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    Re: Ad's in program on Win8

    This list is extensive and very useful. Glad that someone posted this up.
  2. Re: Allowing program to check mysql database for list of names

    I think that won't work because most codes are nested somewhere else. You may try to change the variable declared in the main code then change it that snippet.
  3. Re: Creating an .MSI file with Visual Basic with InstallShield Limited Edition

    Thank you for providing the extension. I am looking for this for the longest time.
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    Re: Allocating memory for execution?

    Enigma works for me. I just hope they improve some of their features and make it smoother to run.
  5. Re: VS2012 Debug Error raises Cannot be null. Parameter Name: key error

    Have you tried to repeat the process because there might some steps that you missed like a little detail perhaps.
  6. Re: How to *drag and drop files to Excel* to get their names?

    I always wish that this can be just a drop and play function in Microsoft Office to make it more simpler and easier.
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