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    How to add scroll bar in content page?

    There are about 20 content pages in application with the same master page.

    Master page only has company logo and application title.

    How to add scroll bar so that various screen resolution...
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    Where To Put Error.Txt File?

    I created an error.txt file to save catches error as code below.

    Catch ex As Exception
    SaveTextToFile("Error in Main_load" & ex.ToString, "Error.txt")//savetexttofile is a function
  3. Thread: Run batch file

    by aspfun

    Run batch file

    There a batch file order.bat like below. 12345 is a order number (it is variable) and aspfun is user name. (it is variable)

    D:\MYORDER\ORDER.EXE 12345$aspfun

    When double click order.bat will...
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    Need to upgrade to VS 2019 from VS 2017?

    VS 2019 was released.
    I search for what is new in vs 2019 but found that there is nothing special new features.
    Is it worth to upgrade?
  5. How to update one page after publish application?

    There are about 10 pages in one application.

    After publishing application to web server how to update only one page, including aspx and vb without re-publish?

    Users are in application in 24...
  6. How to get system error message in vb page?

    In web.config I used code below to disable custom errors.

    <customErrors mode="Off" />

    To view errors for debug, I need to call IT to get errors in web server in event viewer.

    If I add code...
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    Integer data type in text box

    There is a column [VisitID] in table OFFICE_VISIT which data type is integer.

    There is a text box will store data from column [VisitID]

    How to declare variable for this text box?

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    Keep mouse auto clicking

    Most of time I am working at home using Gotomypc to remote access my pc in company.
    But, Gotomypc will auto disconnect after 10 minutes if I did not touch mouse or keyboard.
    Is there a simple code...
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    Scroll bars in body section

    In ASPX page, I add CSS as below.

    Both vertical and horizontal scroll bars display but grey out.

    How to make scroll bars showing and working?

    .mybody {
    margin: 0;
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    Make company logo always visible

    Please open CNN at https://www.cnn.com/

    No matter you zoom in or zoom out (Ctrl +, Ctrl -), CNN logo and menu are always visible.

    How to make it happen?
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    Input key to hash password

    I used code below to hash password.

    How to input key to hash, using letter or number?

    Public Shared Function Encrypt(ByVal stringToEncrypt As String, ByVal key As String) As String
    DES.Key =...
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    Encrypt Password

    I used encrypt code to save password in a table.
    For example, if user Smith Rice login password is "Pass987$$" will save as "DLMyAdxvqXzOWZB5BuyW1YFR4JftD7jkQP/VHBHPTH8=" after encrypt.
    But IT...
  13. Re: Display a label in parent form and then open a child form

    I used timer to delay form2 show.
    It works.
  14. Re: Display a label in parent form and then open a child form

    Form2 will do PDF files merge. Sometime there are about a few hundred files to be merged.
  15. Re: Display a label in parent form and then open a child form

    No, did not work
  16. Display a label in parent form and then open a child form

    On Form1, there is a button1 and a label1 displaying text "Please wait..."
    When I click Button1, I want to display label1 and then open Form2.
    But, label1 never display when I click Button1.
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    How add security for password?

    I used code below to save user's register user name and password.
    It is not security because password is readable.
    How to encrypt password and save to SQL?

    Dim cn As New...
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    Help to modify code for image merge

    I learn how to merge images files from here.


    But, this code put two pages in one page.

    How to modify code to merge two...
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    How to merge images stored in the list?

    I used code to stored multiple images in list.
    How to merge images stored in the list?

    Dim imagelist As List(Of Image) = New List(Of Image)
    Dim ds As New DataSet
    Dim i As Integer
  20. Merge multiple image files which stored in SQL as varbanary data

    I need to create a project to merge multiple image files which stored in SQL as varbanary data.

