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  1. Poll: Re: How many people do you know personally who are invested in crypto currencies?

    thanks for your comments and everyone who took part in the poll so far. It's still open and i welcome further votes.

    I'm in cryptos since summer 2017 and yes there was a crash but what was nice to...
  2. Poll: How many people do you know personally who are invested in crypto currencies?

    How many people do you know personally who are invested in crypto currencies (yourself included)?
  3. Re: Locate Wrapped Words in a RichTextBox

    you can try the GetPositionFromCharIndex property of the richtextbox and work out intentional (cr+lf) and generated wraps.
  4. Re: 'Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'DataGridView'.'

    ah, i see, and "Attendance" is the name of the form, right?

    is IsATTOpened set anywhere else? and from where is the sub DGVSize being called? it does not have a handles clause so i am wondering.
  5. VS 2017 Re: VB.Net Web service, client app to share the same dll

    you say "use the same dll in a web service" can you explain a bit more about that "web service"?
  6. Re: 'Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'DataGridView'.'

    where is all that code you posted placed? if most is in the form i would suggest you get that out into a module, and change it so that it works on an explicit instance of your display form instead of...
  7. Re: VIEW is slow - the query itself runs fast

    Sounds like an issue with "Parameter sniffing" to me. although usually mentioned in sproc context, i am not 100% sure if that is also valid with views.
    comparing the execution plan is a good...
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    Re: Better database access method

    afaik the driver you are using is the recommended and should be the fastest. it should be availble on all machines that have MS Access installed. there are other possibilities:...
  9. Re: Monitor a file and change image if new

    if a path can be entered by the user, it can be entered incorrect not forming a valid path, an "invalid destination" so to say.
    and the reason your event is fired twice is most likey because you...
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    Re: CRUD using class in VB.NET

    you say you want CRUD so you need more methods. you can implement a .Create, .Read, .Update and .Delete Method but i tend to do it that way:

    public sub new (id as int32)
    'db select and...
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    Re: DataBase insert

    you cant have a table with a name of just numbers. just dont do it. there is usually not even a need for any numbers in a table name i'd say.
  12. Re: Google Map using Lat, Long from VB in Access Form Question

    i use this format for satelite with a pin:

    google encourages to sign up with them with a developer key but the...
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    VS 2010 Re: Compare pictures - motion detection

    I did implement an algo that works on a Webcam stream. the algo works like this: the Image is split into squares of eg. 10x10 Pixels, for each square the average Color is calculated and compared to...
  14. VS 2010 Re: Querying in Oracle databse from date time picker using parameters

    while topshots code is ok and correct, there is a shorter Version which generally works well for queries:
    cmd.Parameters.Add(":P1", StartDate)

    this is similar to the .AddWithValue function for...
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    Re: MS Script Control > 64 Bit

    i do not know tsc64.dll and what it does but i know that the MS Script Control does not work under 64bit and that seems to be the reason why tsc64.dll was created.

    However, you should be aware...
  16. Re: Convert Texture Image to procedural Texture?

    i had been digging deep into this during the last week and i developed an Image Synthesizer where you can drag/drop different Generators and Functions. The results are sometimes pretty amazing and...
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    VS 2017 Re: Has IIF been depreciated?

    in regards to the error that iif is not declared: you probably have deselected the VisualBasic Namespace Import for your Project which is a good Thing so you get Aware about iif and ist...
  18. Convert Texture Image to procedural Texture?

    I am thinking of reducing model data by converting texture Images to procedural textures.
    Any recommendations for that? ideally there would be a Little program along with .net source of algorithms...
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    VS 2012 Re: Install / Execution Issues

    i found this line of your log quite interesting:
    ARP entry xxx does not exist

    now here is someone having similar ClickOnce Issues, maybe the solution ("Under the Publish/Updates menu I had the...
  20. Re: Any good and complete naming convention texts?

    if your code gets messy i would think that the naming of vars is not the Problem. i'd guess it is a Problem of encapsulation. if you properly encapsulate you will have just a handful of vars within...
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    [RESOLVED] Path smoothing

