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    Re: web page that follow xhtml 1.0 strict!!

    Should one be using that concept when declaring Javascript as well?

    <script language="javascript 1.0">
    /* <[CDATA[ */
    javascript code
    /* ]]> */
  2. To make an ActiveX control or use the WebBrowser Control?

    Hello everybody,

    This is my second, er third post here. I'm excited to see such a vibrant forum on VB. I hope I can make some worthwhile contributions in the future. Let me say thanks ahead of...
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    Re: Question about abortion.

    That's a very interesting perspective. Consider this:

    1. If a foreknowledge of a person's destructive actions are known before they are ever committed, should that person be judged and sentenced...
  4. Re: Classic VB - Does Visual Basic 6 support Unicode?

    Let me provide an alternative. You can use Office 2000 activeX controls, otherwise known as the Forms 2.0 (FM20.dll) I use in all the senerios (at least I think I have) that you mentioned.

    But you...
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