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    Re: Database Security

    First of all, all sensitive information should be stored encrypted in the database. So, even if someone knowing the password to access cannot simply read it.

    And if you have the need to share the...
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    Re: Enums and boolean logic

    It is a BitMask operation with the AND operator.

    The e.State property can hold one o more values (ex: Selected + Checked + Marked) of ListViewItemStates enum, and the comparision (e.State And...
  3. VS 2010 Re: How to convert this piece of sql code to oledb command?

    Actually, you should have an additional field that contains an ID that identifies the user, it can be a number, a string or even use a value that identifies it (in case of a person, something like...
  4. VS 2017 Re: Make a menu for several software

    Hey there:

    In my office we have solved that situation with an application that serves as the main menu. This application handles the user's login and then shows the list of applications to which...
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    Re: CreateProcess API function question->

    Do you have set the default program for the * .xlsx files?

    I have used ShellExecute for years to open any type of files (in fact, I have the API call encapsulated in my own function and I use that...
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    VS 2012 Implemnt COM interface (vb6) in .Net

    Hello people:

    I come to you with a situation that I would like to solve and for which I ran out of ideas. I will be direct and ask what I need, if you want to know the reasons and why then I will...
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