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  1. VS 2019 Re: Deployment of a simple program with database for standalone use

    Populate some textboxes from one record. The ID of the record is given in GiQSOid (as it was in the previous post).

    Using myConn As New SQLiteConnection(GsConString)

  2. VS 2019 Re: Deployment of a simple program with database for standalone use

    Update a table using parameters (use the same import as previous post)

    Using connection As New SQLiteConnection("Data Source=c:\mydatabase.db3;version=3")

    Dim cmd As String...
  3. VS 2019 Re: Deployment of a simple program with database for standalone use

    This is how I connect a DataGridView to a table:

    Imports System.Data.SQLite

    Private Sub Connect_DGV()

    Dim myConn As New SQLiteConnection("Data...
  4. VS 2017 Re: Check for blank/empty cells in DataGridView Column

    As I understand it, you want to check if ANY row has a null/empty value in a particular cell. Say you have that condition on the first row: your original code would detect that and set thereISblanks...
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    Re: ADODB reads results in a strange order

    Add Order By to your SQL. Use the Primary Key or Date or whichever field you like.
  6. VS 2019 Re: Deployment of a simple program with database for standalone use

    My vote goes to SQLite too. You can use SQLiteStudio to set up your tables. The database itself is just one file (usually with a .db3 extension) and then there are a couple of dll's you need to...
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    VS 2017 Re: Confirm a changed password

    Ouch! That code is so sharp I got a paper cut just reading it :-)
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    VS 2017 Re: Guitar Pedal in Vb.NET

    Simple clipped distortion would not be too difficult but anything more sophisticated will require DSP techniques. The first step is to capture some audio and I suggest you look at the NAudio library.
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    Re: Double forms.

    So, you have a form called frmMain.vb. If you use something like frmMain.Show then you are using the default instance. Instead you should use:

    Dim fMain as new frmMain

    ... but...
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    Re: file path removal

    But without the semi-colons (which would be used in C# but not VB).
  11. Re: Is it possible to prevent another keypress event after one key is already pressed

    Without more information, I would wonder why your program can't cope with fast typing. Even a pro typist is very slow compared to the speed of your CPU. Think how many instructions can be executed in...
  12. Re: VS 2010 Cant connect to sql string connection what is wrong?

    Do you really have a folder called ProgramFiles? Normally it is called Program Files with a space between the words. It is a terrible location to read/write data due to security restrictions....
  13. Re: How to convert following C# code to vb.net code

    What's the worst that can happen :D

    This is what Instant VB came up with:

    Private Sub Button_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RoutedEventArgs)
  14. Re: Need help in converting this source code to visual basics please.

    So little of that can be "converted" to VB.NET that you might as well start from scratch. This project of mine might help you along the way:

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    VS 2010 Re: How To Open Printer Queue Panel Window

    A quick Google search found this:

  16. Re: SQL SELECT with multiple condition (SQL Server 2017)

    You seem to be missing a close bracket.
  17. Re: StopWatch Class Error - Object Reference NOT set - SW was Nothing

    Off the top of my head, I think the second option might need to be:

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    Re: Replace code by TextBox1

    You just need to concatenate the strings - something like this:

    Animate = "WELCOME " & txtName.text & " nice to see you again!"

    But of course that would not work in the form load event as...
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    Re: Label image size.

    Why not use a picturebox and then draw your text in the picturebox paint event:

    Private Sub PictureBox1_Paint(sender As Object, e As PaintEventArgs) Handles PictureBox1.Paint
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    Re: 2010 express & VB6 vs 2017

    I recently "upgraded" from VB2010 Express to Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition and found the change to be quite painless. All my projects created in 2010 open fine in 2017 and there is no...
  21. VS 2015 Re: How To Record Video Using WebCam in Vb.net

    The Aforge.NET framework is one way to go. Very easy to use in VB.NET:

  22. VS 2015 Re: Split String keeping single quotes and comma


    Dim MyString As String = "'Text1', 'Text,2', 'The one, or the other', 'The end'"
    Dim MySplit() As String = Regex.Split(MyString, "',")
  23. VS 2015 Re: Split String keeping single quotes and comma

    Can you use a different delimiter? The "pipe" character (|) is quite a good one as it is not likely to appear in normal text.