    (The real situation is a bit more complicated but the following cooks it down to the essentials).
    I do have a List of coordinates and each has a time in milliseconds when an object should be at that...
  22. VS 2017 Re: Sorting LIST(OF STRUCTURE) by two variables

    and if you are lazy and want to get away without implementing ICompareable because you aint gonna need it you can do this:

    Dim ltSorted As List(Of MyStructure) =...
  23. Re: Error BC30311 "Value of type 'Byte' cannot be converted to 'Bitmap'."

    place the Cursor (the caret to be more exact) directly before or after that "B" variable, then hit F12. It will take you to the declaration of the var which obviously is somewhere else in your...
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    VS 2017 Re: Webcam control via .NET

    below is a class taken out of a project of mine that does a stream webcam capture using API.
    if you wanna take a still image, i recall that you can use some other WM_CAP message to get that in...
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    VS 2017 Re: Graphics, blending pictures.

    i am not sure if what passel describes is really what you want as i guess the pieces are not always moving from left to right. i rather understand that you have two Pictures where an object moved...
  26. Re: custom scripts logic: Alternatives over if/case etc

    When i Need the possibility to customize my programs via external scripts, i do use the CodeDom class of the Framework these days to compile and run .net code on the fly.
    i am not sure if this helps...
  27. VS 2010 Re: Corrupted data from arduino on my app

    be aware that the DataReceived event runs in a different thread than the rest of your code. so to stick with dbase example, make sure you synchronize access to the "buffer" variable otherwise ugly...
  28. VS 2017 Re: [RESOLVED] I need help with DrawImage

    there is a graphics.drawimage as well so you do not need the texture brush
  29. Re: In all Honesty I don't know how to read/write XML files

    I do not think that it is anything crazy that you have never used XML or a database yet. You just did not have any Need to use these.
    What would be crazy is if you say that you never gonna need it...
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    Re: Shadow Mapping

    Hi Jacob. I am generally interested in 3d graphics and every now and then i dig into this topic and everytime a bit deeper but my knowledge i currently not deep enough to cover lights and shadows, i...
  31. VS 2012 Re: ShockwaveFlash1.Quality is throwing AccessViolationException was unhandled error

    i dont know. i am just thinking of what could make accessing .Quality and .ScaleMode properties throw an AccessViolationException.
    can you check what the type of .Quality and .ScaleMode is when...
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    VS 2017 Re: Pick process and read strings


    is a start.
  33. VS 2012 Re: ShockwaveFlash1.Quality is throwing AccessViolationException was unhandled error

    what does intelisense tell you about the datatype of ShockwaveFlash1.Quality and .ScaleMode?
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    Re: Help with Json

    you usually should not parse json like that. it is supposed to represent an object with properties.
    there surely should be a function in newtonsoft.dll that turns that string into an object. look...
  35. VS 2015 Re: Find offset of Byte() in file

    you can Array.copy the data.
    but be Aware that if you change the code to reading blocks of e.g. 1024 Bytes you Need to make sure that there is an "overlap" of at least Byte.length-1.

    example (and...
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    Re: Query results are unexpected

    from the description of the Problem i would think that you should Exchange the second INNER JOIN to a LEFT JOIN.

    nevertheless you should, as jmc stated, get familliar with running Statements in...
  37. VS 2010 Re: FileSystem.CopyFile not working on Shared Drive

    Private Sub CreateFolder()
    Dim xlSheet As Object = CType(xlApp.Worksheets("Form"), Excel.Worksheet)
    Dim YourPath As String =...
  38. VS 2015 Re: Find offset of Byte() in file

    from an algorithm Point of view it does not make a difference if it is a Byte Array or a string.

    there you find some superior algorithms...
  39. VS 2015 Re: Find offset of Byte() in file

    there are several better algorithms. i'd suggest you google for "string matching algorithm" and read.

    further: how big is the file? reading all at once and do the check in ram would be faster if...
  40. Re: Create a MP3 encoder to connect to Icecast Streaming server

    so why not just send the existing mp3 from your computer to the server and listen through what the server plays? i dont know icecast.
    if that is possible (sourcing the mp3 while listening at the...
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