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  1. Re: asp classic find duplicate record in database

    You're switching between AlreadyTaken and AlreadyPurchased.
    Don't forget to use Option Explicit at the top of any code file.
  2. Re: Avoiding Duplicates in Random Passwords

    Well if you are dead-set on using the function you posted, then take a crc32 of the initial string, convert the crc to a long, and use that for the Randomize value. It won't be secure, or free of...
  3. Re: Avoiding Duplicates in Random Passwords

    You're calling Randomize with a non-random seed, so you're guaranteed to get duplicates when you provide the same seed. On top of that, a ton of your "seeds" are equivalent to each other with that...
  4. Re: Email setup (SMTP, port, SSL, etc) - did it change in Windows 10

    I've never seen the CDO library give a more descriptive error message when it comes back with that number.

    That code works fine for me in the latest Windows 10. Test a simple connection to that...
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    Poll: Re: Do you use the VB6 IDE in MDI or SDI mode?

    I'm occasionally tempted to switch to SDI (whenever VB decides to show every code window opening/closing in the whole project) but I haven't tried it out in years.
  6. Re: Is there any Tab control that supports left orientation with horizontal tab label

    I actually have a user control for "outlook bar" navigation situations, but sometimes a tab control is more appropriate.
    Thanks for the help, everyone.
  7. Re: Is there any Tab control that supports left orientation with horizontal tab label

    Eduardo - right, what I was looking for is:

  8. [RESOLVED] Is there any Tab control that supports left orientation with horizontal tab labels?

    Normally, when you specify left or right orientation on a tab control, the tab labels and images are rotated 90 degrees. This saves space, but is generally more difficult to read. Sometimes I want...
  9. Re: String Literals --- Where are they upon execution (compiled)?

    Which begs the question of why you wanted to know this. Are you going to be loading all of your property strings from resources, and considering adding a compiler pass to strip them all out to save...
  10. Re: MouseWheel Fix not found in VB6 Add-in Manager

    If VB can't find VB6IDEMouseWheelAddin.Connect in HKLM\Software\Classes to show it in the Addin manager, then I doubt it will be able to launch it even if you manually configure the addins in the...
  11. Re: What prevents VB6 from using SPs that do writes?

    I should also say that if there is a stored procedure that you've created multiple result sets for on purpose, ADODB.Recordset has a NextRecordset method to get to the one that you want.
  12. Re: What prevents VB6 from using SPs that do writes?

    The INSERT is working just fine.
    Add "SET NOCOUNT ON;" before your insert statement in the stored procedure. When you're looking at the procedure's result set in VB, you're actually getting the...
  13. Re: MouseWheel Fix not found in VB6 Add-in Manager

    Baka, all his posts were about adding the addin to the IDE, adding mouse support to vb programs was just an aside.

    That registry entry definitely seems wrong, are you sure you didn't start with a...
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    Re: Common Dialog Display Question

    I don't know that there's a way to completely eliminate the Places list and still get all of the other common dialog features in modern Windows. You can try using the FOS_HIDEMRUPLACES and...
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    Re: How to re-register COM Dll ?

    Yes, I'm looking for build compatibility going between Windows 2000 and W10. Curiously, I've never had a path problem with any of the standard references. But the general idea of doing an automated...
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    Re: How to re-register COM Dll ?

    Hmm, that looks useful. Does it work with the IDE once you've made the change (and stick if you make other changes to the project), or is part of a custom build process?
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    Re: [vb6] Project Scanner

    Another thing; I don't remember this getting reported before:

    I validated a project group with the "Variant vs. String Functions" check and without the Duplicate String Literals check. The...
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    Re: [vb6] Project Scanner

    Thanks for putting this out LaVolpe; it caught a bunch of Variant declarations that I thought I had fixed years ago!

    I'm trying to think of suggestions for further validations to do, but most...
  19. Re: Help! How to Print a Font Signature from Troy MICR usb device

    What exactly did you do to get that abc.tst file to print? If you can't get the signature to print from e.g. WordPad then I don't think the VB Printer commands will help you very much. You'll...
  20. Re: [RESOLVED] Need Help With Serial Ports and the API

    I was obliquely referring to network to serial converters - I shouldn't have conflated it with USB. In that case, you can get a network timeout when opening the com port, which isn't async in Mscomm...
  21. Re: Need Help With Serial Ports and the API

    Have you encountered any problems using MSComm32?

