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    VS 2012 Re: Registry key change access denied

    Changes to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE affect all users of the computer, so admin rights are required.

    That doesn't just protect the choices of other users of the computer, but it also means that malicious...
  2. VS 2019 Re: How to retrieve a ticket for re-printing in VB.NET?

    The parent table should just contain things that apply to the entire ticket (such as TicketNumber and TicketDate and attended_by), and it is sensible to have a unique field (as you have for...
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    Re: Win Forms vs Web Forms

    There are lots of benefits to using a web based app internally, so it is pretty standard these days.

    One is that you don't need to install anything on the users computer. They just need a web...
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    Re: Looping through all controls on a form.

    It isn't massively different, but I expect it would run a little bit slower (to a level that is totally ignorable in almost all projects).

    As you find it more readable, I recommend you use it. :)
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    Re: Looping through all controls on a form.

    All ways will use basically the same concepts, except potentially avoiding recursion (which can be hard to get your head around to start with).

    There aren't any noticeably 'better' equivalents.
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    VS 2017 Re: Accessing IP cameras

    The translators all work a bit differently, and some are better than others ( converter.telerik.com is usually good).

    If you use multiple translators you can generally mix the results together, so...
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    VS 2017 Re: Accessing IP cameras

    C# and VB are basically the same language (just with minor syntax differences), so if you find any C# examples you can easily convert them to VB using free online translators (just search for: C# to...
  8. Re: Exporting a formatted Datagridview to Excel and maintaining formats

    The answer is basically in your code already:

    You just need to replace HeaderRange to the range you want (which you can do using a cell, such as Worksheet.Cells(7, 3).Interior.Color ), and replace...
  9. Re: Parsing a textfile that each line is its own script.

    In your example each item has one word (or multiple without spaces) followed by a colon, and then possibly followed by parameters.

    Assuming you are intending to do similar, you can use IndexOf to...
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    Re: Multi-Billion Dollar Idea

    HD calls on mobile phones (known as "HD Voice") have been around for a couple of years, it just isn't fully standardised yet... at the moment you need certain phones and/or networks, and it does tend...
  11. Thread: Caller ID

    by si_the_geek

    Re: Caller ID

    Here is a post from another thread that might do what you want:
    I have no idea how it will work with plugins, but it may well give you the info you need.
  12. Re: Delete one record from same record data in MS-Access from VB.net

    This would be it:

    Dim Str As String = "Select Max(AutoNum) from ReciptDetails where Code = '" & DCode & "' And ItemCount = 1"
    In addition to moving the Max() to the Select clause, I have also...
  13. Re: Delete one record from same record data in MS-Access from VB.net

    In order to delete only one record, you need a way to uniquely identify it. If two or more records are identical except for the AutoNum value, then the AutoNum value is the only thing that can...
  14. Re: Delete one record from same record data in MS-Access from VB.net

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    When it comes to specifying records in a database (whether that is for a Delete or a Select or an Update), you need to use enough conditions in your Where clause to...
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    VS 2017 Re: Select Case Syntax

    It should work... assuming of course you have written the names fully correctly (eg: "paulp" is not the same as "Paulp" or "paulP" or "paullp").

    I recommend displaying the value of user...
  16. Re: No Exception If Field Not Found

    Reading the schema is quite easy, and in .Net determining whether a particular field exists in a particular table basically comes down to this:

    Dim columnRestrictions(4) as String
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    Re: error handler failure

    Don't use the old "on error" style, as it has various pitfalls that cause complications, the Try-Catch (like you have around Process.Start) is an improved version, so just use that style instead.
  18. VS 2017 Re: System.InvalidOperationException in Application designer.vb

    If you declare variables inside a routine (a sub or function), then the variable only exists inside that routine, and only keeps its value until the routine is exited (via End Sub or End Function...
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    Re: Select specific line in RichTextBox

    Focus on this part of that code:

    str.Substring(0, str.Length - 7)
    The returns part of str, starting at the first character (0) with a length of n (str.Length - 7).

    Instead of starting at the...
  20. VS 2017 Re: How to use a dynamically generated textbox (with dynamic button)

    Write a sub that contains the code you want, and use AddHandler to set it as the handler for the appropriate event, eg:

    AddHandler btnAdd.Click, AddressOf YourButtonClickEventSub...
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    Re: List Object question

    It is this end of this line:

    List<object> genericlist = e.Argument as List<object>;

    Data types are classes, and classes can be based on others (and add more functionality on top).

