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    Re: getElementById Not Working

    Could you attach the relevant Excel sheets and VBA code here? Perhaps others can help you convert it to vbscript.
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    Re: Random Number

    Shouldn't you also mention that it is a good idea to seed the random number generator used by Rnd() function by executing the Randomize statement when the program first starts?
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    Re: Cartooners File Viewer

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    Re: Overflow Error

    I don't have access to vb6 right now so I can't test this but try:

    Dim product As Long
    product = 24& * 60& * 60& * 1000&
    MsgBox product

    The ampersands should force the numbers to be...
  5. Re: CreateProcess API function question->

    No, not since the last install or upgrade. Oh plain Shell doesn’t work anymore. I really hate these unpredictable errors.
  6. Re: CreateProcess API function question->

    Oh and CreateProcess didn't work at all:

    Option Explicit

    hProcess As Long
    hThread As Long
    dwProcessId As Long
    dwThreadId As Long
  7. Re: CreateProcess API function question->

    Using Shell:

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Shell "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\excel.exe d:\book1.xlsx"
    End Sub

    Using ShellExecuteA
  8. Re: CreateProcess API function question->

    Possibly, but doesn't CreateProcess offer more features than that over the Shell statement? I am hoping CreateProcess will solve an issue I haven't been able to fix using Shell or ShellExectuteA. I...
  9. Re: CreateProcess API function question->

    I made the specified changes and ... it works! Thank you! Oh, and with regard to using the wrong datatypes, I should have paid more attention to that. Makes me thankful for vb.net's "Option Strict".
  10. CreateProcess API function question->


    I am trying to write a vb6 app which launches another program using the CreateProcess API function:

    Option Explicit

    hProcess As Long
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    VS 2012 Re: check port

    Wrong forum. Look up netstat.
  12. Re: How do I export a VB 2010 Project on a PC to become a VB 2019 Project on a laptop

    Your entire project should be in a directory, likely somewhere in your user's profile directory. Locate it and copy it to your laptop as you would any other directory. There are several ways, just...
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    Re: Modal Form

    Set the form's startup position to "CenterScreen" and use the "ShowDialog" method to make it appear as a modal form.
  14. Re: the program doesn't work right. it must took values from file Avto_a.accdb from t

    Use code tags. And why aren't you using this forum's attachment feature? EDIT: Also you can use "Do Until" instead "Do While Not".
  15. Re: what does this code do? Can you explain? Can you give me manual in internet?

    As far as I can tell the code you posted uses Microsoft ADO to access a database and execute a query. Have a look at this thread:...
  16. Re: Renaming files listed at listbox_Code for "Rename" buttom?


    Could you post your project's files in an attachment? That will make it easier to see what you are doing and to help you.
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    Re: PixelsToTwipsX

    Vb.net doesn't support twips. What are you trying to do?
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    Re: getElementById Not Working

    A few tips:
    1. Use code tags when posting code. (The "#" button when you're writing a post.)
    2. Use a HTML validator, that code doesn't look complete.
    3. Dispose of objects created in your script...
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    Re: How To Show Pop Search Results

    Need more information. What is that a screenshot of? What type of program are you trying to write? Do you have any code to show?
  20. Re: VB6 system Tray issue in Windows 10 toast tray Icon.

    Please use code tags.
  21. Re: Is it possible to make a ComboBox item non-selectable?

    Could you post your code and explain what you mean by "kludgey"?
  22. Re: MS Outlook and VBA - Reading HTML from already open Chrome page

    Your code uses ActiveX controls specifically meant for Microsoft Internet Explorer and therefore won't work with Chrome. Could you be more specific about what you are trying to do?
  23. VS 2017 Re: Confirm a changed password

    I can't help with your question specifically, but based on what you posted here I have some coding tips:
    1. Always initialize your variables when you declare them. For example: "Dim pWord2Length As...
  24. Re: Center in Form horizontally for controls on Form resize

    Your explanation is hard to follow. Perhaps you could provide a sketch of what you want? Look up the Anchor and Dock properties, maybe those will be of help.
  25. Re: Publishing a database project from Visual Studio 2017

    I have noticed that when I use SQL Express I sometimes need to go to the Services Control Panel app to start the "SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)" service manually.
  26. Thread: SendSAS

    by Peter Swinkels

    Re: SendSAS

    Perhaps you should post more code. I had to lookup several API declarations and several procedures that are not included are being called by your code.
  27. Re: Need help with increasing the speed of my code

    To the OP: you should also use code tags when posting code. Have a look at the "#" button when posting a message.
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    Re: ReadFileDirectlyToString

    Not sure if this is useful, but: did you know you can use GetLastError to check for error codes immediately after an API function call and FormatMessage to retrieve the message associated with that...
  29. Re: error while opening the excel file from vb.net

    You didn't answer my questions. Could you post the entire project?
  30. VS 2010 Re: exporting datagridview with images to excel

    First of all: use code tags! I made some changes to your code:

    Imports Microsoft.Office.Core
    Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop
    Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
    Imports System.Diagnostics...
  31. Re: error while opening the excel file from vb.net

    Full code? And where is the OpenFileDialog object comming from? The ones in Microsoft.Win32 and System.Windows.Forms don't appear to have properties/fields your code is referencing.
  32. Re: what is weakness and problems with this code?

    Since you couldn't be bothered to use code tags or supply any useful code... I have absolutely no idea. Here are two tips: use code tags and lookup the System.Text.StringBuilder class.
  33. Re: Differentiating between F4 and ALT-F4

    Not sure what you're trying to do. However to check whether the alt key is being/has been pressed use the following condition in If statements:
    (Shift And vbAltMask) = vbAltMask This only works in...
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    Re: Cartooners File Viewer

    Okay, I decided to reopen this after a long while. Bump. See top post for more.
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    Re: Append file to existing file

    Hi, a few comments on your code:
    1. Try to avoid variable names that conflict with other object names in your code. "file" in your case specifically. Change it and you don't need the fully qualified...
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    Re: Need help with API's

    Here's a tip for working with Windows API functions in general: When replying to another user's related API question...
  37. Re: Don't understand For...Next loop

    A few minor observations, I noticed the SquaresAroundTarget array has a lower bound of 1. Why? Also since in vb6 it's possible to use any integer value as a lower bound I prefer not to hardcode the...
  38. VS 2013 Re: In File Browser How can I get (open) Treeview Nodes by Click ListView Folder ?

    This looks like vb6 code and this is a .net forum. Also use code tags when posting code.

    Oops, the question was about converting vb6 code to .NET. Sorry.
  39. Re: componant name or similar activeX to a deck

    You need to post a larger image, I can't read the text.
  40. Re: open child window with EnumChildWindows vba

    1. Are you using Visual Basic 6.0 or Visual Basic.net? It looks like Visual Basic 6.0 but please specify.
    2. Please use code tags to enclose your code in your forum posts.
    3. Your message is...
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