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  1. Re: VB6 Unexpected Error on Windows 7

    These icons were on the VB6 forms rather than in a resource file. I thought I'd mention that in case it was relevant to the suggesting of ordering. As far as I am aware, the IDE cannot be made to...
  2. Re: VB6 Unexpected Error on Windows 7

    The forms in this application were given high-resolution icons (256x256). Although VB6 can't make full use of these, it all seems to work well under XP and Windows Server 2003. The expectation was...
  3. [RESOLVED] VB6 Unexpected Error on Windows 7

    A forms-based VB6 application that runs on XP and Windows Server 2003 fails on Windows 7 with "Unexpected Error", even before the first form is launched.

    (I will be answering myself as I've just...
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