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    Re: Creating a galaxy!

    Thread moved to the 'Maths' forum

    I've eaten many of them over the years, they have a lovely creamy taste :)

    (for those who don't know, Galaxy is a brand of chocolate)
  23. VS 2019 Re: [Error]System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: 'Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'BY

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Take a look at the contents of the variable sql

    The value you set after the line with the error will contain "... FROM crewORDER BY ...", but it should have a space...
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    VS 2017 Re: NaN ... how come?

    The value of x(i) is based on the value of y(i), which is initially set like this:

    For i = 0 To 1
    y(i) = (B(i) / A(i, i))...so the value will either be 13.0/7.0 (at 1)...
  25. VS 2017 Re: System.InvalidOperationException in Application designer.vb

    Your level of experience isn't an issue (we all started like that), neither is your age etc (or the fact you are likely to learn more slowly).

    The issue is that you aren't learning the things that...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    I'm not sure if Merc still have the best car, I think that the various mistakes from Ferrari (including set up of the car) are hindering them too much.

    As for the penalty, from what I see it...
  27. Re: How to keep nested using statements from making your code unreadable.

    You can put multiple objects in one Using block by separating them with a comma, eg:

    using (OdbcDataAdapter da = new OdbcDataAdapter(sql, cnn) ,
    DataSet ds = new DataSet())
  28. VS 2017 Re: Conversion from sring "Update Error" to type 'integer is not valid

    It's not just where you read from QueryOpen that matters, it is also where you set the value of it. Currently that is before you have assigned something to Result

    By the way, there is a...
  29. VS 2017 Re: Conversion from sring "Update Error" to type 'integer is not valid

    Ah, you are appending Result to your SQL string before you have run the query, so it will still have its default value of 0.

    Also, in your Update statement in post #1 you are missing a comma...
  30. VS 2017 Re: Conversion from sring "Update Error" to type 'integer is not valid

    The error message is telling you that the text "Update Error" is not a number, but you are trying to use it as one.

    If you look at your code to see where that text appears, it is here:
  31. Re: Problem with radiobuttons when looping through controls on a Windows form

    It is very unlikely that the TypeOf is failing, so I would expect one of the outer If's to be the issue.

    As they both refer to CTL.Tag, make sure that you have set the Tags of the appropriate...
  32. Re: Replace characters in textfile without opening it

    It does however depend on exactly what you mean by "opening it". Based on similar threads I suspect you'll be OK with it.

    While it does need to technically be opened (then read, and processed,...
  33. VS 2017 Re: System.InvalidOperationException in Application designer.vb

    It is rather concerning that you have so many obvious flaws in that routine (and others like it), especially as you have an appropriate version with txbVerse.

    With txbVerse you didn't create a...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    It wasn't as good as most races there, but it did have some good moments... unfortunately the main talking point was the penalty that Vettel got.

    For ages it seemed like a really harsh penalty,...
  35. VS 2017 Re: System.InvalidOperationException in Application designer.vb

    The Stack Trace should be shown on the error dialog automatically, just under the text you quoted at the top of the first post. There should be multiple lines of text, each one starting with the...
  36. Re: How do I make my combo box allow user select more than one name

    Thread moved from the 'CodeBank VB.Net' forum (which is for you to post working code examples, not questions) to the 'VB.Net' forum
  37. VS 2017 Re: Conversion failed when converting the varchar value

    Here is your query, but re-formatted a bit to spread it across multiple lines, which makes it much easier to read:

    Dim QueryOpen As String = "insert into Customers (CompanyName, Address,...
  38. Re: How to check duplicate record in a table

    Do you want to check if the values are matching for either of the columns, or do you want to check that both of the columns match?

    If you want to check that both match, use AND (as both sides of...
  39. Re: I don't understand this Exception Text

    Good stuff, hopefully you've got it sorted.

    Some email providers are occasionally a bit over-zealous when it comes to detecting spam, and yours might be treating the VBForums emails as spam. If...
  40. Re: [RESOLVED] Help needed with passing form to public shared function and access its

    If you are passing in a combobox, the names don't need to be unique... as they are completely ignored. The combobox gets passed as an object, so the name is irrelevant.

    Code like this is safe:
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