11. Re: treeview,listview,list1 filter question ( interesting question )

    Another alternative might be to use the same string as both the Key and Text for each node as long as you know the values are unique. Then to do the matching you can try to retrieve a left TreeView...
  12. Re: treeview,listview,list1 filter question ( interesting question )

    I don't know what you are asking.

    Taking a guess, I'll assume the left TreeView holds some gigantic list of Zip archive names that come from somewhere. Under those there are child nodes...
  13. Re: .net Core possibly a proper vb6 replacement

    The garbage collection is the performance sucker. If you carefully hand-manage disposing stuff you might tweak it up or just as easily make matters worse. As long as you max out the RAM on the...
  14. Re: Game server+ Game Launcher on server or local host

    Well, you have to consider that most people are behind a NAT router, so you'll have to map the port(s) you need from the WAN side of the router to a machine on the LAN side or else look into the...
  15. Re: Any other language environments as easy to use and robust as VB6?

    So much of what is in vogue right now seems to be "dark world" command line oriented scripting languages. Adding any kind of halfway usable UI is usually an afterthought with no clear direction and...
  16. Re: Reading writing from to the same txt file "rs232"

    We also have the Mailslots facility. Similar to UDP in some ways but part of Microsoft Networking for a very long time.
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    Re: adding ref to .tlb or.dll

    The TypeLib isn't used at runtime. It is basically a predigested form of source code, used by the compiler.

    The only exception might be a program that makes use of the TypeLib Information Library...
  18. Re: how to populate listview with this file

    Don't both ListView and TreeView have a 32767 node limit anyway?

    I'd use SAX2 and the MSHFlexGrid for this sort of thing. Assuming of course that it makes sense to list everything, which I doubt....
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    Re: Option Explicit Ignored

    VS/VB6 is licensed to the developer, not the machine.

    It can't be shared. If you have 100 programmers you need 100 licenses, even if you only have one PC.
  20. Re: How to get the "User-Agent" when sending data with WinHttp.WinHttpRequest?

    FYI, same scenario but some tweaks to create/remove a registry entry:

    Option Explicit

  21. Re: Windows 85, version 1.0, with Arpanet access and Reversi

    As far as I can tell Windows 7 has been the most problematic version for developers.

    Much of this was really due to MS Office though. As they were pushed to put out a gratuitously 64-bit edition...
  22. Re: VB6 program generates 3706 Provider error with 64-bit Office 365

    What's with the disturbing trend of referring to ADO as "ADODB?" Yes, one of the ADO libraries is named ADODB, but there are several others such as ADOX, ADOR, JRO, and on and on.

    Hasn't anyone...
  23. Re: how to populate listview with this file

    I can't tell how many of these questions are headed down the rabbit hole of trying to use controls in place of data structures. There doesn't seem to be any reason to display the information and...
  24. Re: How to get the "User-Agent" when sending data with WinHttp.WinHttpRequest?

    Took me some digging to find it.

    Microsoft's online developer support site is almost worthless these days. I had to go back and look through MSDN CDs and didn't find it until I was all the way...
  25. Re: FYI: Per-Monitor/System DPI awareness testing in IDE got a bit easier

    I wonder what this actually does?

    I suspect that it sniffs the DPI setting and applies one of the DPI appcompat shims depending on the setting.
  26. Re: How to get the "User-Agent" when sending data with WinHttp.WinHttpRequest?


    Option Explicit

    'Reference to: Microsoft HTML Object Library

    Private Sub Main()
    With New MSHTML.HTMLDocument
    MsgBox .parentWindow.navigator.userAgent
  27. Re: AllocateAndGetTcpExTableFromStack in win 7

    Get a job, hippie.
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    Re: archiveint.dll?

    I'd thought the pattern looked familiar, that explains it.

    I suppose Microsoft might have renamed the DLL to avoid colliding with some other version a user application installed.
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    Re: archiveint.dll?

    Yeah I just opened it in Depends. Not sure about the underscore prefix on exports though.
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    Re: What is going on with IE 11

    Windows 10 still has IE 11.

    Edge was slated to be replaced by a new browser based on Chromium, but is supposed to retain the Edge name. Not sure where that's at though, I never run Edge on...
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    Re: wait unit finished

    I'm positive we've had threads on this here before. It's a real issue because people keep running into it.
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    Has anyone investigated archiveint.dll yet?

    This appears to be a version of the libarchive library used by tar.exe included in newer version of Windows 10 (1809 and later?).

    I'm not sure it was...
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    Re: wait unit finished

    I'm pretty certain the file will not be closed.

    The close is a "lazy" operation and doesn't get fully performed until the runtime gets a breath to perform the long list of things it does after all...
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    Get List of Zip Contents

    The zlibwapi.dll is a stdcall library that combines Zlib and MiniZip.

    See Minizip: Zip and UnZip additionnal library.

    This demo shows how to make some of its "unzip" calls to get a directory...
  35. Re: load list why is it not loading the last file.

    I suspect it is solved, but until somebody explains the Thread Tools menu again I doubt we'll see him use it.

    It would have been easier if I had either not tried to simplify things by adding...
  36. Re: Details on How to Use Named Pipe for Communicating with Chess Engine

    That's an option but using the scripting library like that is a little clunky.

    First I'd avoid using it late-bound. There is no advantage in doing so and you sacrifice both Intellisense and the...
  37. Re: load list why is it not loading the last file.

    The code has some issues, but the problem it was meant to solve is a bit weird.

    This thread seems to be a continuation of a previous one, so there is a lot more code that wasn't shown here. I...
  38. Re: [RESOLVED] delete all files and subfolders

    I just picture somebody unable to understand what is going on copy/pasting code they don't understand then tinkering with it. Suddenly they delete half of their boot partition and the system won't...
  39. Re: how can ı fix it vb6 setup error mscomct2?

    DEP files contain "dependency information." The wizard verifies mscomct2.ocx against mscomct2.dep and finds a mismatch. That raises the possibility that the instructions in the DEP file are now...
  40. Re: [RESOLVED] delete all files and subfolders

    I'm sure there is a language barrier issue here. But that makes these kinds of threads feel even more like a 3 year old asking for gasoline and matches and irresponsible adults freely handing it...
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