    Dim MyString as String = "'Text1'| 'Text,2'| 'The one, or the...
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    Re: numericUpDown boxes wont subtract

    The subtraction works fine but you need to put your code in a ValueChanged event if you want to see the effect:

    Private Sub NumericUpDown1_ValueChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)...
  25. VS 2017 Re: SQLite date/time not showing the seconds in DGV

    I may have found the solution to this problem. Being completely new to SQLite I naively set the type of my date/time columns to "DATETIME". It seems that SQLite doesn't properly support datetime...
  26. VS 2017 Re: SQLite date/time not showing the seconds in DGV

    Still looking for help with this. If I save a date/time in ISO8601 format* to the database using an INSERT command, the seconds are shown as expected in SQLiteStudio, but when retrieved with the...
  27. VS 2017 Re: SQLite date/time not showing the seconds in DGV

    OK. Let me work out how to interrogate the datatable. Looking through my projects I only seem to have used datatables bound to data grids.

    EDIT: That didn't take long. I can confirm that the...
  28. VS 2017 [RESOLVED] SQLite date/time not showing the seconds in DGV

    I have just started playing with SQLite as a possible alternative to Access for small file-based databases. I am using SQLiteStudio 3.2.1 to create and populate a database. I have added the...
  29. Re: How can I make a label fade through colors with a timer?

    I would do it this way. Timer set to 1:

    Dim Direction as integer = 1

    Private Sub Timer1_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick

    Red = Red + Direction

  30. Re: VS 2015 TwipsPerPixelY from vb 6 to vb.Net Scrren resize problem

    There are (were) usually 15 twips per pixel. I suspect BitsPerPixel is nothing to do with sizing but literally the number of bits per pixel i.e. 32 for aRGB colour screen modes.
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    VS 2017 Re: Integrating AutoCad to VB.Net

    Have you looked at the AutoCad API? Quite a bit of info on their website.
  32. Thread: weeknumber

    by paulg4ije

    Re: weeknumber

    52 (weeks) x 7 (days) = 364 so I guess December 31st will be week 53. Not sure if there is an "official" way to show the week number for December 31st (and December 30th in leap years).
  33. Re: VS 2015 trying to divide a number with decimal gives me 0 why?

    Not much. If you are sure the contents of your textboxes will always be numbers then you could just about get away with this:

    TxtTotalExpToPay.Text = FormatNumber(Val(TxtCost.Text) /...
  34. VS 2015 Re: Drag & Drop GroupBox into Panel

    Are you talking about doing this in the designer or when your program is running?
  35. VS 2017 Re: Using KeyPress to activate button click

    Set the form's KeyPreview property to True then add this to the form's KeyDown event:

    Private Sub Form1_KeyDown(sender As Object, e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventArgs) Handles Me.KeyDown
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    Re: SAVEAS PDF and Word 2016 and WIndows 10

    Recording a macro whilst saving as PDF in Word 2016 produced this:

    ActiveDocument.ExportAsFixedFormat OutputFileName:= _
  37. Re: [RESOLVED] VS2015 Question Regarding Stored Colors

    Too slow ...:(
  38. Re: [RESOLVED] VS2015 Question Regarding Stored Colors

    Does Dr(9) actually retrieve your number from the database? Something like messagebox.show(Dr(9)) will tell you that. Also, what is the control whose backcolor you are setting? I can't get my head...
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    VS 2017 Re: Help Code about Loop, Paying.

    #8 - put a listbox on a form and then put this code in the form load event:

    For degC As Integer = 0 To 20
    Dim degF As Double = degC * 1.8 + 32
    ListBox1.Items.Add(degC &...
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    VS 2010 Re: auto save

    That doesn't seem to be the case - at least not in Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express. If you add a control to form and then choose not to save the changes when prompted, you only see the old form....
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