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  1. Re: Right Triangle Solve for 3rd Point Coordinate

    I haven't given it too much thought, but it should be simple... with a right triangle, you have three known angles, a 90, and two 45s. If you normalize the 90 angle at 0, and mark it with x0,y0......
  2. Re: VB6 - I made a mistake - I installed Visual Studio 2017 and it broke things

    There aren't any compoents that VS2017 uses that VB6 uses that should cause that error. So I'm not convinced that's the problem.
    It's very subtle, but I think I know what it "took over" ... it's...
  3. Re: DatagridView stops writing when I source from Directory

    it only ever writes to the 0 row... are you sure that's what you want?

  4. Re: Naming convention for form wide variables.

    The worst were actually controls... I worked for a company where it wasn't enough to just prepend txt for a text box... no... that would be too easy... no first it had to have ui prepended to show...
  5. Re: Naming convention for form wide variables.

    I hated that... because then it required me to remember the types of a variable that I needed.... Umm... let's see... that counter I needed... was it an Int, or a Long? Gah! I can't remember... It...
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    Re: Multi-Billion Dollar Idea

    I heard that line before. I think the idea is a bit washed up though.

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    Re: I need to init with java...

    There's IntelliJ which is what we use at work... and Eclipse.... VSCode has some decent Java plugins too that make it fairly painless.
    But if you're looking for something that also has a forms...
  8. Re: Using DIR function with multiple specific file types

    It's a bug with the forum software... showed up after an upgrade a while back. No one's sure what's causing it or how to fix it. Has something to do with one of the extesions.... BUT if you look,...
  9. Re: Your first BASIC computer? Has your software survived?

    First computer I used and learned on was the Apple ][e ... 83-84.... Apple BASIC ... and ah... no, I don't have any of my code or programs from that time... I might still have my books from then, but...
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    Re: ADODB Recordset Requery Problem

    If you're getting errors about missing parameters, then that's what the problem is... your code is missing parameters when calling the stored procedure. It sounds like you're possibly working off an...
  11. Re: VB6 how to consume a VB.NET array of Objects?

    First that's just bad code from the get go... if you're going to use explicit getters and setters, you should have a private variable at the class level and expose it through the getters and setters...
  12. Re: Cannot use 'Shell' statement properly

    As you noted ... the path in the error message does not exist... the application is looking for a file in that location. It cannot find it. The code you're using to shell to the application is...
  13. Re: Help with improving my SQL query (SQLite)

    Well.... if it had all been in one table, it would have been a snap to create a recursive CTE that walked the ancestry lines for you... but because they are in different tables... (but then I haven't...
  14. Re: How to make only first hard-disk installed running

    It's the same concept... first time the app runs, you get the info from the hard drive and you store it in the registry, or some place secure... then on subsequent runs, you get the info again from...
  15. Re: How to make only first hard-disk installed running

    I get it... he's trying to add the above code to his program so that when someone installs his program, they can only install it once it once to the first hard drive.... so if they then try to move...
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    Re: Multi-Billion Dollar Idea

    I tried transporting the other night... despite being reassured that it was wonderfull... it didn't go quite the way I anticipated... Security cameras caught it all on video
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    Re: MS SQL Server date and time

    You did no such thing... DateTime don't have a format... they have a value... the only time it has a format is when you display it. When it is stored, it has a value.

    Would you store a number...
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    Re: Property doesnt get serialized

    W/o seeing how you did the serialization, hard to say exactly why, but presumably it's because you serialized the collection, or specifically the IList ... not the License

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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    The problem with Monaco.. and many, if not all of the classic courses is that over the years the cars have gotten wider, but the streets haven't. Now it's a lot harder to pass because getting two...
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    Re: Insert records into two related tables

    And it better not be MS SQL ... because there is no such thing. Options include (but are not limited to):
    SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle, No SQL, text file, Excel...

  21. Re: query to get a row with MAX date and one other column

    SELECT inv.item_id, INV.order_no, date_created
    FROM p21.dbo.p21_view_invoice_line INV
    JOIN (SELECT MAX(t.date_created) AS maxDate, item_id
    FROM p21.dbo.p21_view_invoice_line t group...
  22. Re: Fixed a performance issue with temp tables but I why does it work?

