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    VS 2017 Re: Scan files and folders

    Check out the FileSystemWatcher Class (System.IO) | Microsoft Docs
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    Re: Printing help

    I don't see anything to do with printing in your code here, can you post the code you have so we can help troubleshoot it?
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    Re: Run cmd.exe and execute command

    From what I can see with the ProcessStartInfo class you'll want to call cmd.exe as the FileName, whatever args you need in the Arguments property, and to have it request elevated rights (runas admin)...
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    Re: Printing help

    Might want to check out a tutorial: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Printing in .NET - CodeProject
  5. Re: How to make a Windows Forms app run in the background.

    You'll want to use the BackgroundWorker component, have the report generating code happen in the DoWork() event and after you gather the criteria on the form you simply store it in variables and call...
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    PHP User Warning

    Whenever I reply to a thread I'm getting this error message:

    My reply still shows up in the thread just fine, but I still see those messages which reads:
    PHP User Warning:...
  7. VS 2019 Re: Visual Basic ... trouble with writing to a file

    That's because you put this into your project that you shouldn't have:Namespace My
    Friend Class Computer
    Public Shared Property FileSystem As Object
    End Class
    End NamespaceIf you...
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    Re: Problem read extension files

    I was suggesting this:
    For Each fullpath As String In IO.Directory.GetFiles(MyFolderPath)Becomes this:For Each fullpath As String In IO.Directory.GetFiles(MyFolderPath, TextBox2.Text)
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    Re: Problem read extension files

    Actually your code doesn't traverse subfolders either, handling subfolders is easily do-able and you would usually use a sub routine that makes a recursive call for each subfolder found and I don't...
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    Re: Problem read extension files

    First thing I see is this line:'iterate through all files in the MyFolderPath
    For Each fullpath As String In IO.Directory.GetFiles(MyFolderPath)You're not using the "text to find" textbox value for...
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    Re: Using a new TTF (not installed)

    If you use an installer (MSI installer from Microsoft or something else that's free like Inno) allows you to include font(s) to install as part of the install process.
    You can include font(s) that...
  12. Re: [RESOLVED] Opening a file when having partial name and the extension

    How where you having trouble inserting into the database?

    For the record, reading a csv file to insert the rows into the database or scanning the hard drive and inserting the records directly will...
  13. Re: [RESOLVED] Opening a file when having partial name and the extension

    Or have the same process that makes that csv file interact with the database directly.
  14. Re: Opening a file when having partial name and the extension

    Scanning file names on the system is notoriously slow, though with SSD drives the speeds are vastly improved but don't expect those drives to be used in servers.
    That being said I can think of three...
  15. VS 2015 Re: Removing an object from a form

    Every container (forms, panels, groupboxes, etc) all have a Controls collection, simply remove it from the collection and it's not part of the form. Personally I would remove it from the collection...
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    Poll: Re: Which way is yours?

    I do this often enough I've gotten used to seeing it.
    It comes in handy when I have a series of functions that each return a Boolean, this allows them to run through till it finds the one that...
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    Poll: Re: Which way is yours?

    I vote #8 (needs to be added):

    Select Case True
    Case c
    i += 1
    End Select
  18. Re: Help Needed modifying a small Windows Sales Tax calculator app

    Honestly this is just a couple of calculations, should be pretty easy to remake this and have the new program have a spot where you can enter the sales tax percent.
    I could probably make a .Net app...
  19. Re: Change Exe Icon Dynamically - "Me is not valid within a module"

    Short and simple all you really need is an ApplicationContext and NotifyIcon. I have my project set to run as a "Windows Forms Application" and it's set to use "Sub Main" as the Startup...
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    VS 2017 Re: Filepath

    If they are part of the project, you could use the SolutionExplorer window inside visual studio to move them to a new folder inside the project and VS will physically move them in the windows folder...
  21. Re: Change Exe Icon Dynamically - "Me is not valid within a module"