    Here is code to get image

    Dim imageInBytes As Byte() = ds.Tables(0).Rows(0)("IMAGECOPY")
  21. Win Form Control To Display Binary Data As MemoryStream

    I am looking for a win form control to display binary data as MemoryStream.
    The binary source are converted from GIF, JPG, TIF, HTML image file and stored in a SQL table.
    Please help.
  22. Error: The Specified Executable Is Not A Valid Application For This OS

    I used code below open a PDF file but got a error said

    The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform

    But, if I open non-security folder as Process.Start(FILE_NAME)...
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    Open a PDF file with security

    I used code below to open high security file in folder order and require to pass one user's account and password.
    But, Process.Start did have this option.
    Is there another command will do this job?...
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    How to pass a parameter to exe file?

    My project created a test.exe file from the code below.
    How does user to run test.exe and pass parameter like below without type CMD to command line?

    test.exe testikcompleted

    Private Sub...
  25. Create a PDF file and then save into a file server

    I need to create asp.net project to create PDF file in which some data coming from SQL server.

    This PDF file need to save into a file server.

    Where to start?
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    Winform Project Send An Email Error

    I used code below to send an email from a winform project.
    But some users got an error and some user sent the email successfully.
    How to fix it? What should I tell IT to fix?

    Dim myMail As New...
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    Assigning Multiple Values To A Variable

    In SQL, I can use code below to assign multiple values to a variable.

    select * from flower where color in ('red', 'yellow', 'green')

    How make this code working in vb.net like below?

    select *...
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    How to include framework into exe file?

    I completed a winform project and copied all dll files and exe file from bin\debug to one folder myproject in a server.
    User only need to click exe file, application will work.
    This way is working...
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    Call a function from another form

    There are two forms in my project, main.vb and Edit.vb.
    By clicking a button in Main form will open Edit form to update data.
    Once clicking Submit button in Edit form, how to call a function in...
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    Make Combox LimitToList Working

    I used combobox and binding with dataset. It works fine.

    I have one question.

    Combobox is drop down style and lists some colors like below.


  31. Extract PDF in SQL table and save them into a file saver as PDF file

    One table from another company in which a lot of PDF files were saved as binary data in one column.
    How to extract PDF in SQL table and save them into a file saver as PDF file?*

    Thank you for help
  32. Refresh form1 to reflect new records which modified from form2?

    Here is my project.
    1) open form1 and load gridview1,
    2) from a button in form1, open form2 and load records from a selected row of gridview1, modify records in form2 and then save to SQL
  33. Send out an email to more than 500 recipients

    I used code below to send out an email to more than 500 recipients using a loop.
    "mailto" is the recipients from a table in which there are more than 500 recipients.
    But got an error said that
  34. Make panel at center of screen regardless of the size of monitor

    There are two monitor's size in our company: 23 inch and 17 inch.

    In a winform, I added a panel as pnlMain and set its size=1200,700

    In order to make panel at the center of screen, I added code...
  35. What image control will display image and allow user to zoom in or out?

    In a desktop project, what image control will display image and allow user to zoom in or out?
  36. How to make horizontal scrolling bar always stay at meddle of iframe?

    *I added a iframe in one web page as code below.

    <iframe src="GetHandler.ashx" height="350" width="400" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

    In GetHandler.ashx, a jpg image file will load.

    How to make...
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    Image control URL

    I added a image control to display jpg files which are store at a file server (UNC format)

    \\server\image\sample.jpg (More image files)

    I tried to link to this file from image control property,...
  38. Importing Excel to datatatable, all number character will not import and left as Null

    I learn import a Excel file into a datatable from this link.


    Second column of Excel file is text type and data stored like "EMP"...
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    SSH.NET loading error

    I followed the link to create a sftp client.


    It works fine in my local pc and exe file sftp.exe was...
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    Code to check all text boxes

    I used code below to check all text boxes but never work.
    All the textboxes directly on the form
    What is wrong? (I want to force user to input data into all text boxes)

    Private Sub...
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