    Temp tables are written to tempDB so that's where the indexes will be, not in memory. That's why I prefer CTEs when I can... they don't cost anything in disk space... they're kind of like a...
  23. Re: Database choices using EF - What are your thoughts?

    I wouldn't do that.. the installation folders where programs go are getting more and more locked down... which means it's harder to write to files in those folders (if not impossible) ... Databases...
  24. Re: Fixed a performance issue with temp tables but I why does it work?

    I suspect a lot of the performance issues actually come from the calculations in your joins... specifically this stuff: RIGHT(VStock_strBookletIdent,7)

    Just based on your descriptions, and with...
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    Re: VB6 MySQL BLOB

    InsertRS.Open "Pictures", Conn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockOptimistic, adCmdTable

    You're opening up the whole table there... so when you then add a row, it has all the pkey info... the way the OP...
  26. Re: VB Forms WebBrowser1 Bug trying to figure out

    As JDC noted, there's two soutions... the first one is to continue to use the WebBrowser control in VB, but change a registry setting to force it to "upgrade" itself ... it's kind of a weird thing,...
  27. Re: Fixed a performance issue with temp tables but I why does it work?

    The DBA in me died when he saw that query... as soon as I can resurrect him, he might give it a go.

    A couple things though... first thing to do ... Dump those Select * in there.... gut...
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    Re: VB6 MySQL BLOB

    Yeah, now that you mentioned it, I seem to remember now that's how we ended up doing it with SQL Server & Sprocs... we'd insert the record first, using a dummy marker for the BLOB &H011x ... or...
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    Re: VB6 MySQL BLOB

    I see that you're initially selecting no records, then adding a new one before setting the image field.... what about ID... what about the rest of the fields in the row? I'm guessing that ID is the...
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    Re: VB6 MySQL BLOB

    That's not enough information... what does all of the rest of the code look like? Your SQL? The Update?

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    Re: Will you do a post mortum with me?

    Usually, depending on the rules I have to play by, if I no longer need a column, I drop it. There's no point in keeping it around. Doing so then leads me to all the places (with adequate testing by...
  32. Re: Variable names: Variant vs Explicit-Class-Name

    A variable is always going to take as much memory as it's going to need. No more, no less.

    A variant is going to need what ever memory it needs to hold what the value is, be it a boolean, a...
  33. Re: [RESOLVED] Best Practices -- Code Testing

    Using an ini or a config file is usually how I've seen it done... and there's typically 3-4 databases/envoronments .. Dev, Testing(QA), Staging, Production.
    Dev - Development - should be self...
  34. Poll: Re: How many people do you know personally who are invested in crypto currencies?

    Now I know this is a scam. Your English is too good. Every word is spelled correctly, and so is the use of your punctuation. If you really expect me to fall or it, you really need to put more effort...
  35. Re: How to return value from child form to parent form?

    No, but you can mimic that kind of behaviour with #3 & #6.

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    VS 2013 Re: Class Could Not Be Added

    Aaaah... this helper sub main... was it in the same project? Or was it in a different project?

  37. VS 2019 Re: Getting the SUM of a table column, throws an error (using SQLite database)

    So? It also returns a string... but that's not what it really is, is it? Don't get hung up on the display vs the value of something. What's the difference between May 16, 2019, 2019-005-16, or...
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    Re: Scope of Variables

    That's why context is important... "track" by itself even "MyTrack" as it is held no meaning... so I had no context in what manner the OP was using it... currentMDITrack... nextMDITrack......
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    Re: Scope of Variables

    That's because "Track" is meaningless. It has no context. What are you tracking? the number of Golf balls? The number of train tracks? Don't sacrifice clarity for brevity. VB allows you to be verbose...
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    Re: Scope of Variables

    Never assume it's safe... from a coding stand point, it "might be safe" ... but a conflict will likely happen... if not from the compiler, then from the organic compound involved - either yours, or...
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