    I would consider putting VB com port access into a separate process from your main program. Now that serial ports are an endangered species,...
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    Re: [vb6] Project Scanner

    My code with collections of collections, i.e.


    Causes an "invalid procedure call or argument" error in pvProcessWordList; it's generating an empty token.
  23. Re: Dynamic Query Use in VB6 - NEED URGENT HELP PLEASE

    Can you give us examples of strings that work in one context and fail in the other (From PRINT @Sql in SQL Server and Debug.Print sSQL in VB)? What error are you getting when you execute in VB? ...
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    Re: iterate in form all label with...

    Dim Control As Object

    For Each Control In myForm.Controls
    If TypeName(Control) = "Label" Then MsgBox Control.Caption
    Next Control
  25. Re: VB6 - Crystal Reports 8.5 - Run-Time Error '20553'

    I'm out of ideas then. There's not a whole lot you haven't looked at besides whatever database client driver your report is using - as a total shot in the dark, what about the Windows regional...
  26. Re: VB6 - Crystal Reports 8.5 - Run-Time Error '20553'

    See my edit above. Sometime the files go into Windows\Crystal as well.
  27. Re: VB6 - Crystal Reports 8.5 - Run-Time Error '20553'

    Have you considered printer issues? Does the error still come up if the default windows printer is set to something generic like the Print to PDF printer?

    Edit: Oh wait, error 20553 is a...
  28. Re: How do you ignore case in SQL Select statement

    For Access you can use the StrComp function; something like (StrComp([Title],p1,1)=0) should do the trick. The 1 in the third parameter specifies a (case insensitive) text comparison.
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    Re: Connecting to MySQL webserver with ADO

    So you got past your 440 error? Are you asking about CRUD events (notify clients about updates on the server), or CRUD operations (clients submitting changes to the server)? There's a big...
  30. Re: Computer not turn off when running project vb

    So your application isn't responding to the normal OS close request / isn't responding in a timely fashion. Do you have any forms in your project? Check the Form_QueryUnload event - is the OS...
  31. Re: item cannot be found in the collection corresponding

    Your example seems to have cut off the portion of the code that is erroring...
    There are three "collections" in your example, the Sections collection, the Controls collection, and the Recordset...
  32. Re: Odbc connection using dsn for windows authentication in sql server

    I don't see why they would break their standard network protocols just because SQL Server would run on Linux. But if you mean Wine-style support for running native Windows programs and client...
  33. Re: Odbc connection using dsn for windows authentication in sql server

    1) You posted in the wrong forum.
    2) Windows authentication means that you are authenticating as the current Windows user, not specifying a user name and password.
  34. Re: [VB6] Call Functions By Pointer (Universall DLL Calls)

    I was looking back into doing some CDECL calls, and tried this out. Surprisingly, it didn't work. The comments mention calling methods by ordinal, but I don't see a way to do that. One of Paul...
  35. Re: Shelling to cmd window Wish to wait until process finished and then return

    Following the advice in Post #2 (google for "vb6 shell and wait") gives you a nice wrapper function from stackoverflow, almost exactly what you were asking for (originally):...
  36. Re: VB6 MultiProcessing (StdExe-IPC via SharedMemory)

    This looks really useful. I could never get named pipes working for IPC, and TCP is just so much overhead when you only need simple communication between processes.
  37. Re: [RESOLVED] Change System Time without elevation

    By the way, in response to the initial question, you can actually use the Windows group policy editor to give set time permission to non-admin users (at least it worked in older Windows versions). ...
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    Re: What tool to recommend?

    WPF churn? Really? Maybe ten years ago, but WPF is just as stable/dead as Winforms at this point. Of course you can try to keep chasing the latest XAML frameworks and backend .NET updates, but...
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    Re: how to open crystalreport without form

    Look it up - see if it is still supported in your version of Crystal. I think they dropped that API from the printed manuals back in CR 8 or so, but you can still find it in Technical Reference...
  40. Re: Problem adding data to oracle database in vb6

    Most likely empcode isn't an existing column, are you sure the column isn't emp_code or something? I presume it's failing on the second line.
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