    Sounds like what you're really after is a console program that when ran will display an icon in the system tray (NotificationIcon) that will display either the RightHandIcon or LeftHandIcon based on...
  22. Re: Change Exe Icon Dynamically - "Me is not valid within a module"

    That icon is only set when compiled, so you would have to write a program that would compile your console program on the fly to dynamically change the icon, that means you would have to deploy the...
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    VS 2012 Re: PGP Encryption

    I remember 5 or 6 years ago they added commandline support to their desktop encryption program, you should be able to invoke it and pass it the parameters needed to encrypt or decrypt file(s).
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    Re: Windows 10 fixed

    I've had similar, not Win10 forcing a reboot when I'm in the middle of using it (I have the active hours set) though.

    We connect to our work computers remotely using LogMeIn, so our work systems...
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    Re: If a second screen isn't there

    Personally I would have the code set to do something if there is a 2nd (or more) monitors or do something else if there's only the 1 monitorIf Screen.AllScreens.Count = 1 Then
    'Do something if...
  26. VS 2015 Re: Open folder as a solution in Visual Studio

    What you've been handed is called a "website" which is a type of VS project where there is no solution (.sln) or project (.vbproj) files, what you need to do is open Visual Studio and click File ->...
  27. Re: Should Google be regulated by the government?

    I don't think Google should be regulated unless Amazon, Apple, & Microsoft are all equally regulated too.
    Also as an American our President Trump is an abomination who should never have been allowed...
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    Re: Removing duplicates

    What database system are you using?

    In Sql Server and Amazon Redshift you can use Row_Number Over (Partition By <field(s)> Order By <field(s)>) then use the Where clause to filter by that row...
  29. Re: I want to use a Function inside a sub, how is this done?

  30. Re: I want to use a Function inside a sub, how is this done?

    You could run it as a Scheduled Task to fire every so often, could have it run at Windows Startup via the Windows Registry, or you could install it as a Service with startup with the OS.
  31. Re: Error: "Access to path 'xxx' is denied" when trying to end process from VB.Net

    If you had read the documentation you would know why that wouldn't work. You get an instance of the process first, then call it's Kill() function (hint there's no arguments passed in there either).
  32. Re: New to C# and not sure how to cast this?

    Learn something new everyday, good to know there's a difference. Actually I didn't know there was a 'csharp' option on this forum for the highlight tag, all the other forums I use will use the...
  33. Re: New to C# and not sure how to cast this?

    #1 images of code are the worst, this forum has tags for a reason.

    #2 you have x defined as an integer (by definition can't have decimal values) and you're multiplying it by 0.3 (a decimal value)...
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    Re: Windows Notfification

    My understanding is the .Net NotifyIcon utilizes the windows messaging system, in Win10 that's the Action Center, but since the NotifyIcon is simplified the screenshot Beanoid provided is all it'll...
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    Re: Windows Forms & Microsoft Store

    Ultimately it'd do you more good long run to learn UWP.
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    VS 2017 Re: Using 1-wire in Visual Basic

    The VS 2008 (.Net 2.0) one should be able to be upconverted to VS 2017 and at least target the 4.0 FW without issue, but I wont be able to test it since I don't have one of those devices.
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    VS 2010 Re: Comparing strings in textfiles

    Since the whole text file is read in as one big string I assume when you say you've compared them as whole rather than strings you mean you want to compare each line.

    There are two ways to do...
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    VS 2015 Re: 600 Million records - Help please

    Or cloud processing like Amazon Redshift.
    Redshift is able to have us process things like 900 million records in 10 minutes instead of the 1.5 hours it takes Sql Server and Oracle to do the same.
  39. VS 2017 Re: SaveFileDialog in ConsoleApplication with list?

    What does any of this have to do with a SaveFileDialog as the title of the thread says?
    As for the lists and loops, see Shaggy's response.
  40. VS 2017 Re: How to make the button as selected (background color)?

    You don't need to do anything special, just use a RadioButton set to Button style and let Windows do the rest as you have already shown in this screenshot. That way it looks professional conforming...
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